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Thank You Universe - Happy New Beginnings 2022

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2022-11-05 17:23
963 Happy Durga Navami

Manifestation is all about alignment. Sometimes I don’t understand many things but keep going. You see your soul's resonance in the outside world in the form of manifestations that occupies your life. When you align your thoughts i.e your mind, and your energies with the cosmic energy you can feel a shift in your life. I don’t claim I understand everything in totality but up to some extent. When you have less time and more work to do it is better you keep going and keep doing. Don’t waste any time analyzing everything. If I would have to do what I am doing now before the age of 25 or 26 then things would have been completely different. At an age when you are divorced and have fought a really tough battle within yourself and with the outside world, you can’t waste any moment on understanding the deep concepts. It is more like applying whatever you think is right because it's now or never. After working on my spirituality for 5 years I know how much risk I can take in my life. I can read many things before it actually presents in my life. When you are done with everything and not ready to give any extra minute to the universe to present what you have asked for then the invisible realm knows that it has to show up the moment you align yourself with God's force which exists in the universe. The universe has the power to manifest your thoughts as soon as you think about them so keep that in your mind when people say it takes time for your to manifest your desires. Why compare your life to any human being who is alive now? Just compare your life with divine beings. How could they do things in a flick of a second? It simply means that the technology exists and it is just about cosmic alignment.

You don’t need to understand everything because your brain is highly programmed over the course of human evolution so you have to give in to things that you don’t understand or the alien language. You can’t understand the sounds which exist in the cosmos and are communicating with you all the time. The language of your soul or God’s voice so what do you do? In those moments you have to tap into your intuition, trust it and give in 100% to what you think is right for you. You have to trust the uncertainty because when you have asked for a blessing to achieve the impossible then the universe will present you with the shortest path to achieving your goal. You don’t have time for understanding all deep concepts but have to have faith that everything which the outer realm is communicating with you can be understood by your soul and your inner cosmos which will do exactly what should be done. Every concept that any human being has written about must have been discovered by someone through cosmic connection or from ancient texts but there are many undiscovered concepts that exist and they can be implemented straight away without too much understanding by your mind because your soul knows what is right for you in that particular moment. Now let me give you an example when you are working on your spiritual awakening you need to trust your energies fully. You can provide the right environment for your energies so that they can achieve desired results. There will be times when you will have to put in too much effort and days when you can do it with less effort. It is the smart energies that do the work and you can’t command them to do what they should do. It means that you put your faith and trust in things that you cannot see or to uncertainty.

I can read many things and don’t speak about them. The only thing which people are not aware of is that messing with spiritually gifted people can be very troublesome because God stands for them and punish them. I can see everything in front of my own eyes. My elder sister shows her caring attitude in front of me but conspires behind my back and tells my mom something or other almost daily. Now she is reaping the benefits of all the good karma which she did. What people forget is when the cosmos is aligning to welcome the last and final incarnation on earth it is not in a mood to tolerate any nonsense because the person who is going to re-establish dharma again on the planet is arriving. Everything which you have done to date will be put in front of you and you have to answer not me but the creator so you should better look for answers because if you can’t prove your point you will experience hell on earth and will not find any place in the cosmos where you can ask for mercy. When the creator himself punishes you no one will dare to interfere in between because the cosmos has made its decision. People cry their whole life for inheritance only to find out that they have put so much energy into creating bad karma that they have to spend the rest of their life reaping it and living on medicines that they were never prepared for.

When you say Thank You Universe then the universe knows that you are not in the mood to wait any longer for everything you have asked for. They are prepared and the code which will make your manifestation happen will click and your life will change. I don’t want to know what is possible or impossible. The only thing I know is that with God everything is possible. Either it is your way or his way but the thing which you have asked for has to present itself in front of you. When you can read energies no one can fool you because it is always between you and the cosmos. When you have written the word “Victory” on your soul and aligned it with the cosmic energy then the entire cosmos will behave differently with you. When you are done listening to all elderly lectures and can’t stand them any further then the universe knows what it has to do. When nothing is guaranteed in life then everything good will show up in your life because when you are spiritually awakened all wrong energies will be repelled because you can read them within seconds. Work on your alignment and change your life. All the past people who are conspiring behind your back and want to have a piece of you will not be able to shut their mouths or eyes even for a moment when they come to know about your true reality.

Happy New beginnings 2022 is a 6 code. 6 and 9 are mirror numbers. It is always between you and the universe where 3 is the divine realm. 369 is your success code and 963 is your spiritual awakening code which also signifies the opening of the 3rd eye. When your patience is over give everything which you have got. Put all 5 years of knowledge into practice and make your manifestation happen. There is no waiting period in the universe. Everything which you read and find on Youtube is not 100% correct and you can know it only when you have connected deeply with the cosmos to the level that you can feel their vibration. When the entire cosmos is cheering up for your victory it does not matter what is happening in the small minds of people who are busy plotting against you. They don’t know when you are fully aligned they will be first to get punished. Thank the universe for everything it gave you because whatever is happening in your life is a result of your past life's karmic balance and once you clear them or cut all those ties then nothing can touch you. Focus on what you want in life and what you want from life. Then no one in the entire universe can mess with you because the creator himself will be present in your life.

Thank You Universe - Happy New Beginnings 2022.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m