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Planning for your Relaunch - Keep a few things in Mind

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-09-05 17:47
Happy 2nd Marriage

Life is a journey where you can plan your next moment and the coming days but you never know what is going to happen next. There is a mix of certainty and uncertainty but that’s ok. As far as life is concerned there is no guarantee of what may happen next. Every person has his share of ups and downs in life but that does not declare you a failure. You don’t fail at anything until and unless you are willing to give up on yourself. Failure is a short period that gets prolonged in our memory. After my first marriage ended up in divorce I had a very difficult life where it took a long time for me to accept the fact that the relationship which I valued the most ended. It was a difficult phase of my life and I was diagnosed with severe depression. I decided to deal with the problem holistically rather than eating medicines and that’s when I got closer to spirituality and my God who occupied center stage in my life. I did Mantra meditation of Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra more than 2 lakh sixty thousand times and that did help me accept my current reality. It is always said that when God closes a door there are many more doors that get opened for you. I started getting used to my new life where I was completely by myself and there was no one very close to me to share my life with.

Those are the days when I got very much inspired by Sadhguru Ji and started working on my inner core or my invisible self which makes me. In other words, I started working on my soul so that it got stronger and the 2nd phase of life which was left in front of me got easier. I am a very spiritual girl but that does not mean I am spared from learning my life lessons. I have learned all my lessons a tough way. I had developed problems of severe inflammation and I had no idea of the reason. Those are the days when I was fighting with changes in my hormonal level before Pre-Menopause. I went to see my Gynaecologist and she said I had a deficiency of Vitamin B-12. I got my B-12 levels checked. It was almost near normal but my doctor was convinced that it was the problem of B-12. She prescribed me a set of injections. I took the shots but found out that my problems increased after every shot. I knew I needed a break from medications and had to cure my health problem on my own. This was not the first time that the doctors could not help me but similar things had happened in the past when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I had cured those two problems on my own.

I came back to my parent’s place after staying alone for almost 4 years. I knew I needed a change of place since the house in which I lived was the place where I stayed with my family and after they were gone I could still feel their presence. When I came back to my parent’s place I was at peace and I could easily close that chapter of my life which was over. I started doing Meditation and Paschimottanasana in the year 2018. In the year 2018 itself, I was hospitalized with severe anemia with just 3% hemoglobin in my blood. I knew that there was something that was severely wrong in my body and it needed time for recovery. I never had any idea that I had severely damaged my emotional and physical health while mourning for a person who never cared to say a proper goodbye to me. I did my inner work sincerely and in the meanwhile worked on writing my book and even got it published in the year 2020. My Book - Love You Zindagi My Journey to meet Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy was launched by Nitin Gadkari in Nagpur, Maharashtra. I did not work on its promotion since I came back to my hometown Jamshedpur. I thought of starting my work but then I realized that my body was still not healed and the problems of inflammation bothered me every now and then. I decided to put my career aside and took complete responsibility of working on my bodily temple where I was ging to reside for the rest of my life.

I am 42 Years old now and going to be 43 on 25th October 2022. I could see some improvements in my body but still felt there was a long way to go. My parents thought I was going crazy since I was not thinking of getting back to work. I knew what was right for me and even when everyone around me gave me “N” number of opinions I decided to stick with what I thought was right for me. This is the sixth year and now I can feel a marked difference in my body. It is still recovering but much better than before. I have full faith that with God’s grace I will cure all my health problems within days and will relaunch myself never to look back again and cry over everything which did not serve me. My status is single because “Divorcee” status does not suits me. I am planning to Relaunch myself at the age of 42 when almost every body is settled and starts planning for their retirement. Life is not the same for everyone so when you feel that someone is more blessed than you, don’t feel jealous. It is easy to get trapped in a negative loop where you feel that the universe had been very unfair to you. Every person has his own journey and life lessons and no two people are the same. When your purpose is different your life is meant to be different. Chill. When people are planning their vacation with their kids and are creating a bank balance of millions you feel empty since you lost everything while recovering your lost life, you need to make peace with the past.

When you have worked on yourself sincerely you have strengthened your soul and your bond with the universe. Now you just need to go out and work when you feel you are ready. If you have been initiated then just complete your spiritual work so that you can reap full benefits of all the work which you have done in the invisible world. Miracles, grace, and divine time will find their way into your life since you made yourself available and eligible for it. You never know how the universe may have planned the next phase of your life which is still not in your knowledge. Just keep going and do what you feel is correct. Don’t stop because stagnant water develops fungus and that stinks. When you re-enter the new world with a renewed spirit you will see that people and opportunities will start entering your life out of nowhere. When you have strengthened your soul you have worked on God‘s force which can create a big difference in your aura. Inner work is basically inner Engineering where you work on your Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.

You need to check that you have completely healed from the past so that you do not spill the leftover content on your next relationship or your work. An agitated mind can never create peace so it is very important that you find your peace before you plan to relaunch yourself in the world for the second time. Life is what it is. Easy or difficult is your point of view. I always felt God’s grace on my head because he sends the right people in my life at the right time to help me with my problems. My dad helped me when I needed him the most. Though he is retired he firmly stood for me. Coming from a culture where it is a big taboo to be divorced my dad stood beside me like a rock and said: “Beta I know there is someone better than the first one waiting for you and that’s the only reason God ended your first relationship”. He always said that your second husband will be God send and that man will be my Son in law and I know that you will have a happy family of your own soon. He prays for me.

I have worked on my energies so that the right man enters my life and I get married to him. I am not someone who cries over the past so for me to move ahead in my life will not be a difficult task because I know that I have to learn all my life’s lessons and complete my journey in life within a specific timeframe. When you are thinking of getting back into the workforce after a long gap then you need to accept the fact that you will have to start with whatever best is offered to you. If you plan to work for someone or launch your own business you need to make sure that you are really confident to face life head-on where no one dares to mess with you. I don’t like people showing me sympathy for whatever happened in my life. It makes no sense because I am over it and they bring me back to the same level by repeating whatever happened in the past. Life is an easy game. You need to reprogram your mind and face your fears in the eyes. When you have gone through the worst you will rise above lots of fears but fear of the unknown will always haunt you. I know that very well but when you say it is all fine and I am ready to face whatever life will present before me then you are in a good frame of mind to accept your new world boldly. I believe that normal people read history and the people who write history are the ones who are tough nuts to crack. You never remember a person for living a normal life but you remember someone who made it great in life in spite of all the odds stacked against him.

I always thank my God because his divine hands protect me and he gives me the best. His love for me never changes and he is there for me even when I am complaining about life. When you are planning to relaunch yourself you have to accept the fact that you will face crap from a few people but then you have to make peace with it. It’s no use fighting and explaining yourself to people who don’t matter in your life. It is better to conserve your energy but when things go above your head then you can just get in and finish the problem once and forever. That is the way I love playing my game of life. You are the maker of your own life so plan the best for you. There will be times when your own sister will plot against you. You have to be calm and just do your work. Let the universe handle it for you. When you have strengthened your soul you will see that people will get their karma back when they try to mess with you. Chill.

God gave you one life so live it fully. Play your best role. In the end, you should be happy about the way you lived your life because if you complain it simply means there are some unfulfilled desires so you will be sent again on this earth for experiencing your leftover desires.

Happy Ganesh Puja. Happy Gauri Puja. Happy Somvari. Happy Life. Thank You, Universe.

When you keep walking the journey will lead you to your destination which you cannot see now but you will see it after some time when you are near your planned destination. Be Happy.

All the Best for your New Life.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m