The Timing is Perfect - Are you Ready?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-07-27 18:20

I am writing something from my own experience of life that when things have to happen it will happen, you will have no choice but to accept everything. I find it difficult to understand the working of the universe but still, I am putting forward my thoughts from the amount of knowledge I have on the subject. This universe is so grand and its way of working so mysterious that I would say it is absolutely impossible for any human being to understand it in totality but you still will be touched by its working since you are a part of it. When something is going to happen in your life it will appear and I would say it will happen by a surprise because you never saw it coming. Your prayers are answered one by one and the more depth you have in your worship, your chances of success increases. Like, you are praying to God for your perfect hubby, you are done with all your solah Somwaar vrath, pooja to lord shiva for a perfect match and everything, now you are in a waiting mode. You are leading a normal life and all of a sudden you bump across your would be better half. Then you fall for each other then love and marriage happens. Now there is something which I want you to be aware of, did you ever realize that the timing is perfect when you get what you wanted. It is neither before, not after but at the perfect time when it is meant to happen. How this exactly happens is a mystery but when you will connect the dots backward you will see that one thing leads to another and then you get what you want.

You may be waiting for a long time to sort out your health problems but one or the other problem keeps arising and you simply don’t know what to do next. You visit various doctors and get dissatisfactory results and then you come across your healer who understands your specific health problem and heals you. Now do you think it happened by chance, I would say “No”, It happened at a time when it was meant to happen. Why you did not come across this specific doctor beforehand? Why you met him now? The answer is because it was meant to be now at this very moment and not before that. I think sometimes you suffer so that you can understand and respect good health and take care of your body not to repeat the same process which brought you this ailment. It is for you to learn your lessons and get your cure when it is meant to be. Now that does not means that you should keep suffering and not find any cure for your diseases thinking that when the timing is perfect things will happen. This very idea is very wrong. You have to keep trying and make things happen. Your own karma to do something is very important. When you seek for a cure you get a cure because “What you are seeking is seeking you”. But yes you have to wait for your time to come and believe me when it happens your whole life will change all of a sudden and you keep wondering what happened. There is nothing which is certain in life but when you yearn to get good results or a cure, you get it because that is what you are looking for.

I was in Jamshedpur for complete 7 months in the year 2018 since I was facing too many health problems. I was happy at my parent's place, enjoying the company of my dad who loves me so much but then there is a very big twist in this tale. I never wanted to come to Nagpur to stay alone and I was neither mentally prepared to come here but my youngest sister was pregnant and so dad had to leave for Bangalore. I would say I was forced to come here since there would be no one in the house there so in spite of me not wanting to come to Nagpur, I was forced to come here. I was so unwilling to come here that I literally fought with my God as to why he always tests me, is he running short of people or he cannot take his eyes off me that is why he always spots me. Well, then I came here and got used to my single life. My perfect time to come to Nagpur had arrived so I had no other option but to come here because you see God cannot take “No” for an answer. You have to do it. When I look back I can connect the dots backward and see that God had planned my departure much before I planned my arrival to my parent's place. My sister’s pregnancy and my health problems timings matched perfectly and as soon as I started recovering God asked me to pack my bags and reach my destination. A destination from where he could plan my further journey, so the next time when something happens to you and you keep thinking why now, why this never happened before or it could happen in the future when I am a little more prepared. In those moments just look back and you will get your answers.

There is no right or wrong time to do something. I would say sometimes you do not have to choose and the higher power chooses it for you so the best thing you can do is comply by it. Yes, I remember the latest incident when I was facing too many problems with my Samsung washing machine and the company finally settled down my claim by giving me the depreciated amount of the machine. My cheque arrived Nagpur but the service center people were not ready to give it to me since I threw away the old parts so again I had to contact the head office and they helped me in sorting out the problem. My cheque reached me after 16 days. The best part is I literally started thinking as to why this is happening. I got my answers when things have to happen it will happen and not before that. When the perfect time to get my cheque arrived I got it. I am very happy about it, the cheque reached me on 1st day of Shravan month of Hindu Calendar i.e 17th of July 2019, a very auspicious day. I went ahead and purchased a new Samsung washing machine with it, again the timing was perfect because I was trying to do so since a long time but some or the other thing happened and I simply could not move ahead with the purchase. I am a big fan of Samsung, these people provide good customer service. You may keep trying and bang your head but you may not get the solution as I did not get any solution to my washing machine problem for two complete months so it is better to have patience and wait for the correct time. This universe has magical ways of working, I don’t know how it determines the perfect time, like what calculation it does and which pieces are arranged in the perfect place to solve the para jumble of life.

My personal belief is that when things have to happen it will happen no matter what because the whole universe aligns perfectly to make that particular incidence happen in that particular moment. I am searching for someone to be in my life, lots of people approached me but I never wanted to settle down with anyone. I had prayed and I am praying to my God for a perfect match for me. Why should I remain single when my creator himself enjoys a good family life, so you see as something happened and my life changed all of a sudden. I am in love again after living a single life for a very long time that too with a person who sorted out my washing machine problem by talking to me on phone. He is a great man. I don’t know what he feels for me but see I want to tell you, people, that when the timing is perfect everything will click and all of a sudden out of nowhere you will see a sudden shift in your feelings, in your own life and your life will never be the same again. Love is a great feeling. It overpowers you, surrounds your life and all of a sudden everything seems beautiful. You want to live again and you believe more in your divine that he is alive on this earth by means of love.

When you have to make things happen in your life, just go ahead and do that because when your perfect time comes you don’t have any option but to do that. You will not be able to hold yourself from doing what you are meant to do in that particular time so be prepared.

Are you ready? Your time has come? If not then prepare yourself for a good ride because the universe is decided, fasten your seatbelts, board the train and reach your perfect destination.

All the best for your good perfect ride.

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