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Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2020-07-11 17:23
Spiritual energy

Today is 11th July 2020. This number 11 appears so much in my day to day life that I thought of writing something today. I am 40 years old. I have lived a big chunk of my life and the rest of my life maybe 30 or 40 years which is still left is the one where I have to carve my destiny and serve my purpose. What did I do in these years? I tried to play my best role even when I was living the worst phase of my life with all my diseases. I always complained about life and asked God why me? Why he gave me so many health problems. I have lived all my dark days full of health problems. When a normal human being would be busy chasing his dreams I was stuck with my health. Why I am writing about it? I want to write about myself so that if someone else is riding in the same boat may get some motivation that sometimes life does challenge you to the limit that you cannot keep pace with everyone around you but that does not belittle your presence here on this earth. Each one of us who is present here on this planet has a very specific purpose to serve and you will do that when your time will come. But that does not mean that you keep waiting. Keep exploring, do your karma, become the best version of yourself, and live your life in bliss. In the end, whatever you earned or acquired will be left behind and you will leave the earth without any possessions accompanying you.

It seems I have seen many facets of life and have learned many lessons. I have a big heart and a broad mind. I don’t judge anyone and try to understand everyone. I want to spread the love so that my love for each and every human being on this planet fills their life with happiness. I want to see everyone happy. My life did not go even 1% according to my plan but that does not mean that I don’t plan my life. The only thing which I understood that when your life is not running according to your plan than it is the divine who has taken charge of your life and he is making his plans work. I feel my life to be a complete mess. I don’t know the future but something is for sure that whatever it is I am not going to stay in the same place where I am today. The presence of invisible beings in my life is something that fascinates me a lot and has made my life more mysterious. I am someone for whom technology is a complete alien. I never ever paid the bills or did anything on my own but I learned everything one after another and I am still doing so. I understood what is pain in the last 12 years of my life. I am a person with a happy mindset. I am a go-getter If I want something I will get it or ask my God for it. They decide what is best for me.

Everything which happened in my life be it my health problems or my agony has carved me into a new person. I am a spiritual person. I look forward to my God to sort out my life’s problems. Everything related to God, mysticism, universe, or extra-terrestrial beings interests me. I like going deep and try to understand everything. I don’t like superficial knowledge and dig deep. I believe that when you do something you should be 100% committed and devoted towards it to get the best results. I believe that one soul has lived many lifetimes and I share a soul connection with many people who are reincarnated on this earth along with me and they all will appear in my life in this lifetime. The biggest problem is when your soul recognizes another soul with whom you shared a connection and feel for that person and keep wondering why you feel so. Then your brain and heart do not coordinate and you are trapped in the feeling of what to do? The only thing which I do is I leave everything on the creator.
I feel that everything happens on divine timing. Something which is meant to happen will happen no matter what. You cannot stop it nor you can control it and you cannot access your free will. Though people claim that you can do it. I tried to use my free will but I could not, I really don’t know how it works. If I could access my free will I would have changed my destiny in the year 2017 when my whole world crashed. I could not accept God’s decision for me. I don’t have any idea of what those higher powers are up to but everything which happened in my life broke me a lot. I don’t mourn about anything but I cannot forget my past. You have to pay off your bad karma and you will also reap the benefits of good karma which you did in your past life. Every person who is connected with you will be in your life so that you can clear your karma with that person and move ahead in your life. Fulfill your purpose here on this earth and do karma clearing with a loving heart because if someone has hurt you and you are revengeful than be prepared for a cycle of rebirth.

I want to clear all my karmic debts in this lifetime and clear all my soul contracts so that I am not reborn again on this earth. I am doing inner work. I really want to break the cycle. I know I have lived many lifetimes. I have seen places in my meditation that feels new to me now but I feel connected to them. Everything is getting very mysterious. Soul connections or 5D connections are not bound by the laws of the earth but by the laws of the universe and I really don’t know how the divine intervenes and makes something happen. I am sure many people may feel the same as I feel and I am not someone with too many questions in her head with answers to none on them. I really ask myself Who am I? My God entered my life in full swing in August 2019 and changed my complete being. He is the one who brought me to meditation. Now when I am meditating all the energies which were lying dormant within me have started awakening. When my energies awaken I will also awaken the energy of the person with whom I share a close bond since the soul is connected and we have lived many lifetimes together. This is something that is very mysterious even to me. It is like becoming and experiencing yourself as a completely different person. I am growing spiritually every day. I am working on myself not just to heal my body but to change my inner world so that it changes my outer world.

I am experimenting on myself and my energies. I am trying to understand how everything works. No theory works and you need to check everything practically. I listened to all the theoretical aspects for a long time and now I want to try and check how everything actually works. When you start aligning yourself with the universe you feel a shift in your energy and the outer realm communicates a lot with you through your intuition and other ways. I see repeated numbers and can feel certain energies communicating to me regarding a big shift in my life. I really don’t know what is going to happen in my life but the energies around me are communicating a change in my life.

It is true I want to change my life fully. When I asked my God why me? The only thing they communicated to me is to have trust and faith in them. Everything which is happening in my life is happening for my greater good and I should look at life from a higher perspective is the message that I have received. It is not just about my life but about others too. At least for now I am working on my spirituality, understanding technology, healing my body, not stressing too much because when I am in a state of complete bliss then only I can communicate with the invisible fully and know what next in my life. The path is unknown and my invisible companions unfold one page at a time. I am heading in the right direction.

Soul contract, soul mission, soul purpose, Twin Flame, everything carries meaning but every person is not meant for every work so if you are the chosen one then be prepared for a shift in the energy. All the planets are aligning and giving a single message of a massive shift that is going to happen in the coming days. Be happy to live an intense life. I am ruled by mars which is a fiery planet. I am an intense water sign. I love playing at the extremes because I do not choose a low frequency. I vibrate at a high frequency and face life head-on. If your energy is shifting because of my inner work then we are connected. Congratulations Good Newwz is on the way. Don’t check the spelling I watched Good Newwz movie yesterday and I am really waiting for one.

Happy Weekend. See You.

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