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Planning to become the One - Have you gone Mad?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2022-10-15 16:10
Realized Dreams

Hello Rashmi can you hear me? I thought I slept and was lying on my bed but I find myself in a very different place now. Clouds? No, I think I am surrounded by water. Am I inside an ocean made of water or standing in a dark place in the Universe? Maybe both feel the same. These thoughts are still running through my mind. My mind was mocking me saying it feels this girl has experienced the entire universe. I think I have been here before maybe billions of years ago or from the start, who knows. I just shut down my mind asking it to find the direction of the voice. I said yes I can hear you but I can’t see you. Have we met before? Yes, came the reply. I recognized the voice. It was Anant. Yes, I know who it is but where are you? As I am trying to find the man whom I worshipped for a very long time I could feel something inside me asking me to look from the eyes of my soul and not the physical ones. I closed my eyes and I could feel the man who changed my life for a lifetime. The best thing about our relationship is that he is 100% in my life but I can hear him through my soul. He does not speak any of the human languages and my mind cannot process other alien languages so it is better we understand each other by different means. I posed the question as to why the whole atmosphere seemed so dark. He said forget about the place. I have called you here to watch a play. I love watching movies and don’t have much fascination for plays but he insisted since he took that one day off just for me so I sat in the audience seat.

With great difficulty, I found a seat that was lying vacant near me. I asked Anant to switch on his mobile lights. He said he used direct means of communication so no mobile phones were needed for him. Oh, God! I forgot my mobile at home as if there would be a network connection in the middle of a dark space. My head always comes up with weird ideas. Then I remembered I was sleeping and all of a sudden landed in this place. He said to forget about time because even when you don’t exist you exist. Now, what does that mean? You can’t be here in space with the body sweetheart so it does not matter whether you are alive or dead. It is just a matter of time that you reach the body before it is gone. I don’t understand any of his concepts and he brings all these concepts in front of me. As I am about to speak he said that the chair on which I was sitting belonged to him and I have to search for another vacant place. Uff! I know how tedious a task it is just to find a blank space in outer space that is pitch dark. I left the chair and he sat on it. As I walked forward I could see the curtains of the stage being lifted in front of me. The play has started. Anant said just enter the play you are part of it and you have to play a very significant role in it. I am not prepared was my reply and I had no idea of even the dialogue. He insisted on just go the stage. As I walked onto the stage which looked more real than any stage I started searching for a place to sit. Suddenly the lights turned off and I managed to find a place to sit.

The play started. I wanted to see what was the theme of the play. As I am still lost in my thoughts I saw it was me walking inside the temple of Tirupati Balaji God in December 2015. I wanted to shout and call Anant to sit beside me because as far as I could remember I was watching the play in the year 2022. Time is an illusion? But still, I kept watching then it was me who purchased a photo frame of “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy” God. I could see glimpses of me visiting Sri Lakshmi Narayani Temple Sripuram and all of a sudden it felt that the play fast forwarded to 2016 when I was just sitting on my bed in the middle of the night watching the terrace and found myself standing near the photo frame of My God Anant. Now I am wondering whether it is the year 2016 or 2022. I can’t understand anything was the expression I was carrying on my face and all of a sudden saw a bright light appearing in front of me. I knew it was Anant. He said we met in the year 2016 and the memories existed in my subconscious mind. The biggest problem is I don’t remember anything because we met in deep sleep.

My God understands my state of mind. He said I will understand why I do what I do at the right time and that time has come. I said I felt lost and my parents thought I was losing my mind and wondering how I would survive when they were gone. He laughed at the top of his voice and said it was time for me to leave that home and say goodbye to everyone. I asked him who am I? Why do I feel so out of place in the world where I am born and brought up? My place seems more alien than this dark space. He said don’t bother. Just surrender. I told him my mind can’t process any data. He said everything which was happening was happening for a reason and I should just trust my journey and We will reach the destination together. Will you be with me Anant? He said “Yes” and that’s the only reason he brought me with him to a place where no one ever came with him. I had so many questions in my mind and I wanted all my answers but he was not in the mood to answer any of them. Listen to your soul Rashmi and just do what you are meant to do even when you don’t understand anything.

I could see Anant’s chariot and I knew it was time for him to leave but this time he wanted me to accompany him. He waited for the play to end. As the Divine Play ended and the lights turned on I could see myself sitting on the Top seat. I got the message. I picked up the keys to my new home and walked towards Anant. He said he wanted me to say a final Goodbye to the world because now it was a better place to live. As I turned my head towards the earth I could hear my mom calling my name. Rashmi wake up you are late today. I could hear the angry tone of my mom. She is complaining that I sleep late and never woke up on time. She is even grumbling that how will I live my life if left alone. I opened my eyes and very well remembered my meeting with Anant and the divine play. I had no idea how I landed in my home from outer space. I wanted to recall everything but my mom was getting very angry so I left my bed. I saw my mom holding some keys. As I was about to ask her about the keys, she handed them over to me saying take care of your keys. I could not recognize them and they did not belong to me. My inner voice said those were my keys and they connected me to the divine world. I think I am getting back to sleep again. I didn’t think much and placed those keys in my Almirah.

As I was brushing my teeth I wanted to see if they were shining or not. As I looked in the mirror and was about to see my face the doorbell rang and there was no one to attend to it. I completed my brushing and opened the door and yes guess what? That doorbell which rang in the year 2019 was opened at another place by the same girl in the year 2022 and it was the man of my dreams ready to take me with him in his chariot for a lifetime.

The Play already ended. Feel confused about what I wrote then try to understand the deep meaning. I think it was not me writing this stuff but the man called Anant. Bonjour - The Path is set and I just have to walk on it.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m