Your work is Unique - Just be Yourself

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-09-13 20:22
Unique Butterfly

This is a topic that was revolving in my head for very long so I thought let’s proceed with this today. I was looking outside my glass window today when a thought came to my mind if there were no plants than who would have produced food for us. Though technology has advanced a lot and we have reached the moon and discovered various high-tech modes of communication and transportation but still, we are handicapped in many aspects. The work which is done by plants is unique. It has the capacity to produce grains. The seed germinates when planted into the soil and after that, the plant grows with the help of sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide which acts as food for the plant. Plants have the capacity to utilize these natural resources and produce food for us. Can any animal replace plants? I would say “No” When you want to eat Rice, chapati, and vegetables, you won’t eat mutton or chicken. Right? So you see everything occupies its own place in our lives and in the universe. Nothing is replaceable, yes it is true you can find a substitute but a substitute is just a temporary fix and not a permanent solution. The work of food production which the plants are doing is unique and it is irreplaceable. Did you ever think how difficult it would be to survive if the plants stopped producing food? It would be a difficult situation to handle and though we may not starve but survival would get difficult for people like me who is a pure vegetarian and I don’t even eat eggs. I just want to specify the fact that the work which you are doing is unique. Just be yourself.

The right person will find out time to appreciate your work because not anyone or everyone can understand you. It is only when you connect with the right person and the frequencies match that you connect and understand each other's mindset. No two people can think in the same direction and that is good because there is always unity in diversity. It is good to disagree rather than agree on things that do not resonate with you. It is no use impressing anyone, just be yourself because when you are just yourself the right person will connect with you and love you for who you are. It is useless being a copy cat. Let us discuss this with an example. If you love reading books of a particular author, it simply means that you appreciate that person’s writing style and you like the way that particular person expresses his thoughts and ideas. You like the flow of language and you connect with the author. You appreciate the work which he is doing and that is the only reason you find out time to read his work. I like Priya Kumar’s writing style. I would say she is one of those authors whose work resonates with me. I have read almost all her books except a few due to my own work constraints. I love her writing style and the way she expresses her thoughts, though there are other authors too but I have not yet fallen in love with anyone else’s writing style though I have read many other books written by different authors.

I sometimes think if she would try writing in some other way because she wants to copy someone then she would lose her true essence and her work would suffer. People who appreciate her work do so because they like her unique writing style. I would say no one likes copy cats. Everyone is unique in some or the other way and God has gifted everyone with different talents. It is better to concentrate on what is unique in you so that you can work on them and improve in those areas. There is always room for improvement left but yes do not fall prey to too much excellence or you will forget to live your life. You are unique and the work which you are doing is also very unique. When you want to be someone else, it is like putting a false mask. You will not be happy with that false mask since you do not own it and other people who appreciate you for who you are will also be not happy with your new changed copy cat personality.

Just be yourself and do your best work. You are here on this earth for a reason and for a very specific purpose which only you have to achieve and you cannot do that by being someone else but by being yourself. Every person likes originality. Be proud of your creation. Improve and keep going. It may so happen sometimes that people around you cannot digest your work and hence they will make fun of you but then it is ok and fine. You don’t need to prove yourself to everyone but yes do take suggestions from people who give advice from their heart because they care for you. It is difficult to find genuine, loving and caring people. Though the technologies have advanced, it has disconnected the hearts. Yes, it is a true reality which is difficult to digest. I believe that “I” cannot be “You” and “You” cannot be “Me”. We are irreplaceable. Now let’s take the example of movies stars, when you appreciate the work of a certain person there is some uniqueness in his work which catches your attention and you do not want another star to be the same. We are all born to appreciate uniqueness. Even God’s love uniqueness. He has made no two human beings the same. Even the two identical twins who are born to the same mother are identical just by face and not by their other qualities. They have different preferences and absolutely different choices.

God created a dove as a dove and a bluebird as a bluebird and both cannot replace each other. Agree with me? Then I just cannot understand why the world out there just find happiness in being someone else. You are unique and the work which you are doing is your creation and it is much above you. God has given you with distinguished talents and you should always appreciate that and do whatever you do with 100% dedication because that is what you are meant to do. When you give your 100% to whatever you do, you are serving your true purpose in life. Just be yourself and give your best in whatever you are doing. I appreciate people who give their best to whatever they do. I value everyone’s uniqueness and never compare two people because that would be a sin. Did you ever think about why you appreciate the sun? The reason is it is unique. Can the moon become the sun? I would say “No”. Can Sun replace the moon? Again a “No”. Though the moon takes light from the sun but we appreciate the moon for its uniqueness and just by being itself our sweet moon never loses its glory.

Now the funny part. Did you ever think how difficult it would have got for shayar’s to write their Shayari if there was only sun and no moon because moon left the planetary constellation due to too much competition from the Sun? I would say all these Shayar’s would have lost their business and no songs would have been dedicated to the moon. Just go and google the number of songs that have been dedicated to the moon. You will be surprised when you know that. So be happy with your unique qualities and just be yourself. If you love someone’s work then learn from him, do not copy him. Apply your skills along with the new skills and create a masterpiece. I bet you people will appreciate you and your work. But if you try to copy then you will lose your true glory. Just be yourself and do your best, right people will appreciate your work and if no one appreciates then come to me I will take out time to listen to you.

A lamp cannot replace a candle nor can a candle replace a lamp because both of them have a different purpose to serve. Your work is unique so just be yourself.

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