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Random thoughts on Christmas - Birth of a Divine being

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2021-12-25 18:13
Birth of Divine Being

Merry Christmas to all of you. Let us all pray for a better tomorrow. We will all accept the fact that each one of us has been waiting for a very long time for a sustainable change because with so much going on in the world no one is really happy. There are many ongoing speculations in this direction as to who will be reborn again to bring about a massive change in the world. Some say it is Lord Jesus and others say it is Lord “Kalki”. It doesn’t matter who it is but what really matters is that divine being should take the lead and change the world. If you people are expecting a baby to be born under the influence of a certain alignment of stars then you should know that the universe planned his presence, much before in the world before you expected to see that divine being. The universe is smart and thinks ahead of time. Though things were happening secretly in the background, everything will be brought to the forefront when the time is right. When you are in a state of deep sleep you know that there is God somewhere in some corner looking after you and will save you from everything. It is only when you are awake that all sorts of doubt creep in. Half of the health problems which everyone suffers from is self-created. You are either living in the past or the future which attracts anxiety and negative energy. It is only when you release all the threads and just concentrate on your karma that everything starts streamlining the way you wanted even without you bothering if something goes wrong then what will you do.

You are so tuned with your higher self that you trust the invisible realm and its decisions for you. I too face the problem of doubt at times but then I get back to my tune and get aligned to the cosmos and accept its decision even at times when I don’t understand as to why it took a decision that pained me to the core. I have been working like nuts on my spirituality. All of a sudden I started facing too much inflammation and allergy problems. My dad got tense and said that I should visit a doctor. I just looked at my God and he said trust me and my decisions for you. He asked me for complete surrender to the point that even if I can’t understand what is next in my life I should trust him and have faith in him that I am on the right track moving towards my manifestation. It feels more like blindfolded where I can see everything but still have to trust the picture which I hold in my head since that is what I want to call into action. What is the true capability of a human being and how much he can make things happen in the real world just by mere thinking and then taking actions to achieve what he wants to do is something which needs to be checked.

Though we all trust God but still doubt his actions and lose faith and feel things may go wrong and might not work the way we want. The universe is a genie that records everything to the minutest detail to the extent that it won’t miss anything. If you have written in your script that you want to manifest a life partner with certain characteristics, it will give you exactly that. There are no errors committed by the cosmos. It is we humans that are prone to error and course corrections. After suffering silently for 25 days I can see all signs of good health. Touchwood. I also tied a black thread on my left foot to ward off evil spirits. People say I look younger than my age and my mom says “Meri Beti ko Nazar Laga rahan hain”. Trust God and his decisions for you. If you have prayed for it and have aligned to your manifestation, you will get it. How? Like I question my God very often as to how he will give me what I want. He says I am tuning to everything which is meant for me. When I was too tense will my allergy problem he said I will get back my health since it was all due to my spiritual awakening.

My body, thought process is changing so fast that I can’t keep pace with it. The health problems which accompany all the spiritual processes are something that takes away my night sleep. It gets so difficult for me to explain myself to my mom, dad, and sister who fire too many questions on me and say that I don’t take care of my health and what will happen to me when they are gone? I can’t speak about anything which I am working on with them. It is random thoughts right. Now I have the liberty to put my points in the way I like because then it gets easier for me to write what is in my head. What should be disclosed and what should be hidden keeps revolving in my head. On top of that, I keep questioning my identity very often and even doubt my god. I really don’t know how these things happen. I feel I have lost my head. On Thursday 23rd December I ordered 2 Boroplus creams and a Nail Polish from Nykaa. It so happened that I went to purchase Boroplus Cream and the website was not taking my order so I thought of purchasing an Elle 18 Nailpolish. Now the color part. As I was thinking of which color to purchase I saw a picture of a girl who had painted her nails in light green color. I liked the color. Now guess what next? I just looked for that color and the color code was “131”. I was searching for appropriate colors and I landed on 131 color codes from “Elle 18” Nailpolish. It sometimes feels all the things have been appropriately planned by the universe.

