Unveiling mystery of repeated Numbers in my Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2020-04-21 11:57
Angel Number

I hope you all are doing well in this lockdown and home quarantine period. I know it is difficult to be confined to a single place for so long without moving out but then it is all meant to be for our safety. Let’s spend this time learning something new or remove the veil from the unseen. The world that we see out there is much more than what can be perceived by your two eyes. The part which is seen is much smaller than the invisible where all the mysteries of the universe exists. I don’t claim that I understand everything or can see the unknown but there are few mysteries that want to unfold itself before me. I am a spiritual person. I do meditation and Yoga. I never reached the state of zero thoughts in meditation but then I keep trying. It is not that easy for someone new like me to get a state of no thoughts. Yes, really. I am a very playful, fun-loving girl, ready to burst into laughter. If you are around me you will never feel lost or gloomy because I will transfer my energy to you. So meditation was never my cup of tea or choice but I somehow started meditation. I have got a strong intuition and if I feel something strongly then I do it.

Sometimes my words or writeup may sound mysterious to you. I would like to tell you that when you raise your vibrations or get closer to the creator you can feel energies of the surroundings as well as see repeated numbers. The whole universe can be understood by understanding the frequency or vibration. There is nothing called 100% results achieved since you are always work in progress. You can never understand the working of the universe fully. The universe will unfold its hidden secrets in layers. You can never lift all the unseen layers at the same time or cut through it. So the best part is to keep striving for more and be like a happy kid. A pure heart gives you a clear vision. You never know how the unknown wants to communicate with you. Do you think that the universe communicates with people who do years and years of sadhana or have renounced the world? Then I would say you are completely wrong.

The turning point in my life came in the month of August 2019. I am not a yogi nor a person who has left all the pleasures of the world in search of the ultimate but I am someone who believes in living a normal life and still be closer to my creator. There are a few repeated numbers that I see very often. They are 8, 88, 8888, 11:11, 12:12, 12:21 & 10:10. I searched Google and also checked Youtube videos regarding that but nothing helped. The more I tried to look for answers to get all my queries solved the more confusion crept in my mind. Nothing resonated with me. Then I started doing Mantra Meditation from the 1st week of April this year to get my answers. I had already done Mantra meditation in the year 2017 to combat depression. I had chanted Swayamvar Parvati Mantra for more than 1,80,000 times. I did not change the mantra but I started working on the same mantra. I read somewhere that you should not change the mantra in your lifetime and I had no reason to do that so I continued my Meditation with the same old mantra to get my answers.

I wrote all the numbers on a chart paper and I started my meditation by sitting on it. I think these angel numbers mean something much more than what has been written or is known. For example, take the number 8 which when turned horizontally makes infinity symbol. Infinity is something that never ends or is beyond the realms of the human mind. Like the infinite universe. Scientists can only discover what they can see by means of telescope, satellite images or through deductions based on their mathematical conclusions. The unseen or the unknown is still a big mystery that cannot be revealed by them. Only the person who has done intense sadhana can uncover the unknown mysteries of the universe and those sacred souls want to keep quiet or have found peace on mountain tops. These sadhus like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It is not a coincidence when you face the same person, again and again, it means you are meeting him for a reason. In the same way, when certain numbers hit you so many times that you start noticing it, there is a very big reason behind it. The universe speaks with you by means of numbers because it is sacred geometry and everything is sacredly crafted. There are similar patterns you will see in certain species and those repeated patterns never change even in the coming generations. It is a mysterious universe and if you are someone who has just put his first foot forward into the unknown then you are welcome to my world. Every number pattern which I see signifies change, abundance and the unknown path where I am advised to go with the flow because all the higher powers support me in my mission.

I am still meditating on these numbers so that they start speaking with me. There is something which I have noticed within myself that is I am changing as a person. I can feel people’s energy and If you are someone who is dear to my heart then you will feel my energy. I don’t know exactly how this happens but this is my new reality. Spirituality is a mysterious thing, those unseen beings do give you some powers which changes your personality. I can feel a new me within the same body. I would love to get feedback from someone who is near me and has noticed the changes.

Well, those repeating numbers carry a different meaning for everyone. You check your current situation, emotions, problems and then keep an eye on the changes which have started happening in your life from the time you started seeing all those repeated numbers. I see snakes, not the real ones but images that flash in front of my eyes and are gone within a few seconds. I can see different colors especially blue, yellow, green and white. I know I may sound absolutely crazy to a few people but then it is ok. I love to be different because that is how my creator created me and wants me to be. I love being myself and I do love people who make my life beautiful by their presence. Though I may not acknowledge my love openly for them but then If you can feel my energy it simply means you matter a lot in my life.

There are various other ways to unlock numbers mystery and one of them is writing the numbers on a sheet of paper and placing a lamp over it. You can then sit down in meditation and check what all thoughts cross your mind. It will surely give you your answers. If not in one sitting then maybe in the coming days. You have to be sincere and keep exploring until you get your answers. That is something which I do i.e keep searching till I am content with my findings.

I love exploring the unknown, unseen secrets of the universe. I would love to hear your feedback about the repeated numbers.

See you all. Be Happy. Bright Days are ahead and this too shall Pass.

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