Practicing Law of Attraction for the manifestation of your Desires

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Law of Attraction

I had read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and read about the law of attraction but I never practiced it. Though I had an idea of the theory part, I never applied it or experimented with it to check whether it worked or not. My life really fell apart in the year 2017 and that is something that brought me closer to God and spirituality. I started working on my own self from that year onwards by doing Yoga and Meditation. It was the first time I realized that in order to fix my life I have to think the right way. I worked on law of attraction for the first time with a spiritual bend to it since I want my God to be present in all the work which I do. I am writing my own experience and the energy work which I did for attracting right energies from the universe so that my own life energies worked with the universal energies and helped me in the manifestation of my dream life. See the entire universe is made up of energy, frequency, and vibrations. Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency and if you tune to the right frequency the object of your desire will be in your life.

Let me explain to you the concept of law of attraction by giving my own example. I subscribed to Sapthagiri magazine which is published by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams publications for the year 2017 and 2018. I worship Lord Balaji. I listen to a particular song on Youtube whenever I pray to him by lighting a lamp in my home puja room. It is a very sacred place for me and when I am there I am just with my God. It is a daily routine and I worship him at midnight every day without fail. In the month of January 2020, I received Sapthagiri magazine though my subscription had expired in the year 2018. Now the biggest question is how did that happen? Was it by mistake or I attracted the magazine in my life. I worshipped a cutout image from my old magazine and wanted a new one since I had already completed all the rituals associated with the energy which I wanted to attract in my life. I searched all the old magazines for a perfect new photograph so that I could start up with a fresh ritual but I could get none. I eagerly wanted a new photograph for a fresh start of 2020.

One day I just went to check my letterbox for any bills and there I found a magazine lying in the letterbox in my name. I opened the envelope and I was really surprised to see that magazine. I was very happy. I came home and opened the Sapthagiri magazine and found the perfect image of Lord Balaji which I wanted. I placed the cut out of that image in my puja room. I was very surprised and it really gets difficult for me to understand how this universe works. I got exactly the same image which was in my head. Can the universe or the invisible powers out there which makes things happen in your life read your exact mind. God is great. I love that photograph of Balaji God so much that whenever I look at it I can feel his presence in my life. Law of Attraction is the law of vibration where you tune yourself to what you want in your life so that you can make it a living reality. When you set the right intentions everything is still intangible. It is only when you focus on it and are determined to get what you want that you start making your desires physical. It is like giving life and blood to your own creation in your mind’s laboratory so that you can feel and touch the object of your desire.

I am learning how the energies of our body tune to the universal energies and makes things happen. Theory and practical are two different aspects. You may have theoretical knowledge of a lot many things but it is only when you apply it that you understand whether it works or not, the roadblocks, or the changes which needs to be made to get what you want. Something which works for one person may or may not work for you. You need to check what works for you. If every person knew how to work with the Law of Attraction then everyone would be living their dream life but it is not so. There are some missing links which many cannot connect and hence things don’t work for them. I am a very spiritual girl and I add my spiritual practice to everything I do in my life because my life and every work which I do is incomplete without my God so he has to be there. When I want to do something I am guided.

When you work with the Law of attraction the first thing which you have to do is set the right intentions. Once you are clear of what you want then you have to have faith that the object of your desire will be granted by the universe. Sometimes it takes time and the reason is the universe is making few adjustments to make things happen. Please don’t lose your hope and be focused. Do not change your mind. When you want something you want it no matter what. How the universe will make that thing happen is not your problem, it is their problem let them look into the matter. You need to have trust in the higher powers and be in a happy state of mind. You need to vibrate at a high frequency because low frequency creates self-doubt and fear which will push your manifestations away rather than attracting them towards you. Have faith that your prayers will be answered. Pray to God with an intense faith so that you do not leave any room for them not to grant your wishes. If you are someone like me who cannot take “No” for an answer then believe me even God’s will have to bend their rules for you. Your prayers are very powerful.

