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The Self-created reality - Live in your new world

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2022-01-02 17:49
Door of Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple

It is the 2nd of January and the New Year 2022 has just started. All the hard work which went in for 6 years of tough transformation is now showing results in weird forms. Rashes, hair fall, and too many changes. Spiritual awakening is not an easy journey, at least not for the feeble-hearted. Even the tough ones would break at some point to the amount of testing you have to go through. You don’t have any idea as to what tomorrow will be like. What is easy? Or difficult. It is better to put all your beliefs in one basket and label it as easy for your heart’s content. When you can’t keep pace with whatever is happening within you then it is better to accept your new world and start living in it. When you believe something is real for you then it is easy for you to call that into existence. When you have started your new journey you will be guided to your destination even when you cannot see anything now. Trust the process, trust your journey, trust your God. Trust your invisible family because when it is time for things to happen you will feel a very different frequency. That changed vibration near you is created by your own soul which wants you to adjust to the new self-created reality. It is 2022 now. Shut that door that shows you your past. When you close that door you can then focus on all doors that have opened for you. Be strong-hearted and tough-minded when you make a decision so that you don’t feel guilty about anything. Only one life to live. The past is gone and won’t serve you. The present is here. The future has come and you are creating your new life by being in a place that is yet to manifest in your living reality.

Elevate your vibration to the point that you create your future in the present moment to the extent that you cannot differentiate between the two. You will see that the manifestation process starts and you start living in your new self-created reality. Always trust your journey. Have faith in the divine plans for you. God replaces your plan with his own plan so that you can lead a great life and also serve your highest purpose. It is a contract between you and the universe. When you were still lying in the cosmos in a dormant state the gods took a decision for your birth so that you could transform into a being who will lead the world when the time is right. Never doubt the plans of God for you. Though they speak very little they have great plans for everyone. You just have to step out of your own way and let the invisible realm take over your life. Let people think whatever they want to think because you cannot make everyone happy. You do your work and walk your path, let others do what they love doing. When you cannot position yourself in the herd mentality it simply means you are different. Human life is not just about doing your work and earning great sums of money but it is also about having good thoughts because your vibration is caught by the cosmic consciousness. When you want to elevate the frequency of the cosmos you should have good thoughts in your mind so that you transfer the same to everyone. We are all connected in some or another way.

The goodness which you do comes back and so do your bad deeds. Check your action. The simulation in which we are living has existed for a very long time without the change of code and that is the only reason it has developed various errors. Now to change the code and rectify the errors is a tedious task that cannot be done by a normal human being. The world has gone very corrupt so divine intervention and a new direction from someone among the human race will be widely accepted. If God’s planned for the birth of a divine being in a particular era with certain powers then there must be a big reason behind it. The outer universe is the manifestation of your inner universe. What exists outside is present within you. The Kingdom of heaven is within you. When you work on creating a new reality with your thoughts, words and actions then you start the process of a new divine change that the world was waiting for, for a very long time. Everything is possible with God so it is better to have him by your side.

When you don’t understand what is next in your life trust the journey, trust the process, trust the new you, trust your God. Believe in your new reality even when it is very difficult for you to do that. Trust, trust, and trust. I know how difficult it is to handle the new transition but you have to because the world is waiting for a new you because everything is ready. There have been times when I did things that I never wanted to do because of cosmic will. When you are guided by the soul you are no more affected by external circumstances because you know the truth. When you know all the realities of life it really gets difficult to live a normal life but you still take the decision to continue living because the world needs you. You are here to fulfill your divine purpose and you have to keep reminding this to yourself very often because the soul wants freedom. It is a very difficult phase to handle. I don’t know what is next for me but now I want to live in my new reality and transform the inner and outside reality into one. Merge it and be guided by the invisible realm for all the next steps in my life. The reality which is in your mind exists now but in subtle form and that is the only reason you find it difficult to accept it. It is only when things get tangible that you start believing in everything. The process of manifestation starts from energy form from the time you set your intention because the cosmos catches it and starts its work.

Don’t lose focus and keep walking even when you don’t know how? The universe is a giant energy web that cannot show you the whole pathway in a single go and can neither hand over the road map of your entire life to you. It is always better to trust the process and be clear about what you want in your life and not change your thoughts very often. A dream is a dream even when it exists only in energy form in your head. When you draw the image in your mind on paper you are actually giving life to it. Look at the new self-created reality of paper every day so that you get reminded about it and start the manifestation process before actually starting the work. You will see that you will attract people, events, places, and everything which you need for making your dreams a living reality. You are living in a live universe that gets pregnant with your manifestation and even gives birth to your new reality after the gestation period gets over. Trust and have faith even when people brush off your thinking as impossible. It is easy to laugh at someone than trying to sit down and make things happen for yourself.

Conserve your energy and focus on what you want. Sit down with a drawing book and draw sketches even if you are not good at drawing because the universe wants to check your creativity and your intention. Nothing needs to be perfect because this world was never meant for perfection. Even the code with which the universe was created is not perfect and that is the only reason it needs divine intervention from time to time. You love God because he fulfills all your wishes and gives you what you had been aspiring for. Establish a deep relationship with him even when you don’t understand it and see what happens. When you start living in your new fantasy world you start playing with the code and with divine intervention you can even make changes to the code. All human beings carry the same code so when one code is corrected in the cosmic consciousness then everything will be ok and fine within seconds but God doesn’t want to do that. They want to make things happen in a different way where you too play your own role, make effort, and start the change from within.

I know my God can heal me in seconds but still, I have to go through the pain of deep transformation and there must be reasons behind it. I just keep doing what I should do even when I don’t understand what is next in my life. Everything which you are running after exists within you in the form of a code. You crack the code, walk the journey, and manifest your new life. The path is different for everyone. The struggles are different but the results are the same. Change your vibration and believe in your dreams even when you don’t understand the journey. Just keep walking and see what happens. I want to narrate a story here. Once there was a father and he had four sons. He had four caves that were gifted to him by his ancestors. That man never went to check what was lying in the cave for thousands of years since he had a large patch of land which occupied his time. When he was on his death bed he gave the keys of all the four caves to all his 4 sons who had become grown-up adults now. They all started their own journey. The first son reached his place and opened the door and found black charcoal. He was not very happy with it and returned back home with nothing after locking the door. The second son reached the door and he found a mass of huge mud lying on the next side of the door. He too did the same thing as the first son. Now the third son opened that same door from a different side and found a very dark place where he could hear the sound of snakes. He ran for his life after closing the door.

Now the fourth son opened that same door. He saw the charcoal. He removed it to see what was next then he could hear the sound made by snakes from a distance but still he had the courage to keep moving since he was brave-hearted. He thought to himself one day I am going to die let that day be today and he carried on with the journey. As he was about to climb the stairs he saw a place filled with mud but still, he cleared the pathway. The real turning point came when he reached a place where he could just hear sounds and see no one. He then saw a place that was lying very clean in that mess up. He sat there and meditated for some time. He lost track of time since that place was a doorway to heaven and a new kingdom. He left for his new journey never to come back. He met his father on his way to the new palace. His dad was happy to see his 4th son succeed. The moral of the story is when you have a dream you will meet with challenges. Just keep going as it is you don’t know what’s next in life so it is better to take a chance in life. I could have died because of all the spiritual work I was doing and still I am facing too many health problems but I don’t want to give up. I want to see what’s next in my life.

Just live in your new self-created reality because dreams do get real. Everything is possible if you think it is possible.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m