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Your life is a series of manifestations from the invisible into visible

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2022-07-17 18:10
Crystal Ball

My dad asked me what is life? I thought for a moment and then answered him. Life is the image of the fantasy world in my thoughts and I want to manifest that exactly into this world. I don’t understand reality but I want to create the one which is in my head as a real one. That’s life for me. Dad looked at me with a big question mark on his face. Yeah I know sometimes I sound more illogical than all the things which you cannot see but still exists. People say it is better to mend yourself and your thinking rather than go out and change the world because changing the perception and thinking of every human being is complicated. I know. I agree that it is a difficult task but not impossible. How God did do everything which was impossible? They did it, which means it is possible for a person with high frequency. Divine beings are on a very high frequency and that is the only reason when you increase your own vibration and match theirs you become a human being with God-like capabilities. Sadhguru Ji said each person is blessed with two sets of seeds. One is from our parents and the second is from God Himself in the form of the soul. What god gave you is a part of himself and you have the option to enhance it and become like him. The path is not an easy one but the possibility always exists within you. You can raise your kundalini shakti and match God in his capabilities.

Every person who created or discovered something manifested the invisible into the visible by applying his brain. They were ridiculed and even mocked for their weird thinking but they never gave up. When you live a life not to prove anything to anyone but want to create a better world for everyone else then it is between you and the universe. The cosmos will first test your eligibility and then show you the way. Nothing comes easy in life. Even the multi-trillionaires created their vast business empire starting from scratch and with faith and belief in themselves they made things happen. There will be phases of self-doubt and there will be times when your self-belief will be all-time low and on top of that demotivating words from your own family members will make the situation worse but when you believe that you can make it happen with your God then there is no looking back. My life was full of more downs than ups because the first half of my life was full of problems be it emotional or health problems. I married the man of my choice and he cheated on me. Just think about the worse which can happen to you. I could not show my face to my parents because I fought with them to get married to that man. I forgave him and moved ahead in my life. I know when God made me face the worst he has something good in store for me. I am 42 years old and I have got a daughter but my in-laws never allowed her to talk to me thinking if she wants to be with me then the situation will get in my favor. I said goodbye to everything. I know when I cannot control my destiny it is better to leave everything in the hands of the universe because when God makes decisions for you, you need to trust him with your heart.

Ladies who were my age always said I don’t look my age and look far younger than a 42-year-old woman. They asked me the secret. I am God-gifted in everything and I know everything happened in my life for a reason. A painful breakup left lots of holes in my life which healed with the passage of time and then dad asked me what next? It is difficult for a dad to see his daughter at home living with him, especially in a Bihari family. I said I feel I am ready to start a new life and get married. Then look for a man and get married to him. He still trusts my choice and said I will do your “Kanyadaan” and I know you will be very happy. His intuition says I will manifest a great husband. The first thing which I did after my divorce was tore my kundali and made a new one for me where I wrote the new life which I wanted to live with the man of my dreams. I had set very strong intentions in the year 2019 and worked really hard for it. Sadhguru Ji says with spirituality you can change your destiny. I know with God I can achieve even the impossible. Everything which you want is near you in invisible frequency form. When you set an intention and work towards it you start converting that frequency into visible stuff which shows up in your life as manifestation. The future which you want to live or have predicted for yourself is the one the universe wants you to own so that you set an example for people so that they know that this human being can achieve even the impossible and are much more than their birth charts which are made by astrologers.