If you rearrange the Numbers it comes to 83, 38, and 111. The number which I see very often. Why I see these numbers I don’t know. On Wednesday I went ahead to pay the electricity bill online and I got the code from my bank which had the number 83 in it. Is it my thought which has started playing with reality or does the Law of Attraction works like crazy to the point it feels like you are growing insane? I got a message from Nykaa that I will receive my parcel in 3 to 4 working days. I said fine but it was delivered today i.e on 25th December 2021 on the Birthday of Jesus Christ. How did this happen? As I got out of the bathroom after having bathed for a long time I saw that my parcel was lying on the table and was delivered before time. That Green nail polish, right? Dad is doing evening Puja nowadays since I took a break from it. Just see how things are planned. My dad wanted to go to the market but the auto wala was not available so my dad thought of visiting the market tomorrow. Then all of a sudden the auto person called and said he was available and ready to go to the market at 5 PM. My dad left. I applied my green nail polish and did evening Puja. I think it is all planned. How can things line up one after another? Coincidence? I really don’t know.

I am receiving lots of messages from the divine realm, lots of things and I can’t disclose them because it is very secretive. I am not working on anything right now other than manifesting what I want to exist in the world. The divine being is born? If this is the question which is still going on in your head then let me clear all your doubts that person was born much before you got aware of it but was living a normal life like you and me and will take over his charge once it is divine time. Till then he is chilling and working on his spiritual awakening. It is difficult to understand the mastermind of God who created the universe. Talked to people in their dreams and kings built various temples in their names. Hid their treasure there in caves where it was lying unexplored for a long time and when they wanted to reveal the treasure to humanity they just played their tricks and saved what was not meant for normal human beings and people gave it the label of “Cursed temple”. The net worth of God, just “Multi-Trillion Dollars”. God’s are much richer than that. Then the last Vault could not be opened and you keep guessing what is lying there? No one knows.

No one knows the capability of the divine being who has not yet been revealed to the world. Only God knows, the best part is even he has not been revealed of all his gifts and treasures which are lying dormant inside of him. The key has been handed and all the locked doors will start opening on divine time when that person needs that knowledge and do his work. I just can’t understand why the universe is so secretive and on top of that, it chose the most secretive sign in the universe. Any guesses? Scorpio. If it is dark, deep, mysterious, hidden, secretive, unexplored then it has to be a Scorpio. You can’t understand this one Zodiac sign because they have so much within them that they have not yet explored. That divine being is with all of us. Then you think, why he is not curing Corona Virus? There must be reasons. That person may be looking for a suitable match and his divine counterpart may be busy somewhere else? God, I am literally going mad. What the hell? Don’t be dead serious about life. Just live your life.

See you people cannot think of giving me nasty comments since I have put the title of “Random thoughts”. No specific title right? Yeah. This divine realm or cosmos is great. The more you align with it the more you start understanding it. If you label something as impossible then just align with the cosmos and see what message they give you. If you are planning to get married and have got all positive messages from the divine realm that you have manifested the person and keep wondering how he will contact you. Chill. Just live your life. Is it their problem or yours? When you are meant to do divine work then your divine partner is the person who has to be brought into your life by the universe. It is their problem and not yours. Did Santa Claus come to gift me something? I think he did since I could feel intense energy near me and it disappeared all of a sudden and then the story of my parcel.

The divine realm has sacrificed so much to make this world a better place to live. Have faith that things will happen even when you cannot see or sense them. Just do your work. If you feel that there are few people who are more destined than you, even then you can’t get jealous of them because what has been gifted to someone by their God as a gift cannot be taken away. They must have worked hard in their previous birth and hence they need not work on everything the way you want them to. Concentrate on your life and make it better rather than comparing it with others.

Thank You, Anantha for being in my life. Thank You for everything which you gave me. Thank You for being with me all the time. Thank You for your patience. Thank You for bearing with me. Thank You, Mom, Dad, Sis.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m