The War between Mind and Heart - Who wins at last?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-06-12 18:11

It is a tough situation when your heart says go for it and your mind says “No” it is wrong. You do accept the things happening in your life and you want to create a new life which is better than what you are living today. You know when your first marriage has failed and you are fighting the court case with your husband you should not get into another relationship. You are not yet divorced but you know in the near future you will and you just want a companion when someone enters your life and knocks in your heart door which you had kept locked for so long. Someone knocked and you just opened your heart to check how that person is when he enters inside and you don’t know what to do. You love him but you cannot express your love fully because your previous relationship has shattered you from inside and you have not yet settled it. It is so difficult and these testing times causes more pain. You know when the previous one ends you will be single again and you will have to search for a new person with whom you will settle down in life but still you cannot understand what to do. Your hearts says to accept the love because you may not get this person again and your mind says you need to wait. This battle between heart and mind is so difficult because your heart is illogical while your mind is 100% logical. It will not allow you to wander and will bring you back on track though it is aware of everything but still the mind wants you to think practically.

Life will test you and will leave you in situations where you do not know which way to go. You cannot choose and you keep standing till you get a clue from the higher powers or God to make a decision. God is aware of all your feelings because before you share it with anyone you share it with God. You open your heart to him. Maybe that the person who has knocked at your heart door is sent by God and he wanted this relationship to happen. God wanted you to wait for a long time so that you become a better person and do not repeat the same mistake twice, the mistakes which you had done in the earlier relationship should not be repeated that is why he took time to give you a new company which you had been waiting for. You remember just one thing God sends right people at the right time in our lives, at a time when we need someone the most. God is great and his way of doing miracles for you is also marvelous. When there is a never-ending fight between head and heart do what you feel correct and rest will follow. Though the mind is logical sometimes it is good to make decisions from the heart because we are human beings filled with emotions. These emotions will not allow you to live so make wise decisions but keep in mind do not do wrong things even if you decide from the heart.

When you want to move ahead in life think, talk to your loved ones and then you make a decision because love is blind. It is the heart which rules when it comes to matters of love and relationships but it is good to think on all the aspects before you jump to any conclusions. When you see something which your heart says is not true and your mind wants to believe it as truth then take some time and dig deep within and find out the real truth. Your heart will guide you in the right direction. Do not try to apply too much logic in life sometimes it is good to be illogical because you cannot apply your logic everywhere. When you see someone doing something wrong with you and you know that he is not that kind of a person then wait to make any judgments. Though your mind comes to conclusions but you wait and I bet you that you will find that your heart was right. That particular person had some monetary problems which were the real reason for him to do something which was not ethical.

When there is a battle between mind and heart the heart wins. Listen to your heart but do not follow it blindly and I guarantee you that your heart will not mislead you. When someone knocks at your heart’s door after a long time of sadness open the door and let him in. May be he is the messenger of God and will enter your life to make it colorful. The colors which were lost from your life due to a long period of sadness and pain. May be God wants to return to you the love which you lacked in your live with a bonus because he understands you much more than you understand yourself. When the person knocking at your heart is correct give this relationship a try because the previous one has already ended and it is just left to be ended on papers. Just move on with this new person and after your previous relationship has ended legally on papers you move ahead with your 2nd marriage. Start a new life and forget about the past. Listen to your heart and convince your mind so that there is no more internal war and you are happy in your new life. The life which you choose for yourself, the life which is a gift of God to you. Have faith God will send right people in the right time in your life, just pray to him with a pure heart.

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