Astrology is science but this universe is much more than human logic. Still, no human being or scientist has answers to what exists in the entire universe. What we call aliens may be advanced beings inhabiting other planets where we think life is not possible. You cannot define what is possible or impossible because the entire universe is very mysterious. Other than the creator himself no one knows the truth in totality. Even the ancient yogis who wrote Vedas and other scriptures don’t understand either the universe or God fully because whenever divine beings make their presence felt the person gets into a trance state. How the universe applies all the rules for governing the cosmos is still a mystery. No one can unearth what is hidden inside the core of the planet on which we live or what lies in the depth of the ocean. The gravity and the heat which exist inside the core of the planet do not allow research work to go further and no one can sustain the force of water inside the ocean so they have no idea what kind of beings exist on the ocean floor. When you think consciously you will understand that your knowledge of the cosmos or the planet on which you live is just .5 or 1%. It is better to be a seeker and learner rather than boasting that you are a knowledgeable man just because you have read thousands of books or people label you a rich man. None of them are going to give liberation to your soul or mukti and you will be trapped in the cycle of birth and death. Your soul will reincarnate again and again so you need to look for liberation and start working towards it after doing everything you love doing.

You need to burn all your karmas and get success not only on earth but also in the heavens. There is a prewritten destiny with which you are born and a written destiny that you write once you take control of your own life by following some strict principles of spirituality. When you align all your energies with cosmic energy you have the power to rewrite your destiny. The manifestations do take time because the path is not simple and you need to burn yourself in the process so that the new evolved being is totally different from the old one. When you are still in the process of transformation you may feel like giving up, lose faith, have phases of self-doubt, may want to give up on everything you are doing for years, suffer from phases of depression seeing everyone succeed around you and you are still at point A. The only thing which you need to have is trust and faith in the invisible. You have to believe that you have the power to manifest the invisible into the visible. Your life is a series of manifestations from the invisible into the visible. Dreamers are doers. If you just want to be a yogi then you need to give up all your desires and remember God to the extent that he makes himself visible to you and transcends you to the point that you can’t think beyond him. He will make you give up all your desires if that is what you want. God can do anything for you but if you are someone who wants to enjoy life and create a huge impact in the world even then you need to have God-like powers. You need to call upon the man (God) and for that, you have to follow the path of bhakti because your dreams are beyond the imagination of an ordinary or extraordinary human being. Your dreams cannot be achieved by anyone other than a divine being himself so you need to convert yourself into one so that you can make things happen.

Let the whole world label you a failure but you should believe in yourself. It does not matter how many followers you have on Facebook or Instagram. The only thing which matters is how connected you are to your goals and vision which you have set for yourself. Is your connection with the invisible realm getting stronger day by day. Can you see the advancements and do you think that it is time for things to really happen in your life then it will. Spiritual beings are different and their connection with the cosmos is at the soul level so their heart, intuition, and soul speak much more than their logical head. Even Sadhguru Ji says “Intuition will take you much ahead in life than logic”. What you cannot see can be seen by your intuition and that's the way tarot card readers or psychics do a reading and read the energies much ahead of time. It is good to trust your logical head but then you should not shut the voice which connects you to the divine. Science cannot understand everything which can’t be seen but that does not mean those things don’t exist. There is no denying the fact that every great discovery always had the involvement of invisible forces and every person has admitted to that. They got their answers in dreams or at times when they felt connected to the universe. There is so much that science cannot explain but miracles happen and they happen out of nowhere. When you work with the universe they can make the impossible possible for you because you dared and asked for it. People think they are too small to own everything so they don’t ask the universe for it. It is a giving universe just ask and they will show you the way. Be focused and have faith.

I have held on to my faith for more than 5 years to manifest the life of my dreams. People around me think it is impossible but I believe that it is manifesting and the entire universe and all divine beings are busy working on my manifestation. They were so busy with the work that they forgot to show up sometimes but now since all the background work is complete they are fully present in my life and I am ready to walk into the fantasy world which has been imagined by me and I will live that now. If you think it is possible it is. No need to read thousands of books on that, just read one and follow the process with full precision. If something does not work the universe will guide you because they want to see you happy and fulfilled. They themselves will help you achieve your dreams because you fine tuned your frequency with them but you need to be prepared for a roller coaster ride because the first few years will be full of tests and surprise examinations where you may not feel prepared.

Your life is the manifestation of the invisible into visible by the choices you make and the belief system you hold onto. Change your frequency and change your life with God. My God Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy is the man who changed my life for a lifetime.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m