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Trust the Journey - Starting Point of all Manifestations

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2021-12-28 17:57
My Dream World

Manifestation starts when you trust the journey and put 100% faith that the seed which you have planted will grow into a big tree and bear fruits. Plant a tree where you may not sit but you leave that shade open for the coming generations. Have a giving attitude. When you have that attitude you create things that will last even after you are gone and appropriate people will take charge of what you are leaving behind for them so that your legacy continues. The people who take charge of your legacy may or may not be your children but qualified people who can handle that position. Ratan Tata has no legal heirs to whom he will transfer his business but they are still running and it is a great example of how someone can dream so big and leave behind whatever they have created as an inheritance for the people who are capable enough to run the company. You don’t bother what next just do your best work and let the universe look into the matter. When you dream a big dream you start with the visualization process and then do the actual work. First, your vision is conceptualized in your mind then on paper and then transformed into a living reality. When you trust yourself and the universe that no matter what you will be able to create whatever you want in this world then you will get help from invisible people. Imagination is brought into reality not just by smart people doing hard work but there are lots of other force which makes things happen.

Visualizing something which has never been done before in a way you want then it is absolutely a different concept because you have to connect with that part of yourself or the universe which guides you and shows you the way by means of intuition and you need to trust your journey without doubting it. Trusting your instincts will get easy when you have done your spiritual work through yoga and meditation. You will get random thoughts at times and you need to connect them and understand what to do next. The most difficult part is accepting your future reality and trying to emulate it now so that you can get in the flow and shift your vibration so that you can reach a state where you want to be. That shift in vibration and change of mindset takes time but when you start the journey you are bound to reach the destination. When you set your mind in the direction of your dreams and manifestations you activate your inner GPS which starts providing you proper guidance. Nothing happens in a day. You keep doing and start climbing the ladder till you reach the final point and declare I have achieved my goal. The journey which you will take will transform you into a person who is fit to occupy the new position. Your path will transform you and even make you understand what is important for you.

Different people have different roles to play so you cannot compare your journey with someone else. If you have dedicated your life to fulfilling a single purpose then your life and your journey will be very different from billions of people who are alive on this earth. You set your own rules and live accordingly. What is Life? Life is not what you or I think it to be. It is something that you imagine in your head and live in reality. My priority and your priority may be completely different but that does not mean we are not enjoying our lives. If you can create the picture which exists in your mind into a living reality then you have lived a great life. Yes, it is true you need a very understanding life partner when you have out of world dreams. I think the universe brings two like-minded people together in each other life to fulfill their dreams through them. There are times when you will see a couple and feel that they are not two different individuals but just one because that is the level of understanding they share with each other.

It is your life. Set your own rules and forget what labels people give you. You don’t sacrifice anything but just replace it with something which is the need of the hour. The universe works in strange ways to bring two people together. Though I don’t understand that concept much I trust the invisible realm and its decisions for me. I placed my wishes into the universe for having a great life partner and left it in the universe. I have worked on it by completing various rituals. There are signs of the fulfillment of my wishes though I don’t have any idea of who he is but I trust the journey, the process, and have full faith that I will get what is meant for me. I have visualized what I want and know that the manifestation will happen in divine time. I always talk about the gestation period where the universe gets pregnant with your desires and delivers you what you exactly want at the moment it is ready. Just have patience, blind faith, and self-belief that you will get what is meant for you. How your desire will be in your life is not your problem but the problem of the universe. You never know that the person whom you are manifesting in your life is near you and may enter your life all of a sudden. I was very intuitive in the year 2019 regarding many things so I wrote down all my dreams on paper and completed all the spiritual work so that I manifested what I had asked for. Then I burnt that paper and placed the ashes in the soil of the Tulsi plant where I lit a lamp every day.

