A changed Destiny - Welcome the new reality

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-08-10 18:54
New Reality

Life is a great experience and the more you understand life the better it gets with time. With the ups and downs of daily life, you will see that you get so used to everything in life that even your pains do not hurt you anymore. You accept pain as a part of your life though from the bottom of your heart you are aware that you want to be happy but you cannot see a way out. Don’t get disheartened when you are drowned in too many sorrows or pains, remember that your life is about to change because God wanted everyone to be happy but then there are testing times where you have no option but to accept whatever comes in your way. You cannot run away from your tests of life because if you do so you will have to face the same situation again in your life in the near future so it is better that you face your problems right now and sort it out. Never run away from life or its challenges because the more you do so the worse you will have to face in the near future. Embrace the change, there is nothing called permanent in life, even you change as a person when you marry or start working. When you get used to changes in life you will embrace the new and you will not cry when the old foundation is destroyed and a new one is built from scratch. Remember when your life is about to change 360 degrees some major shifts will be happening in your life. You may have to change your destination, your single status or move to another country. You never know how your life will change until you experience it yourself. Check for signs because you will feel the vibes beforehand and your mood will change, your intuition will tell you those good days are around the corner. You will feel happy from inside for no reason. Believe me, these are signals from the universe that your life is about to change for the good.

I personally feel when you go through too much pain in your life God takes your life in his own hands and rewards you with a changed destiny which has a new reality. Your reality will be the way your God wants it to be and that is the only reason he crashed your pervious world or foundation so that he can build a new one which is better for you. Sometimes we cannot see the good in every bad situation which is happening in our life but then everything in life happens for a reason. You go through pains and emotional turmoil because God wants you to go through the worst so that you can inspire other people on “How to overcome their challenges in life” because you have successfully overcome everything and made the best out of the worst that happened in your life. You take the example of any successful person you will see that they had a challenging past. Those who give in are lost forever, the real heroes are the ones who fight their battles bravely and emerge as a winner. The scars are left behind but then the wounds are healed and the scars signify that you made it in spite of all odds. Hats off to those who make it in spite of all odds because I know when life challenges you, you cannot see a way out. It is in these times of adversity that things turn in your favor only if you have fought bravely and learned your lessons because these are important, they will help you in your future journey. When you have to face too many difficulties in life be prepared God is preparing you for something very big. You will know what it is exactly but yes do remember that he will gift you with a person who will help you in your journey of life. He will not leave you alone.

Accept the change and live the new reality. You will get exactly what you are looking for, God will not deny you your destiny and will give you what you want because it is a deal and he will keep his promise. Walk the path and carve your destiny which is very different from your previous one. It may so happen that your present reality is much better than your past which you left behind. It is only when good things start happening in your life in the form of a changed destiny that you will realize that whatever happened, happened for good as it is your past person was not doing any good by being in your life. He was making your life miserable but you did not have the guts to call off everything and move on. I would say you should thank God that he changed your destiny so that you can live a good life with a new reality which is much better than your past. I personally believe that this universe has mysterious ways of working. God wants to see everyone happy hence do not try to apply too much logic as to why he does something. Always remember that he is changing your life for your greater good. It is only when you look back and connect the dots that you will see that whatever happened was good or else you would have been in a very pathetic situation.

After going through so much in life I have started embracing change in life because there is nothing which is constant in life except you yourself. I have learned that when I have gone through the worst there will come a day when I will live my best life and there will be no looking back into the bad past which does not serve me anymore. I want to see my changed destiny and live my new reality. I have faith on my creator that my life will turn out to be the best and whatever happened was for a learning experience so that I could grow as a person and learn to embrace both pains and pleasures equally. It is only when your pains cannot hurt you anymore that you understand that you have grown as a person into a better human being who is not much affected by the worse things which happen in life. Your life has been changed because there was something much bigger and better which God wanted to gift to you. A gift which you were not aware of previously because it was disguised as sorrows and pains. It is only when you get the gift and look back that you feel that God helped you by giving you challenges or else your life would have been terrible. You never know God’s plans for you but yes trust in the process and everything else will fall in the right place. Trust and Faith are very important be it towards God or towards a person. When you place your trust in the unknown future which is yet to unfold itself you will see that you will never get disheartened because everything will turn out to be in your favor.

Trust in the process the universe is working because it is always working in your favor. It wants to see you happy and does not wants to give you pains. Your pains were meant for a reason and when you find out the reason you will not cry over your bad past anymore. I would say you should be happy so that you attract good things in life. It is only when you resonate at a high frequency that you manifest good things in life. You will attract a life which you wanted to live with the person you choose. You will see that the more you connect all the dots backward the more you will be able to understand the reason for your problems and your life’s purpose. Take the leap of faith even when you cannot see anything clearly, have faith that things will turn out in your favor. A changed destiny wants you to trust the process and take a plunge into the unknown sea where you do not know whether you will be able to survive or not but still you do so to test the water and your caliber to withhold in those trying times. A changed destiny towards a new reality is good, accept the change and don’t look back. When you take the first step in faith you will be able to cover the whole journey. You cannot always play in safe waters you have to take a deep plunge and succeed as a winner. Welcome the new reality and your changed destiny so that you can reap the fruits of your hard work.

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