I am also writing how to do energy work since I am not only learning it but also applying it to live my dream life. I am attracting a life partner in my life and fulfillment of my dreams where I want a great career and do philanthropy work for society. I am balancing my energies so that my presence can change lives of people. The entire universe is a big network of energies and when you vibrate at the correct frequency you can actually attract the right spirits who will guide you in the entire life journey. You are an energy body. Your physical body is surrounded by a non-physical body which extends to a long distance. It all depends on how powerful you are from inside so that you can harness these energies and make it work for you. Your thoughts and feelings are the food that feeds the energy body which you cannot see. I totally agree to the fact that it is not always possible to feel positive. It is fine. Accept your current feelings and work on it so that you feel positive. Do not try and bury your sad feelings inside the carpet or try to avoid it. Address it then and there or else it will haunt you when you least expect it. I have dealt with those buried negative experiences and I know how many health problems I have faced just because of them since I could not handle them at the time when it came.

Once you are done with your emotions, you need to check what keeps you in high spirits. It can be anything, for me, it is listening to songs of the “Dream Girl” movie. I just get hold of my earphones and listen to all the songs of this movie in full sound to set the right mood for the day. Whenever I am free I listen to that song. I really love them. I also listen to “venkataramana govinda song”, Youtube link -
It is the same song that I use during my prayer. I know what sets my mood right. You need to check what charges your emotions. Just do it. Don’t bother if others find it crazy. It is you who is in charge of your life, right? When you tune yourself to the right frequency and set the right intentions you are bound to get results. We all want 100% results in life. Agree with me? There are other things which you can do so that you attract the right energies for the manifestation of your desires.

I think this writeup of mine is going to get lengthy. But let me get into detail. How to add a spiritual bend to your law of attraction work? I worship Lord Balaji and I have full faith in him and Tirumala Tirupati is the area where his idol is placed. It is said when you wish with a true heart to him at Tirumala the lord fulfills all your desires. I had a whole bunch of old magazines that had images of Tirupati temple. I simply cut those images and then took a chart paper and stuck them there. I placed that chart paper in my puja room to attract the energies of that temple and God. Then I took a photograph of Balaji God where I could burn a lamp for manifesting my desires into reality. It works. Try it out. Do not lose focus and do not shift your heart.

Now if you want to attract a good life partner in your life then this is the right time to work since it is Shravan month. You can worship lord shiva for a great husband. If you love someone you can use his name or you can just write all the qualities which you want in your life partner and place that sheet of paper under the lamp which you are burning every day in your puja room. I burn lamp daily at the feet of Lord Balaji God. I feel connected to him and he is a form of Lord Vishnu. You can worship any God whom you feel connected to. You should feel it in your heart. The entire energy work is based on feeling. If you can’t feel it you can’t make things happen. That feeling when you love someone or kiss someone should be there inside you then only you can set the right pace for your manifestation. I hope I am clear so far. Now the lamp which you use for burning in the puja room is something which you need to work on. Write the number 786 and 108. These two numbers are very auspicious. Then write Om in Hindi or English whichever you prefer, draw an image of love. Use nail polish (Red Color for making heart and any other color for the rest of the task) for this work. Check the size of the lamp. I preferred a medium-sized lamp that burns for at least 9 to 10 hours. I use Til oil. Write the name of the person and write everything with good quality nail polish so that it lasts longer. Use a small plate and write the relationship which you want with that person. Once done let the lamp dry.

Especially when you are attracting a good life partner in your life. You need to use Mangalsutra and bangles. It is very rightly said “Fake it till you make it” so that you are in the correct mindset to attract what you want. I worship my God in the middle of the night at around 12 AM at midnight. You check your own timing. When you worship your God you need to wear your Mangalsutra and red glass bangles (Red glass bangles are very auspicious). Light the lamp in the puja room by chanting any prayer or listening to any bhakti song which resonates with you. Then you can remove them and get regular with your spiritual work. Things will work try it out.

It is a live universe and it is not only listening but also seeing you. You will start seeing repeated angel numbers, synchronicities, and many more signs which will confirm you that your manifestations are on the way. When you set the right intentions and work on the law of attraction, it simply means you are planting the right seeds into the universe which gets pregnant and as you put forth your right effort and work you start receiving signals that the gestation period is going great and the universe is still working to bring the object of your desire into your life. You will receive signs before the actual delivery of the baby i.e the achievement of your dreams but till then you need to have faith that you will get what you want because you expect only miracles.

You will manifest your desires. Try it out. I am also working on lot many things at the same time so that I do the right energy work to live the exact life I want to live. God gave one life to live. Give it your everything and live it.

People say “Love is Blind”. Be passionate and manifest your madness into a living reality.

Lots of Love to all my lovely readers. I thank all of you for being in my life. I appreciate your presence from the bottom of my heart. Good Night. Sweet Dreams.

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