The presence of all lovely people in my life send from the Universe

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-07-04 18:05
Lovely People

I firmly believe that all the people who are in my life are meant to be in life be it my friends, family, neighbors or people who are away from me and connected through Facebook and WhatsApp. All of them are meant to be in my life for one or the other reason and that’s why they are in my life. Few people entered knowingly and others unknowingly, I love the presence of all of them. Some are of my age while some are younger to me while there are many with whom my thoughts connect but they are much older to me. I think when you connect with someone either through your heart or your mind then that person enters your life. You choose your friends with whom you want to connect with on a personal level because they are the ones who make your life rich. Every person in my life has taught me something and that is the reason I value all of them. I believe in learning from everyone and that is something which enriches my knowledge. The best part is when I connect with the other person in a friendly manner, they open up to me and that makes sharing of viewpoints easy. I would say I never ever faced any problems in connecting with anyone. People who were much older to me understood me as much as people my age did. Yes, I am very selective when it comes to making friends with people because I cannot let everyone inside my life. The positive vibes and the mindset simply connect when I talk with my friends. I love calling every person my friend even if someone is in his twenties, thirties or fifties because that is the way I consider them or else they would not have been in my phone book or friends list.

The universe or I would say God has gifted me with lovely people. They sometimes teach me several lessons of life which I would not have learned in their absence. My close family members especially my Dad is my biggest inspiration. He is the man who made me and shaped me into a person I am today. I would say whatever I am today is because of him. My dad is the greatest gift of the Universe and I know with his presence and support I can conquer anything. There is no impossible word in his dictionary. He has achieved great success in his own life and he always stands as an inspiration for me to do more and achieve more. My dad taught me everything I needed to learn. He has loved me much more than any man can love me in my whole life. He gave me his love, his time and motivated me every time I felt low. I am not much connected with my husband and daughter because they have already left my life. I am all alone on my own with my lovely friends and neighbors who occupy a big part of my life. I am blessed with lovely sisters who are there to share my joys and sorrows whenever I need them. They are big support for me after my Dad and Mom. Mom is a person who loved me unconditionally and never uttered a word. She never expected anything from me, she just gave away all her love and her hard work is visible on her face now. The universe gave me much more than I ever asked for and the best part is whenever I wanted someone to be a part of my life that person entered my life as a blessing from God.

I love my neighbors because their presence enriches my life or else it would have been very difficult for me to survive all alone in Nagpur. I feel very connected to them and I think they are all connected to me from my past life. Their presence is very important for me though I never told them. Sometimes you need not express your feelings in words, it is better that the other person understands your unspoken words. When your hearts connect you need not speak. My neighbors care for me especially aunty. I love chit chatting with her and even laughing with her. We both are enough to create a good harmonious atmosphere in our apartment with our loud laughter. The people who helped me in one way or other are also a big support for me. They helped me in completing a task or else it would have been very difficult for me to manage everything on my own without their support. I am connected to some while others are busy with their own work. Whenever I needed someone to help me out with a problem in which I was stuck, the universe sends someone to help me. When my problem resolved that person left my life. I remember one ola cab driver who helped me in the year 2017. I went to Nagpur Municipal Corporation but there was no cab available from that location, this is something which I was not aware of, but the cab driver was aware of this so he waited for one complete hour for me so that I can get back home in the same cab safely. He cared so much for me that his kindness touched my heart. Most people nowadays complain of the lack of kindness but it is present in abundance, you only have to send right vibrations into the universe so that you attract right people into your life.

I have seen very closely that no wrong person can enter my life, I would say that is the greatest gift of God to me. He checks everyone and then sends the right people in my life. I remember an incidence from the year 2012 when I went to Tirupati to do Lord Balaji darshan. The temple is a very crowded place and if you get lost from your family members it gets very difficult to find them. I did the darshan and then left the temple premises. I lost touch with my family since the crowd just pushed me and I had no option but to move ahead. When I was out of the temple I looked back but I had no sight of any known faces. I felt like crying, I waited for some time but still, I could not see anyone from my family. I started panicking. Then I remembered that I was carrying a token of shoe stand where our slippers were kept so I thought without this token no one will get their chappals so let me search for this particular shoe stand, maybe I will find them there. I communicated with all the guides who are there to help you in one or other way in the temple premises. I communicated with them in English and they spoke in English and Tamil but guided me to the right place. When I reached that particular shoe stand I saw my whole family waiting there for me. I was very delighted to see known faces. I have learned one lesson that when you need help, ask for help and the entire universe will just bend down to help you. You should have the right intentions so that you get the same back from the universe.

I remember my acquaintance with a customer care executive from Samsung who helped me in sorting out my washing machine problem in the year 2019. He simply played a very big role in helping me and communicating with the Samsung service center at Nagpur. For two complete months, he communicated and did his best to help me and when the problem could not resolve he helped me in getting a check from Samsung after depreciation after they took my machine back from me. A nice man who went out of his way to help me. I really thank him for that. God sends the right people in my life at the right time just to help me. I don’t know where I would be without the help or presence of these lovely people in my life.

I thank all of you for being in my life. You all are the biggest gift which this universe can give to me.

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