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Premenopause the toughest phase of Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2017-03-29 07:41
Happy Premenopause

I sometimes think God chose me for all the health problems so that I got tough from within and inspired other people not to give up and fight their daily battles with full confidence. I would say every health problem which has come in life I have conquered it with full faith and a belief that God is with me and within me. I strongly believe that I am born to lead a great and successful life where I stand as an inspiration for other people. I want people to feel proud when they take my name.

I would say after my fight with my Endometriosis and Adenomyosis for 8 long years I was really very happy that I was through but I never knew that God had different plans for me. I sometimes don’t know whether to smile, laugh or cry at whatever is happening in my life because my life changes in a flick of a second. I was so happy that all my bad days were over. Even my fortune teller had predicted that all my health problems will settle down in the year 2017 but he never warned me that there was something unexpected on the way which though seemed minor to him but would create havoc in my life. I started experiencing early Perimenopause problems. I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constant pain in lower abdomen, inflamed legs, problems of piles, nerve sensitivity. I would say after conquering one battle I had to set for another battle which had arrived in my life. All the pain and daily struggles were back in my life and I was very sad at everything. I could not understand “ Why me” all the time. But then I never give in to anything and that is something which has made me overcome all my daily battles. I searched the internet on what to do to sort out my health problems. I chose the yoga poses which would work best for me and which also suited my present body. I started doing Khandarasan, Chakrasana, Sarvangasana, Balasan along with few stretches which would stretch my body. I also ate turmeric honey with apple. I drank tea in which I had added Lavang, Elaichi, Saunf and Black pepper. I changed my diet. I stopped eating milk and milk products. I was having a severe case of hormonal imbalance. For some ladies, Menopause is an easy journey but for some, it is very very painful. I exactly knew in which condition I was. My case was extreme that is a severe case of Pre menopause. I said fine and if this is something which I have to conquer I will.

My fight with my disease started and again I was set to overcome a painful journey which was taking away the peace from my life. My severe symptoms were very much visible and people could notice my swollen legs because I found difficulty walking. My feet had developed cracks which bled from time to time and the problems increased before menstruation. My disease literally broke me but then I also know that God has given me strength and lots of patience so that I can live my life happily. It was difficult for me to do even my daily chores and sometimes the pain in my legs was so much that I could not even stand for long hours. But then I had full faith that everything will be ok and fine. I have full faith in God and I strongly believe that God will help me out. God is there to take me out of all problems and when he is there for me I need not take any tension. I believe in my Narayana that even at the end of the day when no one supports me God is there to me. He will take the form of any companion I am looking for and I will be through every problem. Come what may I will defeat you is something which I say to my problems. I am much stronger than my disease.

My daily yoga routine, good and healthy food has started showing the Results now. After fighting with my Premenopause for 8 long months finally, my body has started responding to all the hard work which I am doing to get my health back. Previously my body was not responding the way I was expecting. Now it is listening and I am happy that my body is recovering. The daily struggles and pains are something to which I will bid goodbye in the coming months and my life will be much better than what it is now. It really feels great when you can see a streak of sunshine after a dark night. You just want to hold on and you feel at the top of the world that you were able to conquer and even overcome what you were going through.

I have seen people breaking down in pain. It is easy to give into the problems and we may face “N” number of problems in our lifetime. I would say do not let the problem break you. We don’t keep even a broken idol in our home. Hold on, let the storm pass, have faith that you will be through. Let no situation in your life break you. You may be feeling low for some time, it is absolutely ok it happens with everyone. Don’t lose hope, have faith in yourself and God that no matter what, you will be through every problem. I want to say we are much stronger than we think we are. God has given us much more strength than we think we have. Every problem which comes in our life is temporary and not permanent but we lose hope and fall into depression.

The reason behind sharing my experience is that I want you people to fight your battle with a brave heart and also get victorious. Always believe that until and unless you dare and do nothing will happen. Things will happen only when you dare and you do what you are capable of doing. Make a right decision and don’t give into any situations which take away your peace. You have the power to bring back things to normal and create your own peace. Fight with your unfavorable situation and create the life which you want because you are much stronger than your problems.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m