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What is perfect alignment with Cosmos or Cosmic Geometry?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2021-12-24 17:54
Cosmic Geometry

Let me put forward my thoughts on the subject of Cosmic alignment. I am, writing everything according to my point of view and intuition. After having worked on my spirituality for 6 long years and practicing it very hardcore I think I can write about stuff that just flows through me because then it is not me but my higher self finding expression through my words because I am just the medium. When you have worked on your spirituality to an extent where you establish a connection with the invisible world you will feel that they just find a way to express themselves through you or work through you because you both have the same goals and dreams. It is just a matter of how aligned you are with the cosmos to read those encrypted codes which don’t reveal themselves to any other human being. I love being different. The cosmos has created certain codes where it labels a person as perfectly aligned. If you work on yourself through yoga, meditation, and other spiritual work then you can align yourself with the cosmos where you place your own body’s geometry perfectly with the cosmic geometry and hence create a stronger connection with the cosmos. The people who did great work were no different from you and me but normal simple people with big dreams who just had faith in their dreams.

When your seven chakras are aligned properly within your body to the extent that you can reach a higher state whenever you sit down in meditation it means that the thoughts in your head can take shape much faster than you know in this real world. These chakras are connected with the universe and when it aligns you are aligned with the cosmos and you sync with the cosmic geometry which merges with all your angles perfectly. Once this happens the thin layer between your inner and outer world ceases to exist and your thoughts become super powerful to the extent that whatever you wish for has no other option but to manifest. Yes, it is true you can manifest even wrong things in your life. The best thing you can do is associate yourself with a very powerful deity and make them one with you so that they safeguard your energy. I believe the divine is a superhuman being with perfect cosmic geometry and alignment and hence they can do whatever they wish in the real and cosmic world. Since they are the ones who coded the entire universe they know how to play with the system and even hack it at times when needed. They can do anything since it is their divine realm. It is only when a normal human being wants to be a part of the realm which is not much familiar to him that he needs to build a strong connection with the cosmic realm.

When you have big dreams which you think are possible and others label them as impossible then you need a divine connection because with God everything is possible. If hard work led to success then every hard-working person would have been successful. You need a combination of everything to hit the bullet at the time when it strikes at the right place. Luck, destiny, divine intervention, divine time, cosmic connection, grace, your effort, and the cosmic alignment, all of these play a very big role to achieve your out-of-world dreams. No one’s body is perfectly aligned. Every person is out of alignment. You can align your body through yoga by practicing those postures which align you with the universe. Practice Hatha yoga because by mastering just one advanced Hatha yoga pose you can clear all your karmic backlogs and connect with the divine realm. It takes years to master just one yoga pose. You become aware of the changes in your body because the energy flow is from the inside out. Don’t get distracted from what is circulating on the internet but you just commit to one yoga pose and you will receive internal guidance through intuition which will lead you to your destination.

The stars are aligned in a certain way to form a zodiac sign. When one-star changes position the entire structure changes hence when you put that one chakra in the proper place you start aligning with the invisible cosmic real which then starts speaking to you through your intuition. You will sometimes receive messages which have no head and tail but when you just follow that you will see it saved you from putting your foot in the wrong place. Let people criticize you for that decision but you be satisfied in your heart that you did the right thing. The perfect geometry with which your body is made has the power to align with the geometry which exists in the universe where you fit in like a part and the invisible realm cannot differentiate between you and itself. Then you will see miracles happening in your life. The planets revolve around the sun and even around their own axis but it never falls apart or out of alignment because of perfect cosmic geometry. There are trillions of stars that exist in the cosmos but they don’t fall on earth because of various gravitational forces which come into existence. There is so much energy that is created even when you don’t understand. These energies protect you and even connect you with the universe.

When your mind and body are in perfect alignment you enjoy longevity and age slower. People will get envious and ask you for your anti-aging secrets. When your mind and body merge with the cosmos you can read all the energy patterns which exist in the universe and even play a big role by putting the right intentions in the cosmic consciousness for making the right things happen in the world. Do you think all the gods who took avatar on this earth played just with the physical world? Then my answer is “No”. They understood lots of invisible stuff and worked on it while normal human beings thought that God was with them all the time. If the real world in which we live is an illusion and manifestation of the inner self then you can play with the code. How? I don’t know but want to know. Though I am not stressing about anything in particular I feel it is time for me to focus on the next version of me. I am healing and just waiting for things to happen since stressing my body further is doing more harm than any good so I have left the intense energy work which I did till November 2021. My body is reacting and I know it is time for a slow down phase where I don’t need to push forward but relax and concentrate my energy in the right direction.

The universe which exists outside also exists inside your body. It is all the same. There are many people who can do great things happen by putting their effort in the right direction, changing humanity, bringing a change in the world, and also making money while they are sleeping. See there was a time when there was only Devaloka on earth and after that, it was just human beings and God’s in energy form. Then gods took various avatars to bring back divine order. Not much has been documented in detail about any God so you cannot find lots of resources in handwritten format. What is the capacity of an Avatar or human God is something which will be known to humanity now since it is time. My intuition says that this visible realm is deeply connected with your spirituality, if you have 100% trust, faith, and belief in your dreams then you can do a lot many things which others can’t. When you are still in the preliminary stages of working on your alignment with the cosmos you can’t see anything but that does not mean nothing is happening in the divine realm.

First, you manifest your desires in your head by means of visualization than in the form of energy by placing the exact picture in your head every day than having the faith that since you can think about it the cosmos has all the resources available to manifest it. Think that you have manifested what you have asked for with faith and then get to work. See what happens next. When you have worked on your energy and manifested your dreams in the energy world it has to show up in the real world in the way you want because it has to. The genie has to give you exactly what you want be it a person or a thing. It is all a matter of alignment. When all the angles perfectly fit in then you are part of the cosmos and it will treat you as a part of itself. I don’t know what is God’s capability because I think he can do much more than what has been documented in any book so let’s see or get into the adventure of the “New Divine Era” where the world will be ruled by God.

There is not just one thing that aligns but lots of things at the cellular level which is hard to interpret so just do the spiritual work and let the cosmos do its own work. Your soul or energy body knows what to do next. Just keep going and keep believing in your dreams even if it sounds insane to others. It is your dream so if it makes sense to you it is well and good. You carve out a plan and let the universe guide you to a destination that already exists and is waiting for you. The journey has your name written on it because the road which you chose leads only to one destination i.e your dreams. Welcome to the Divine World. Manifest your dreams and make them a living reality. Perfectly align with the cosmos and explore the unexplored because with God everything is possible. Yes, Yes, YES.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m