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2022 - A Year for Change and New Beginnings

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2022-01-08 17:12
New Divine Era

The year 2022 adds up to 6 and it is a number of balance. I am writing down my own interpretation according to the way I feel from my intuition. Number 6 and number 9 represent the duality that exists in the universe. We need both 6 and 9 to exist at the same time. You need a male and female to complete the cycle of life. You need protons, neutrons, and electrons to form an atom. Protons are positively charged, electrons are negatively charged and neutrons carry zero charges. Both positive and negative exists in the universe at the same time. Current cannot flow in there is no polarity, similarly, the earth has opposite magnetic fields, or else no force will be generated to keep it in perfect position. It is only when evil takes over the good that you need a heavenly inference. God created opposites at the same time because you need both for balancing the energies of the cosmos. 2022 is all about change. The universe was preparing mankind for change for a very long time but this is the year when things will actually happen. Previously it was more at energy and cosmic level but now you will see major changes in world events at the physical level with your own eyes. Though it may sound like a pravachan for most people, when corruption reaches its peak and people just portray the false masked self as real then the heavens send a member of its team to take charge of the situation.

You can define it as good, bad, or ugly. It doesn’t matter. You are happy about it, sad about it, or just too worried about your future and can’t sleep even then things that are meant to happen will happen. People have got so much career and goal-oriented that they forgot the meaning of real love and relationship and that is the only reason for disbalance and violence. When you are loved and receive love then you transform into a balanced human being and it is the opposite if you did not receive love in the growing years of your life. Mother earth is suffering from a lack of love since there is so much dissatisfaction on earth. This year is the year of transformation when things will really happen and the cosmos will guide you towards new thinking. It will all be done by the planetary alignments. No human being has to play any role in it. As I had discussed earlier in my writings that it is all coded and the universe knows what it needs to do to bring about change and start a new era. The code which was lying dormant has been activated. You may suffer from mental blocks or fear of what is going to happen in the future or what is next in life. Just focus on the present moment. You will get ample time and opportunities to nurture your dreams and make them real. Let God’s do their work. Are you happy with the way the world is functioning? Everyone is so self-centered. People want happiness just for their own families.

The shift is happening in cosmic consciousness so you will feel the energy inside you and it will touch your heart and make you rethink every act which you were doing. It is a time for self-introspection. The planets will align one after another, the events will occur and it will not give you much time to think about anything. This is a time to get spiritual and connect to your roots because the superficial material world will not give you the happiness which you are looking for. You need deep meaningful connections to experience real love. Cut yourself off from everything which does not serve you so that you make room for new events and people in your life. Nothing may work according to your plan and it is good because things that are not meant to work will just fall apart because it is better to face reality today than wait for tomorrow. There is so much happening at the energy level that people predict that the earth is shifting to a new 4D or 5D plane.

There are many secrets that will be revealed. A lot of conspiracies will be exposed. It is a time for cosmic justice. If you have been wronged then you will get justice. The only thing which I want to tell you is that change will impact each and every individual. You cannot skip whatever is happening around you. You have to play your best role and live a genuinely authentic life. I really can’t understand why people put a mask on their faces. It is a time when your masks will fall and your true self will be revealed. People will love showing their true selves rather than living a false life. The makeup which you put on your face just adds beauty for a short period of time but when you clean your face and look in the mirror you know who you are. When you live life like an imposter for too long you suffer from depression and other health issues. You will be given the option to follow the satvik path, clear your karmas and get salvation. The earth needs clearing and it is high time that you balance your spiritual and material world. Even if you own trillions it won’t give you happiness because your bank balance cannot buy happiness from any shop. What is owed to you will come to you. You will reap the benefits of all the hard work which you have put in in the past years. The year 2022 is all about the manifestations of dreams into a living reality for everyone. Change of power, the emergence of a new leader, everything which you can or cannot imagine will be happening.

When the cosmos takes charge of the world in its own hands it does not follow any rules. The ancient texts predict God Kalki to kill people by sword who needs punishment for all evil acts. Things will be happening but in a different way. What do you think the coronavirus is doing? Clearing the earth so that new things can take place. If you feel guided to do something just go ahead and follow your heart. Take care of your family, kids, elders, spread love and positivity. If you just want to increase numbers in your bank balance and have a pure heart then the universe will give you more opportunities to do that since it is the top-notch people who run the world economy and there is nothing wrong with aspiring to become one of them. It will be even great if it is an Indian who runs the world economy because it will bring the lost glory back to our country. The glory which was stolen years ago. The Vedic texts which were burnt and converted to ashes so that we could not advance further won’t stop us from taking the world stage. If you have big dreams just go ahead and make your mark on the world stage.

It is high time to self introspect as to what do you want and how much you want to own and at what time you want to slow down. I had lost everything which I owned in the last 6 years. I need to rebuild everything from scratch. 2015 was the year when the seed of change was planted inside my body and real transformation started in the year 2016. It has the number 6 on it. 2019 was a year when my dormant energies reactivated and the transformation which was due started. Now it is 2022 which again adds up to number 6. It is a year when the transformation will complete and the sea of change will start at the real physical level. Previously it was more at the mental or invisible level. Number 3, 6, 9, 8 have very specific meanings and they are connected to each other in some or another way. If you have been working on the mantra or following any other spiritual practice it is a time for results. You will get what you were aspiring for according to the amount of effort you have put into your work.

You will want to explore the real truths of life rather than looking for instant gratification. After every apocalypse happens the divine realm takes over the charge of the world. Just pray for a better world so that we all are happy living in it. I want to see God in front of me because people say that God will take charge of the earth. He will be the real leader. The change will happen, the transformation will happen and earth will feel like heaven because God’s don’t reside on earth right? Time for the real leader to take charge of the world both at a visible and invisible level.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m