Beauty with brains to live the life of your Dreams

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Beauty with brains

Dreams do come true if and only if you have the power to manifest it with your knowledge. Beauty with brains is a very rare combination and there are very few people whom you can count on your fingertips so if you are one of them you should be thankful to God for gifting you his more precious gift of beauty along with brains. You can never overlook the power of knowledge & self-confidence to add on to your attraction because when you have the knowledge it shows up on your face. Your intelligence adds an extra glow to your face. People around you respect you for your knowledge and when they talk to you they know you are a girl with a substance, not just superficial beauty. Your beauty adds an extra oomph to your personality and when you talk to people they are really impressed by your wisdom. I personally believe in investing my free time on gaining knowledge be it reading books or seeing motivational videos of top-notch speakers so that I know in which direction my life is moving and what more I need to do to move ahead in my life. You see when you make a little extra effort you add on to your intelligence and that is a good thing because you never know how your knowledge will help you in the coming future. I don’t recommend you to cut short your time on recreation but you can obviously take out some time and invest your time and energy on things which will help you rise the career ladder much ahead of your peers. You will see that there are so many people who do hard work but it is only a few who get recognition so be among the top performers and get that much-awaited promotion and appraisal. It is easy to land in the comfort zone of mediocrity but difficult to occupy a place in the elite class.

Things which are easy can be done by all but those things which are difficult needs expertise so try and get that specific knowledge by learning more and doing more. There are various goals which you have set for your personal and professional life and it is only when you work on them that you can make things happen. People nowadays mistake that beautiful people just have a glamourous life and are not that hard-working or knowledgeable. I would say it is the best time that this big misconception should be removed from everyone’s mind. According to me your beauty is the gift of God to you and you should always be thankful to him for that but when it comes to your professional life and you work with full dedication forgetting who is getting impressed or who is watching you or you have got too many fans around you, you never ever get distracted because you are clear of your goals and your purpose in life. My opinion is when you work just work and when you love just love, do not mingle both. I know when you are beautiful or look smart you get much more attention than needed and this is something which can make you awkward because you have persevered hard to make your best presentation for your product and people just notice you. I know how difficult it is to shift the attention of people from you to your work but then it is not impossible. The amalgamation of beauty with brains helps you in achieving your dream career. You can express yourself before the other person with confidence and show how you can add an extra edge to the work which you will do for him. I am sure he will give you full attention.

Take care of your body, do yoga, the exercise or go for a walk, maintain your figure. Carry a personality so that people cannot stop looking at you. Your first impression is your looks and then your knowledge and if you have both then no one can stop you from getting successful because you and your work will get fast recognition. Lot of people’s work get unrecognized and the only reason is that they don’t have the self-confidence to stand up for themselves because of a poor self-image. Take care of your eating habits, maintain your body and your overall being. It doesn’t matter whether you are single or married, the only thing which matters is that the first look should speak about you so that you are through because most people cannot cross the first barrier and hence suffer multiple rejections. Life is beautiful and you can enjoy all facets of life only when you do good work and earn good money to explore your dreams which may be to purchase a big bungalow, travel the world or purchase a BMW car. To make your dreams come true you need to do good work and earn a good amount. You can earn a great income when your work gets recognition and you get good salary along with promotion. Utilize your time to do extraordinary things because ordinary work never gets recognized it is only the extraordinary ones that stand out. The sky is the limit and you are the driver of your life so it is all upon you up to what heights you can soar. No one else can decide for you, it is your journey and it is only you who has to work hard. Never try to impress people or carry an ego because you are very knowledgeable or beautiful but do your best work, Be humble and your work will speak for you.

Invest your extra time and energy on things which interests you and do not try to copy others. What interests me may not interest you because every person is different and you can never be a copy cat. For example I love reading books and writing articles for my website, I also enjoy giving training programs so even if I wake up in the middle of the night and I can just read my book because that is what I love doing but for you your love maybe something else like learning a new language or animation or playing any game, it can just be anything so do that and add on to your knowledge bank. You never know how the knowledge you have acquired today may help you in the long run. Curb the time which you spend on social media and shift your attention to doing something fruitful. If you call your girlfriend or love chatting with her, do so but then set a certain time period and invest the rest of your time on doing something fruitful. Try to rise above mediocrity and set yourself apart from the crowd so that people can see you. There is a purpose for your life and you can only give your best when you have invested your time and energy on acquiring the best knowledge. Your goals, your dreams, your career carries lots of importance and to set that you have to have brains. Your beauty adds on to your uniqueness because you can put your message across the best way. People give attention to you and you do not have to work hard for their undivided attention. This really helps you in good communication to get your work done.

You can only live a life of your dreams when you live your true purpose and you are happy from within. You need to have a good personal life so that you never feel a lack of love in your life. A life without love is a dry life so if you are not having anyone, have one, a person with whom you can share yourself and pour your heart out, a person who patiently listens to you. God, I would love to have a person who has patience with me in my life. When you are blissful from within, you are at peace with your soul, you can connect with your God and get his blessings to do good work and life a great life. Beauty with brains is the rarest gem to find so if you have both then I don’t think you have to look back, go ahead and live a life of your dreams. Fulfill your purpose, achieve success and get that most awaited recognition. Let the whole world know who you are with your knowledge. Your smartness should speak for you. Believe me, no one can stop you from progressing when you have a single-minded focus to achieve your goals and live a life of your dreams. A life without purpose is a life without happiness because there should be something in your life which should drive you to be more and achieve more so try and give your best.

If you are a beauty with brains then be sure that you will live the life of your dreams. Just stick to your goals, persevere and don’t give up easily, success will be yours and only yours.

All the best.

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