I have done lots of energy work to manifest my dreams into a living reality so that I get direct guidance from the invisible realm. I trust my journey and I am rest assured that my chosen path will lead me to my dream destination and nowhere else. Even when I am suffering from health problems related to my Spiritual awakening which I was never prepared for but still I trust my journey and have faith in the invisible realm. I know everything which is happening in my life is happening for a reason and there are times when I doubt everything but then again I get into alignment with the universe and start my work. There will be moments when you will doubt yourself, your journey, and your dreams when people around you will try to fit you in their self-limiting beliefs but that does not mean you should stop and let those doubts creep your head. You safeguard your energy and vibration and not let any self-limiting talks become a part of your vibration. Increase your frequency to a level that all the people who try to pull you back just keep quiet so that you can do what you can do. Genius is not a person but a mindset. People who did great work were no different from you and me but they simply kept going even when they did not understand what was next in life. Your journey will lead you to the right destination when you have set the right intentions and don’t lose focus of where you want to go. If you lose focus in the middle you will not be able to reap the gold or diamond which the universe had left in store for you because you were happy with the silver and preoccupied with the success which you got.

Dreams are dreams but they can get real when you put your life energies into them. Give it a body, blood, soul, and ask the universe for guidance, you will get a direction. Try to convert what you are good at into work so that you achieve great results with minimum effort because you are god-gifted with something. You just have to realize your gift and convert it into a profitable venture. I am also in the process of carving my journey so that I can manifest what I want and get desired results. It is not about being greedy but achieving your full potential. Sometimes the way you perceive your journey and the way the universe plans it is quite different so have an open mindset because flexibility always helps in the long run. I thought my manifestation will happen sooner but it took its own time and I know nothing will happen before time. There are times when your intuition will guide you to do weird things or take a leap of faith and you have to because it is all a part of the journey. Trust your inner GPS when you need to because even when you are sleeping the divine realm is working on your manifestations. The invisible realm is active all the time i.e 24 hours and is manifesting your dreams into a living reality so if you get a thought in your mind don’t just shrug it off as unreal and fancy but give it a try and see what happens.

One single decision can change the entire course of your life. You are always one step away from a great life. The universe may give you grace in the form of making things happen for you while you are indecisive of what to do next so have gratitude in your heart for everything which happens and does not go as planned. If something is not working according to your plan then it means the divine realm is in charge of the situation so it is better to trust them rather than force your own set plan. Trust, trust, and trust God’s decision for you because their decision is the best for you. 2022 is about to arrive so it is high time for you to set your new year resolution and goals, even I am trying to do that. Your energy will help you in manifesting your dreams when you have set your mindset and vibration in the right direction. You need to enjoy your journey even when you are facing problems because they may be a part of your learning curve. There is nothing called a good life or a bad life. All the people who post rosy pictures about their relationships or life are hiding a big chunk of reality from you so be happy with your life. There is no picture-perfect life.

Today I saw a Youtube video in which a lady got her hands burned by high voltage electric wires. How much she fought and struggled to live and now she is running her family business and is also married. Hats off to the man who looked at the inner beauty of the girl and not her external beauty because she had only one arm and a scarred body that was left by the accident. In a world where people run after beautiful bodies and faces, there are few people who exist who look beyond external beauty. No one is perfect and there are flaws in each one of us but it is only when we accept each other’s flaws and rise above them that we can create a long-lasting relationship that lasts forever. I believe in soul mates and twin flames who are born after many many lifetimes for the fulfillment of their divine purpose. They accept each other the way they are and set a new benchmark for beauty and love. Twinflames have a huge age gap and that is something that adds beauty to the relationship. Though everything seems too fairytale-like it is a reality. True love is much more beyond the body and if you get someone who loves you and accepts you the way you are then never let them go from your life but catch hold of them and tie a knot with them. Make them your life partner and stay hooked with them for the rest of your life.

True love is a one-time offer so when it enters your life, feel blessed and accept it as a divine gift because here the universe itself acts as a matchmaker. Sounds weird? Yes, it does.

Live your life and be happy in your Fantasy World

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m