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The Reward which you worked and prayed for - Receive it

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2021-12-08 16:30
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A New Era, A New Age you asked for, prayed for, worked for, and dreamt is finally going to get real. The biggest question is how prepared you are to accept the new reality which is presented in front of you. It may be rosy for some but not for all. The concept which you saw in movies, in your dreams, in drama will unfold in the form of reality in front of you, Can you accept it? Prepared or unprepared you have to accept the new transformed earth which is about to reveal itself in front of you. Mother earth was lying dormant with all the energies, the universe was watching every move passively just waiting for its time and preparing for its new arrival. Now the man who is the creator has activated his energy and all energies which were lying asleep for a very long time. It waited and gave time to everything for its correction and now the time is up. It is time for action and the universe is fully prepared to take charge in its own hands. If your life becomes hell when all the energies get into motion it simply means you are on the wrong path. You cannot understand the working of the universe because they do most of the work silently and in invisible form till it is time for them to show their real self. It is a programmed cosmos so you can’t fool it. If it knows it knows and you don’t know how?

The picture which has been displayed about the big arrival of the man who will take charge of everything is a bit filmy so get a little practical because we are living in an era where you don’t need horses and swords to fight. You have better options to travel on land and in the air and better fighting mechanisms. How many battles will be fought and won at the energetic level in the invisible form is something which needs to be checked because you don’t need weapons all the time to defeat your enemy. There are various other ways in which you can work. The universe is composed of energy and when the planets create a certain alignment it has the power to create massive energy shifts which can make lots of things happen. You can’t see it but it is happening. It is only when you see visible changes that you sense that something is happening. To understand God and his Genius divine brain is a tough task so what you can do is be on the right path. The weapons used by the invisible realm does not make sound but it hits at the right place and at the right time in a place where it hurts the most and in a manner where the person who performed the sin asks for death but does not get it.

If you are asking for mercy you should qualify for that or the application will be rejected forefront. It is not the court of humans where a case keeps dragging for ages but the kingdom of heavens where justice is served on the spot because you can’t lie with the creator because he knows you in and out, how do you lie in front of him? There are so many people who sacrificed their lives for a free world but when you look at it today it still feels imprisoned by caste, creed, religion, violence, non-sense laws, poor governance, sex, greed and so much more. The process will be slow but things will happen. People kill each other because of anger, hatred, and jealousy. Dissatisfaction, mental health issues, and people running after wrong things. Cleaning has already started and it is happening because it was meant to be. There were many freedom fighters who gave their life for the country. Now a new set of change-makers will arise who have worked hard for creating a new changed world but you don’t know because they worked in solidarity away from the chaos of the modern world and never revealed their identity. The universe will let you know the true identity of every person who will play the lead role in making this world a better place to live by their presence.

The fight is different but they have sacrificed a lot in their own personal lives and it was not easy for them but they did that for everyone’s happiness. The time has come I can feel the energy shift happening on earth and in my own body. I have done so much energy work on my system that it took a toll on my body and it has weakened. I left my job because I can’t work for 9 hours in a stretch. My body needs rest. It is undergoing so much change that I can’t understand so many things. The other day my mom was very angry and said this girl will die. I said mom if I die tomorrow please don’t cry for me. A big volcano erupted. God saved me. My system is undergoing massive change and I never had any idea that I will have to pay a huge price to fulfill that one dream which will change not only my identity but the way I will view the new world which will be created in front of me. My God says that all the hard work which I have put in achieving that one dream will be fulfilled. Now it is time for me to receive my reward which will be presented to me by the man who changed my life for a lifetime. I really need a person in my life who does not judge me and is with me, earns, feeds me, fulfills my demands before it is time for me to take charge of everything and lead the work which I am meant to do in the world.

Sometimes you sacrifice a lot for achieving that one dream. When the universe is serious better check what you ask for because the cosmos will say “I Do” and will train you, teach you and make you ready to achieve your goal. If you think you are unprepared or don’t know how or what next. Don’t worry, the master teacher is here for you to take you through the entire journey by holding your hands and he will not say goodbye to you because they have got lots of patience. You can’t understand god’s plan and their way of working but when they are determined then you better be prepared because your journey will be a ride which you could never imagine. I sometimes feel enrolled in a class where I am the only student and the universe is the teacher along with my God and they take my class when I am asleep and my subconscious mind studies everything while I am sleeping. My sleep pattern has got disturbed and I really don’t know what next. The universe does not give me any concessions because it has to achieve its task in a stipulated time. The planets have aligned and I don’t have a choice. It feels like I am walking on an unknown journey or path where I don’t fear anything and trust the invisible realm.

My invisible teachers teach me concepts that will help me in my work and I really don’t know how and when but I am being prepared for everything. You will receive everything exactly the way you want it if you have aligned yourself with the cosmos because it has to serve to you what you have asked for. If you have asked for the invisible realm to be in your life then be prepared because it is not that easy to handle that heavy energy that will test you to the core than transform you. When you look into the mirror and can’t find your past image then accept the new reality because the person who is living inside the body is not you. Sounds magical right? But the process is very painful and when you have gone through 6 long years of severe transformation then you know what it takes to fulfill that one dream and to be in a place where you are now which every person dreams for but is not ready to undergo that much pain. God says the image in your head is as real as the reality itself but you have to work for it and share your dreams with people who will make that a living reality for you because you have the power to bring the change.

When the time is right things will happen. Just play your best role. The game of life is real. The purity in your heart will determine how far you will go and how long you can sustain what you have earned in your lifetime. Be humble because even when the gods are reincarnated on this earth they bow down in front of their Gurus, elders, and people who should be respected. No one is above God. Always remember everything is temporary and the invisible things which will go along with you take a very long time to earn. Respect a person for his heart. If you have power and money do not use it for the wrong reasons. The universe will give you everything. Create your Kingdom of Gold on earth or in the heavens because it is all the same. You will not remember anything once you die so you don’t know where your soul is wandering in the universe or has become one with the divine. Heaven or hell exists here.

God will heal you and wipe your tears, Have Faith. Have faith in the invisible hand which will hold you and not allows you to fall.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m