A Reason behind everything which happens in Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-08-06 18:25

Let us explore the reason behind everything which happens in life. I too am exploring my life or I would say creating my life from scratch and building it the way I want it to be or maybe the way it is destined to be and I am being made aware of it. If I look back at my life there are few incidences which are still left hanging in my mind and I cannot get answers regarding why something happened in my life or I would say the very specific reason why something happened in my life, I am sure this may be happening with you people too. I believe that there is a reason behind why everything happens in life, a very specific reason or else that incidence would never have occurred in your life. I think you get aware of the reasons once you move ahead in life so that when you look back you can connect the dots backward because the future is yet to come and the past is already gone. Maybe God will tell you the reasons in the coming days or you will get answers to your questions from specific people in your life, either today or tomorrow you will know the reason behind why something happened in your life. I believe that we all are born with a prewritten destiny which unfolds the way it has been planned by our creator, the ups and downs are all part of our journey and it is all upon us how we accept everything which happens in our life. I feel you should develop acceptance for everything which happens in your life because the only thing which you can work on is your own self. You cannot control outside circumstances and people in your life so the sooner you realize the better it is for you that you have to accept everything the way it is.

If you try and resist everything you will be working against the laws of nature which will make your life difficult. The more you will try to resist something the more it will persist in your life so it is better you release the past hurt, past sorrows, pains and just develop acceptance for it and move on with your life towards your goals so that you can achieve the true purpose of your life. Everything happens in life for a reason be it a person who enters your life and leaves after a certain time period or you try working hard for something but you still do not succeed in that, it simply means the person who has entered your life is not meant to be in your life and that is the only reason they have left your life, if you cannot get success in what you are trying, again and again, it means you should try something new. The biggest reason is the universe has unique ways of passing its message to us but our problem is that we are so busy with our own lives that we cannot understand or predict the message from the source. People who are meant to be in your life will be in your life even if they leave your life they will reenter your life because the whole universe will conspire to bring you both together. If it is meant to be the Kismat connection will happen, if not then it will never happen. I am telling this from my own experience. I had passed +2 in the year 1997. I had a good friend of mine during those days. We lost touch with each other for complete 20 years. He got married and had kids. One day he found my Facebook account and messaged me.

I would say from that time onwards we have again become good friends. It is difficult to understand the working of the cosmos in which we live. You never know what is going to happen next. We both are busy individuals but when we talk we just talk like two good friends from old school days. It is still a mystery about how we both connected with each other. From that day onwards I believe that people who are meant to be in your life will always be in your life because there is a very specific reason they are in your life. I have gone through a very tough time in the year 2017 and 2018 when my whole world crashed and my friend always supported me. It is great to have such amazing people in your life. I really thank him for being there for me in my bad times and even now when my life has started getting back to normal. God sends very specific people to do a certain task and when their purpose is over they leave your life. Yes, a person entered my life in April 2019 and left. He played a very big role in helping me in getting back my happiness in life because I was having a hard time with everything. I would like to thank him. He filled my heart with love and gave me reasons to smile again. I believe in love and he showed me that I can love again and settle down in my life again. He is a great man, a man of my dreams and I would like to thank him for everything he did for me but he is not aware of that. I wish him Good luck and happy life from the depth of my heart. He may not become mine but he will surely become someone else’s soulmate.

You may not be aware of the reasons as to why something is happening in your life. Just have your patience and maintain your peace, you will get all your answers at the right time because remember whatever you are seeking is seeking you. When you dig deep and want your answers the whole universe will help you in getting your answers by means of various incidences, books or through very specific people who will pass on the message, till then hang on. People enter your life for a reason, season or lifetime. Those people who enter your life for a reason or season are there to help you with a specific task or make you aware of the truth of life and teach you certain lessons which will help you in the long run. The learning which they give you is needed for you in the future so that you can achieve your goals. Keep learning, be open to new people in your life. Do not give entry to everyone but when someone touches your heart let them in. There is no big deal even if they leave, try to bid them “See you” with a sweet smile on your face so that they always remember you. Have a big heart and a broad mind. The person who has left your life has left because his purpose is achieved and there is no more role for him to play in your life. Then there are those who enter your life for a lifetime. These are the real gems. I would say you should thank God for giving you wonderful people who walk with you till you reach your grave.

The people who are meant to be with you till lifetime are your friends, family & soulmate. You should thank everyone from the bottom of your heart because they have got patience with you, they understand you, love you unconditionally and never judge you. These people accept you the way you are and help you in achieving your dreams be it related to career or personal. Life is great with them. It is very difficult to understand the working of the universe but when you try to make some sense I feel the universe tries to communicate with you and helps you in getting your answers. It is good to find out the reasons as to why everything is happening in your life. Why not explore your inner world and get your answers to the questions which take away your sleep. It is better to take out some time and get your answers by digging deep within yourself so that you can sleep in peace and say “Hello” to a new life which is waiting to be explored. Life is a big adventure the sooner you realize the better it gets. People are sent in your life one after another so that they can accompany you in your journey of life and make your life wonderful with their presence.

Thank everyone from the bottom of your heart because they are the ones who make your life worth living and rich by their mere presence. Did you think how difficult it would have been to walk the whole journey of life alone without any company so thank everyone and express your gratitude for people who have entered your life and left and those who are adhered to you till lifetime.

Have a happy life. Live a great life. Have a great day. I would like to thank each one of you for being a part of my life. I love you all.

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