That which cannot be seen - Is it the Reality?

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Unseen God

Today I chose a very different topic to write on. I want my readers to explore different dimensions of the universe through my writing. In writing my thoughts I also put forward my own personal real-life experiences. I do not write fiction and I am someone who believes in sharing the truth so that you understand that if I can you too can. There is no doubt about it. I have explored and touched a different dimension of myself, a part which I was not aware of existed within me, a part which I thought was accessible only to holy people who did hours and hours of meditation or spiritual practices. I don’t do hours and hours of puja nor do I know how to do proper meditation but yes I keep trying and improving so that I can experience the unknown. It gets difficult for me to take someone’s methodology and ways which do not work for me so I love inventing my ways to connect with the supreme which cannot be seen but can only be felt. I would say my own real-life experiences have molded me into a person I am today which is very different from the person I was two years back. People say to get enlightened you have to awaken your Kundalini and do hours and hours of meditation. I personally have no experience regarding that but I believe when God wants you to be his messenger and wants to work directly through you by invading your mind and body then he will give you something which you can never imagine. God has mysterious ways of working through people and when he loves you a lot he has no other option but to invade your life so that he can work directly through you.

You cannot see God, you can only feel his power. It is a feeling which cannot be expressed in words, it is a feeling which cannot be described by means of words to someone else nor it will fit in the real-life experiences of big sages who experienced God and wrote books about it years ago. Your experience with the divine is simply your’s and that need not fit into someone else’s experience but that does not mean you have not experienced the supreme. God has no form and no particular structure, he cannot be seen but then he is the biggest reality of life. He is the supreme power, the one whom you always reach when you are happy or you are in trouble, firstly to experience your gratitude and secondly to tell him that you need his divine help. You know he is there, you know he is the only reality, you know he will provide help to you when all other means around you fail. Have faith, he is there for you because if you have no faith nothing will happen. I hope you all must have read the quotation “Faith can move mountains”, even if you have faith which is of the size of a mustard seed you can get what you want and believe me that undying faith in the supreme will actually manifest “That which is Not” into something more tangible and you will see it happen in reality, that is the power of faith. When you cannot see something coming but have total faith that what you want is on your way and you will get it. I bet you “Your desires will be fulfilled” though you cannot see something which is still in your thoughts waiting to be expressed in your reality. You create your own reality by having faith in the unseen, that is the power of imagination. People who have done great work first imagined it in their thoughts and then they made it a reality. They could clearly see a picture of what they wanted in the future in the present in their own mind before it manifested in the real world.

Your own imagination is the biggest tool to create your living reality. You cannot argue that you cannot see something now then how can you have faith that it will be or it shall happen. I would like to tell you that when you have placed a thought in your mind and attach feelings to it, you vibrate at certain energy which matches with the frequency of what you want in your life and hence that thing is manifested into the reality. This whole universe or the whole creation is a mystery and people have devised certain ways and have come forward with various principle with certain names to prove how everything works. What I personally believe is that it is difficult for anyone to understand the working of this mysterious universe which is so grand. Since I have done my own research on a few things I would like to share with you people so that you too tune into my thoughts and have an idea of what I want to express. The subconscious mind has is very powerful but you can only access your conscious mind. You cannot give the command to your subconscious mind to do something until and unless you learn how to do that. Our subconscious mind remembers all our previous births, it simply means that the entire information of our previous birth is downloaded in it from the time we came in our mother's womb. Now if you try to apply logic, how is this possible? You started developing from scratch in your mother's womb so you cannot apply any logic here. You cannot see your subconscious mind but you can feel its magnificent energy.

Let's move ahead. According to Sadguru, The spiritual Guru “Spinal Cord is the axis of the universe”. It means the whole universe exists inside our body. It is only when you tune your body in the right way through yoga and certain spiritual practices that you can download the entire energy of the cosmos within your body and get enlightened. When you open all your chakras and increase your vibration, you vibrate at a frequency which is the frequency of God. When your frequency matches with that of God’s frequency then you and God are the same. It simply means you become God. We are all spiritual beings in the human body which means all of us has the capacity to attain the unattainable. It is only when you tune yourself in the right way that you can make miracles happen or else nothing will work. Your subconscious mind is “Atma” which is pure and which has the capacity to merge with the divine, it remembers all the previous births. You have the power of imagination to have faith in the unseen and create your reality with your thoughts on which you have total faith. When your Subconscious mind is divine then I believe that it is God which means you have God within you who is reachable to you when you need him.

I have never ever heard a person who can claim the right way of reaching to God because he is the one who decides his ways for people who wants access to his energy. When he loves your dedication, honesty, and faith towards him he will mend his rules for you. I believe this or else God would have been accessible only to priests and great sages and not to us who are normal human beings and have no idea of ways to reach the divine. I would say that which cannot be seen is the only reality and everything else is fake which will fade away as time flies and everything becomes a thing of the past. There is nothing called a secured past or secured future, the only reality is now in which you can see the unseen and create your reality in the coming days because today will become past tomorrow and will no longer exist. You cannot go back and live your past, you cannot live in the future, you can only live your present with the way you choose to live. “That which cannot be seen” is very powerful. It is like a normal soul, you give body and breath to it by the power of your imagination. That soul then gains life and walks directly into your life in the way of things, people or experiences. You have the power to choose, you have the power to create, you have the power to manifest so realize your true potential. If you meet some great guru who claims that he has the power to do miracles because he did Tapasya for long long years then have faith if he can you too can.

God never differentiates and when you reach out to him with the right intentions he will help you in ways you can never ever imagine even in your wildest dreams. I believe “God is great”. The unseen is much more powerful than the seen so the next time you cannot see something and feel it, have faith that your intuition is correct. Your feelings, your thoughts, your faith are the only reality and there is no other reality. If you cannot feel it you cannot have it. Your feelings and emotions generate a certain frequency, vibration, and energy. The entire cosmos is nothing but energy. We are all connected by means of energy which overlaps our entire being so when you tune yourself in the right manner you can manifest what you exactly want with the right thoughts and feelings.

Try it out. What’s the big deal. I also believe in trying and living realities, I cannot accept someone else’s theory if it does not work for me. I will go ahead and work on my own self. Get my answers and devise my own ways of working and check if it works for me. I believe in experimenting on things. God gave us only one life so we all should experiment with our own self so that we can reach our highest potential and connect with the divine, the supreme power. I want to experience everything in this lifetime so that I am released from all karmic and earthy bonds never ever to be reincarnated again on this earth and to become one with the divine, the true source of my power.

But yes I want to live this life in the best possible way with my soulmate so that all my desires are fulfilled and I do not reach my grave with any unfulfilled desires. I don’t know where he is and when he will come searching for me or he is already in my life. I am discovering life, let's see where my life takes me.

I believe “That which cannot be seen” is the only reality. Try and explore your own reality and yes do not forget to share your experiences with me. I would love to hear from you all, my lovely readers.

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