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Repeating patterns of events in your life - Time to pay Attention?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2022-10-21 17:11
Good Newwz

When you work on your spirituality for 5 years then there are many shifts that happen within you. If you pay attention you will see that you can feel some emotions very strongly and have no idea of the reason because everything around you seems fine but you can feel a change. I can feel many things. It is only when life takes you to the bottom of the pit that you realize that you can’t be dragged further and hence it makes you that strong because now nothing can break you. I was always a spiritual person but not to the extent to practice it hardcore for my own spiritual growth. Many events in my life triggered me to do things that I would never have done under normal circumstances. Like I did Mantra Meditation in the year 2017 and chanted more than 2 Lakh fifty thousand Swayamvara Parvathi mantras within a span of 3 months which is not normal for a person. People hire pandits for this job because they are well-versed in conducting all kinds of rituals and doing different pujas but I did everything on my own. Then I worked on strengthening my association with the invisible world by awakening my energies so that I fall in sync with the cosmic world and do the work which I am meant to do effortlessly. When you feel you are 100% guided but still feel confused as to why you do what you do then you do feel directionless and lost. I was happy in my world and never demanded much from life but my God wanted me to own something which cannot be dreamt of by any human being and that’s the reason my world was disrupted.

When you feel that your questions are getting answered by the invisible world one by one and feel guided because the right things land in your life at the right time then you have to have faith that your purpose is much bigger than your imagination. The divine experiences I had in the year 2015 transformed me completely. The events which happened after that became living proof that I was not hallucinating and everything I experienced was real. Events that happened in the year 2016 and 2019 made me realize that my body was now occupying a transformed soul which was completely different from what existed previously. Everything which happened in the year 2019 started repeating in the year 2022. You will always remember some dates in your life that mark drastic turning points. The universe gives you signs of success in the outer world when you work on your own energies with full focus. You will see that you will see an exact pattern of time and date which will match with certain events and you keep on wondering how it all happened. You know very well that you can’t make this stuff happen but there is the full involvement of the divine realm which is doing all the work. When you look at the larger picture you understand that just because you connected your energies with the source it is responding to you in wonderful ways. You will be awestruck when you see a single pattern just getting repeated one after another and it is only when you study everything that you understand the conveyed message. This highly intelligent universe talks to you in ways that are much beyond the understanding of the normal mind. Understanding divine intelligence is a tough task but a perfect alignment fills your life with miracles.

The pattern of events will be such that you will be bound to pay attention because you will be guided to pay full attention to it. I can’t sleep properly and my whole schedule is haywire which I am planning to fix to get my health back on track because I am preparing to take a big leap in my life. When you know the reason for your existence and your true reality but need constant reminders every day about who you are then the invisible realm just steps in and makes you aware of who you are. Let the entire world be blind but you should carry your light and be aware of your true persona. You can run away from everyone but have to face yourself every day. When your larger-than-life personality is revealed by the cosmic world then it really gets difficult to digest the truth. It is more of a wait-and-watch situation because when you don’t understand even 1% of anything it is better you let the otherworldly beings guide you to your new destined path. The flower which landed on my kitchen otta from nowhere in the year 2019 is still very clear in my memory. I saw the same flowers on Lord Krishna today. It is Ekadasi today and my friend worshipped the lord with exactly the same flowers. I saw a colony of Dragonflies in the year 2019 and I saw them during Durga Ashtami and Navami in 2022 this year. It signifies big changes and fated events.

There are many things that catch my attention because a lizard followed me in the year 2019 and 2020 both and I can feel the same thing happening because I can spot them at exact moments when they convey the right message which answers the thoughts which are running in my mind in those moments. The repeating pattern of numbers, certain birds and animals, the exact pairs, and the direction in which they flew is also repeating. I know the universe is communicating with me and giving me a message. My life has somewhat got stagnant because other than my spiritual work I am not doing much work so it is true that I want to get my life in full swing and live it the way it existed a few years back but with a new person. There are certain planetary movements that triggered changes in the year 2019 and there is another set of planets that are aligning to complete all the work which they started in the year 2019 because you need to complete the old project so that you can start with the new one which is very different from the one you completed. Once you connect with the source you move forward and start the work and put your time and effort in a different direction because the strengthened bond needs watering every day but not the same amount of effort which was needed in establishing the divine connection. When you have rewritten your own destiny with God sitting beside you then you know that you predicted your own reality which you were not much aware of. Though at times you will doubt everything you are doing, in those moments it is better to keep the faith and keep going because even if you are hallucinating it is better to live there than think about the past.

When you are attentive you will see that you will get certain messages at exact times and they mean very specific things to you. When you change a channel on TV and you see a certain song being played at the time which you constantly see on your clock every day then it is not a coincidence. Everything is happening in your life to make you aware of the higher order of things that exists and your logic won’t work. There are many times I have to surrender my logic to understand the message and I do question how something will happen in my life but I have faith that my God will make it happen because with God “Everything is Possible”. This year all the festivals happened faster than usual almost similar to the year 2019 and I know that there are very specific messages which the universe has in store for me. The life-changing events cause lots of changes on the emotional front. You can’t skip days, months, or years of your life but have to live them one by one. When you surrender to the process you know the divine realm is in charge of the situation but you still feel unclear about the direction of your life. In those moments it is best that you just try to catch years of lost sleep so that you don’t have to keep track of time and days which are passing because you know that once this ends you will open your eyes to a completely different world which is 100% different from the one you lived. It will be like the entire picture frame on which the previous shooting was conducted being changed since the script has been modified and you keep wondering where the movie is leading. It is easy to write the word chill but difficult to be mentally in that zone.

When all unplanned stuff and events start happening in your life it simply means it is time for you to change location, direction, and your entire status so that you can adapt yourself to a completely different life. The repeating pattern of events just wanted to give you the message of the coming changes so when you start living it you will feel a different pattern of events happening because now your life will be guided in that new direction.

Happy Shopping for a New Life. Subh Ratri.

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