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What is meant to be will be - Divine time is at Play

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2021-10-17 15:09
Durga Maa

There are two types of destiny. The one with which you are born and the one which you force your God to write because you are on a spiritual path. Prewritten destiny is written according to past karmic backlogs and has the same energy pattern which existed in all your previous births but when you start working in the direction to get liberation or Moksha from the cycle of rebirth by working on your spirituality then your work starts towards a new destiny. There are few people who are meant to do very specific tasks and they start their soul work by working on themselves from their previous birth and when they are actually meant to do the particular task with all the awakened energy then they are able to reap the benefits of all the past life work which they did. Everything which you do is stored in your subconscious memory and you can get back to it by reconnecting with your memory which is directly connected with the universe. I don’t understand so many things but that does not means I am not in alignment with my purpose or the work which I am meant to do in the world. The biggest problem is people around me doubt whether I will be able to make a successful life out of my current situation. Practically speaking even I don’t know. There are so many things that just touch the surface of my head and are gone but still, I try to understand it.

How do I explain my divine experiences in the year 2015? I had no idea and I was not even prepared for the spiritual awakening process which followed from the year 2016. But I could not stop that and the event happened at the divine time exactly when it was meant to happen by the universe. Is my life crafted and I am just moving ahead in the journey of my life where I am unaware of the twists and turns but the universe makes me aware and puts specific messages in my head so that I can do exactly what is needed at the correct time? My life seems like shifting one lane to move on to the next lane at the right time. My divorce, me chanting Swayamavara Parvathi Mantra without too much thought in my head in the year 2017, completing Mantra Purascharana on 14th October 2017, working on my spirituality, manifesting number 36 and waiting for number 9 to manifest in my life, then exactly on 14th October 2021 Durga Navami fell i.e 4 years after I completed the mantra purascharana and I manifested number 9 which I had been waiting for, Parvathi maa giving me the sign that the work which I did in the year 2017 was completed in the year 2021. It took 4 years of hard work for me to get the message of my manifestation of the work which I am meant to do in the world and the reason for chanting the mantra.

Frankly speaking, I can’t see anything in physical form but the messages are everywhere. When I can’t apply my head to anything I just keep a track of what is happening around me. The universe speaks in numbers and I know what certain numbers mean to me. I am ready to risk my life because even after dating my Ex-husband for 10 years and having a married life with him for 11 years things did not work out. There is no guarantee for anything in life. For the first time in my life I have handed my life into the hands of the universe and I am ready to take a chance with everything in my life and break all my old patterns. I just know one thing I have survived death 3 times. I would have died in the year 2018 because my chances of survival were none but I am still alive and it is God’s will. I followed all the patterns and synchronicities and my God narrowed all the gestures to one single person with whom I have past life karma attached. It is a rebirth for both of us but I really don’t know what next because when someone is super successful you don’t know what is in their head. I did my best and when I can’t see anything ahead I have left the decision in the hands of the universe.

The best part of life is “If something is meant to happen it will happen, If not it will never happen”. The second thing is “If a person is meant to be in your life he will be. If not then he will never be”, whatever the case make peace with it. I am not too serious about life. At the age of 41, going to be 42 years I still don’t understand why I suffered so much in my life. Too many health problems. I dedicated a large part of my life to fighting my health problems. I think it was my choice to clear all my past life karmic backlogs so that I get liberated in this birth. I have worked very hard for my liberation and yes my God has guaranteed my “Mukti”. This is my last and final birth after which I won’t be reborn and will escape the cycle of birth and death. I love this news. I am the first person alive on this earth who is happy knowing about her death. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji says “The picture has already been shot and it is just a replay here on this earth”. I really don’t know how I should interpret this message. This is one single message which was conveyed to me by my gods again and again. I am working towards my dreams. I can’t call it hard work. I am not too tough on myself since my body needs rest. When my head is not working those are the times when my parents share all the thoughts in their head which adds to my stress.

I don’t want to go back to Nagpur, I need to build my career and start my work, I can’t even stay at my parent’s place. Now, what next? What role my better half will play in my life and how that man will guide me in the direction I am meant to walk is still unknown. The person who will be entering my life is 100% my God’s choice and I am ok with everything the universe has in store for me. I have surrendered. I never thought I will get divorced, will think of marriage at the age of 42. The universe landed me in a place where I never planned to be. There is a Teddy bear and a doll in my home. My niece played with all the dolls and put the doll and bear at the same place all the time on the bed which I sleep. And after that, my God communicated everything. When my head does not works I don’t overthink. I just know one thing when I have planned for marriage I will remarry the person who is meant to be in my life as my better half. How everything will happen is still not known.

My divine work and my career are still something that is giving me sleepless nights. I try to sleep on time but everything keeps running in my head. The Pincode of my home is “831011”. I keep seeing numbers 83, 838, 111, 1111, 1221. I know what they mean. The universe conveyed the message and there is a very specific reason for me to be at my dad’s place because I will start my new life from here. I will seek my parent’s blessing when I will start a new chapter in my life. I never asked God for too many things but they gave me much more than I asked for.

I have faith and I am walking in faith. Let’s see what’s next. I need peace and only peace. I see snakes in my dreams. Kundalini Awakening? I am the first girl in the entire universe who has no idea of any work which she is doing but is still striving to get “Awakened”. Now, this is called madness, 100% madness. “Bolte Hain Kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaoo toh puri kaynaat mil jaati hai us cheez ko paane mein, main bhi deekho kitni shiddat se chaaha hai maine apne khawaboon ko” - In Hindi.

Divine time plays a big role in your life because when your dreams reach maturity the universe has to deliver.

Be Happy. Chill. Happy Sunday.

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