VidLitFest Book Signing on 8th February 2020

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2020-02-10 15:07
Book Signing

I signed the VidLitFest Book along with other National and International Authors who have made their presence felt throughout the world. It was indeed a great moment on 8th February 2020 on the 1st day of the Vidarbha Literature Festival when I was given the opportunity to participate in the event as an Author.

It was the first time I participated in the Literature Festival as an Author. I really loved the moment when I signed my name in the VidLitFest Book. It felt as if I was signing my own book and presenting it to the whole Universe.

Think Big, Have Big Goals. Let people laugh at you and at the end make all your Dreams come true. Let people wonder what happened? When did it happen? And Who made it happen?

The whole universe supports you in your mission. Conquer your fears and move ahead. The unseen forces are there for your help.

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