When you say “I Do” to a relationship - Maintain it

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Blue Moon

Today I chose to write on matters of heart and marriage. I believe in the bond of marriage though I had a difficult 1st marriage but that does not mean the end of my world. Someone came in my life and lit my life so I too want to move ahead in my life with him and marry him. I don’t know what he thinks about me as I am not in touch with him. I believe destiny plays its role and I have faith if he is meant to be in my life then he will be in my life in this month since its a blue moon month. Two full moons in the same month and the second is called the blue moon. It is out of the blue moon he came in my life in the month or April 2019 and it is in the month of Blue moon that he will be in my life, that is what my intuition speaks to me. That person stays out of Maharashtra. Let’s see what next. Yes, it is easy to fall in love and difficult to maintain it. When you say “I Do” to someone i.e marry someone than keep your words. It is easy to say that you cannot bear with each other after 2- 3 years of marriage and get into constant quarrels over trivial matters but difficult to let go of nonsense stuff and understand each other. You have to understand one thing that the person whom you have chosen as your better half is altogether a different soul. That person has different thinking, different mentality, and different needs. You cannot ask that person to agree to everything you say so keep some room for adjustment.

Don’t make fast judgments and come to the wrong conclusions that the person whom you married is not the right one. First and the foremost thing which you need to understand if it is love marriage is that you have loved that person and then moved ahead with the decision of marriage. That person was meant to be in your life and that is the only reason you two are together. Now answer my question - Can you love anyone or everyone? I would say “No”. When it is so difficult for you to fall in love with someone then how the person you have chosen can be the wrong choice. It has to be the right choice. Have you ever noticed you meet thousands of people and still don’t connect with any of them? Someone comes and proposes you at your face and you don’t feel anything but when you see that particular person who is meant to be in your life you fall for him. You are head over heels in love with him and you don’t to why. So you have to agree that your choice is the best choice and when you have chosen the best you have to adjust and develop acceptance for each other. It is ok to fight sometimes. It shows love, care, and possessiveness. It is good to be possessive about each other at least you keep reminding each other that you are in love with each other. Never let the spark die in your married life because if the spark dies so does your married life. It will then be just a relationship without any heart and soul. A life without a soul cannot exist so your married life will lose its adventure.

When you say “I Do” it means I will take extra steps to keep the relationship going. You take bold steps in your career then why not in your marriage. When you are bored with your married life, have fun. If you are two busy people in each other's life then take out some time and go for a vacation. Spend some quality time with each other. Understand each other, love each other, feel each other and appreciate each other. Please do not be in a hurry to have children. I would like to tell you when things are meant to happen it will happen whether you plan or not. Even if you make 5 years plan not to have one and it is meant to be after 2 years of your marriage it will happen. Don’t bother. Live your life and enjoy. In marriage two souls connect and become one. That oneness is what keeps the relationship going. It is easy to fall out of love but when you are mentally prepared to keep the passion going in your relationship you will take extra efforts to maintain it. You are too never old to express your love to your sweetheart and tell her ‘I Love You” for 50 times in a day. What’s the big deal you can send 100 emails to your clients and do so much work in the same way you can express your love to your wife. I am telling you she will love it.

In this technologically advanced generation with an internet connection, mobile and social media networking, people still find problems expressing their love to the person whom they married. Just think out of the box and do something. The fire should keep burning inside of you be it for your career or your love. Do not let the fire extinguish. Have some madness in love. Have 100% passion so that when you see your love something should happen inside you, I remember the name “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, that means something should happen. Have you seen lovely couples whom you admire onscreen and wished your life to be same. Now you have the option to make it the same and don’t wish for anything but to make your wishes come true with the love of your life. Your relationship will go through ups and downs, understand each other in those times and always sort out the matter by sitting together. It is easy to get angry and stop communicating. Understand the root cause of the problem and sort it out. Do not play the blame game or just point out fingers on each other. When you have married each other it is your responsibility to keep the relationship going through all thick and thin situation.

Do you think people who celebrate “25 years of happily married life” or “50 years of happy married life” had an easy life? I would say “ No” but then they made the choice to look beyond all the problems and concentrate fully on their relationship. People around you will interfere and sometimes those jealous souls will interfere and you have to understand everything and sort every misunderstanding. I personally believe marriages are made in heavens. It is God’s who sanction your relationship and then you people meet each other on earth and then marry. Life is worth living with someone who cares for you, loves you unconditionally, supports your career, gives you a shoulder to cry on during tough times, is with you and complains with a loving heart. It is good to have a better half with whom you can share your daily life and he will not get bored listening to you since he cannot take his eyes off you, Great na. That is love and that is the beauty of marriage. Life is worth living with your soulmate whom you have chosen to be your better half.

Love each other unconditionally. Don’t put conditions on love, it is not some mathematical problem that needs to be solved a certain way but it is your life that needs to be lived in a loving way. You say “I love you” to each other before marriage when you talk to each other every time then why you forget those words after marriage. I would say when you live your married life as two love birds then the spark in your marriage will stay alive till you reach your death bed and bid a final goodbye to each other. When you say “I Do” to a relationship say it from your soul so that you both are reborn again to be with each other in the next life. It is good to overlook the faults of each other and stand for each other when needed. Marriage is a lifetime bond which you have to maintain like a contract where you have no option to quit. You may find someone else after some time whom you may fall for but then you have to check your feelings. When you have committed to one maintain it.

Express your love and say “I Do” to your sweetheart this monsoon season. Live a great life. My good wishes are always with you all.

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