What to do when you go Mad and your Brain stops working?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-05-14 18:50
Brain Work

I think all of you have gone through such a situation in life when you go mad and your brain stops working. You do not know what to do and cannot decide what next. Your whole thinking process gets clogged and everything around you seems foggy. You are done with everything and just want to leave things as it is because you are in no mood to deal with it. All the problems which you are facing seem insurmountable and you go crazy over small issues. This is the most pathetic situation in which any human being can be but I don’t think anyone chooses to be in such a situation. These kinds of situations arise many times in our life. You as a human being has no option but to deal with it. You have to deal with the craziest of stuff and still maintain your balance because you have no option. You cannot throw your baggage on someone else and be at peace. It is you who created it and it is you who has to solve it whether you want or not, whether you are ready or not, you have to because sometimes life gives you very fewer options. When there are less options it is better to tackle the problem head-on rather than running away from it so that it lessens a little. Face the challenges when you get your thinking ability back. It is easy to get mad and it is easy to lose cool, it is also very easy to overthink and create stressful headaches for yourself but the most difficult part is to accept things as they are and face them.

I know in those dreadful moments when you cannot make a decision you are forced to make one because that is the best option for you. Indecision will not lead you anywhere so even if when you face the worst just deal with it. Don’t think what will happen next? You only have this present moment and you have no option but to face the challenge, you cannot bury your head in sand and wait for things to get better on its own. Don’t stay in a dream world, get realistic and get going. I have seen people going insane when they face a situation where they can do very less. They start fantasizing things and it seems that they have gone mad for some moment before they get their senses back. You do not know what will happen next, you cannot control situations or people in your life, you cannot even control your destiny, you cannot exercise your control over other people who are just looking for an opportunity to pull you down. What you can do is maintain your cool and deal with whatever situation life throws at you. If you feel you are in a miserable situation right now and you cannot make a decision, it is better to wait for some time till you accept the situation and you are fully prepared to deal with it. Your own mental preparation is very important when you want to get over the tough situation which is making you mad and crazy.

When your brain stops working and goes into standby mode where the switch is just on and nothing is running, it is better to wait for sometime before you feel better and have knowledge of the situation around you. Do not think what all can go wrong, just think how you can improve things and get hold of the solution which lessens your burden. It is difficult to think positive when all hell has broken on you but have patience things will sort out and this too shall pass. The good times or the bad times never exist for too long. Take one day at a time when you face the worst and live all your good moments in your bright days. Have faith in the good spirits or God who will help you solve the current problem. He will help you and bless you when needed, your faith will help you sail through the worst because when you cannot handle it yourself some help from superior powers are the best things to happen for you. It is easy to break and cry like a baby when nothing goes according to your plan. You planned something and something else happened but then what can you do? You cannot control outside circumstances, you can just adjust your sail and ride your boat in the turbulent ocean. You do not know what will happen in the next moment but when you have built tough mindset things will get easy for you. Sometimes the giant problems can be solved with a logical mind and it only takes a few seconds to make a correct decision.

People around you want you to succeed so try to make the best decision and come up to their expectations. Just forget the naysayers or people who do backbiting because you do not need to care for them, you do not pay attention to them. They are the ones who will smile at your back and will say good things in your front and they don’t matter in your life so why bother. Just make the best decision. Think of the worst that could have happened and if you are in between than thank God that those heavenly forces at least saved you from that and you can still work on the problem successfully. When you are ready to face the worst then you can handle anything in between. Have an attitude of gratitude because when you complain more you create more problems for yourself. You will see that when you are thankful you will get back to your track and you will again start working on the problem because you have a good hold of it. You are the best decision maker only when you think outside the box and think one step ahead of what others can think. Do not overthink and make your life more miserable that now you cannot do anything, you have lost the game and the recovery is impossible. Just try one more time, think and act. Do what you feel is the best solution for the current problem. Let the whole world judge you for your decision, just decide and be your best. Other people judgment is not going to help you because it is you who is in charge of the current situation and it is you who has to get out of it so forget what the whole world will think about you. Just do what you feel correct.

Get busy, get going and face your difficulties with your best frame of mind. So the next time the worst happens you don’t go mad and don’t let your brain get foggy. Just decide and do what is needed. You are your best judge so decide for yourself.

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