The person whom I lost in my Journey of Life

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Lost Myself

All of us are destined to be here on this earth to walk on a journey which was always meant for us. The only question which I want to ask you is are you the same person today when you compare yourself to your own existence 5 to 10 years ago. I would say “No”, you are a different person today then you were yesterday. Your life’s experiences, your journey, your success, your failures, the people in your life and your daily struggles have molded you into a new person. You are evolving every day just like a caterpillar who cocooned itself so that it could grow into a beautiful butterfly which could fly over the whole world. The journey from caterpillar to butterfly is not easy and so is yours. You never had any idea that when you go through all the life’s experience it will convert you into a precious diamond, a diamond which existed before but it was unpolished. Time polished you into a real gem, a gem which is recognizable because of its preciousness. You never knew that you had so many hidden talents within you. You led the life of a normal girl next door who lived a simple life without recognition but as you start adding years to your life you found that life threw various circumstances in the form of challenges in your life, you never retreated, never looked back, never asked God “Why Me” but fought all your battles one after another and overcame all difficulties on your way. You came out as a real winner and emerged into a beautiful butterfly which knew that the journey is not easy but the path of life will take you to a beautiful destination. A destination which you are still not aware of, the unclear, unknown paths will lead you somewhere if you have the courage to walk on them and write your own success story or you will also live a normal life like any other person who is satisfied at whatever life gives them.

When you accept the challenge of life and when you are not ready to retreat or take your foot back because the road ahead is rocky or you cannot figure out what will happen next due to the uncertainty of your journey but you still make a wise decision to walk on it then you will see that you will get something which you never expected, you will reach at a position where people will know you as a celebrity because they lacked the courage to take the journey which you took. You can never be the same person after you have completed your journey, you will be a new being, a new soul within the confines of the same body but an enlightened one. You will lose yourself in your journey of life only to emerge as a better person, a new you which is far better than the person which existed before. When you overcome your life’s challenges you do not carry any fear as to what will happen next because you very well know whatever will happen you will handle it gracefully. All problems in life are the consequence of fear and when you overpower fear you can never be the same. The daily hurdles be it big or small makes a good decision maker because when you decide you choose one thing over the other. You take lots of things into account when you make a choice which improves your reasoning skills, even if your judgment goes wrong you have learned to take full responsibility for your failures. You have grown above your circumstances and have understood that you cannot be successful all the time and sometimes it is good to fail so that you can learn and grow more into a humble human being. Sometimes too much success gets into your head and causes ego issues so a certain amount of failure will keep you grounded and more reachable. There is nothing called certainty in life. What exists today may be obsolete tomorrow so you need to keep doing your work and give everything the best part of yourself so that there are no regrets.

When there are regrets in life, your own life gets troublesome. It is good to keep learning and keep growing by enhancing your knowledge. You sometimes have to take few or more risks in life and you do not know what will happen next but then you trust your instincts and make all your decisions, you will grow as you cross one hindrance after another, you cannot be the same person you are bound to evolve into a different person. A person who knows how to persevere and have patience when things are not working in your favor. You have learned your lessons the hard way by walking on a path on which very few people dare and walk. You had the guts to explore your own journey and reach your desired destination. A destination which you chose and you had no idea whether it was written in your destiny or not. When you dare and do things which are much beyond your own imagination God gifts you with something extra which was not meant for you but he makes those extra adjustments for you because you made the higher powers proud by doing the impossible. The journey of life will teach you various lessons and you will have to go through the worst where you will feel like quitting because that will be something which is easy for you but when you make the decision to hold on and try fixing things that you will keep evolving.

The people whom we remember today are not the ones who led normal, mundane lives but they are the ones who took an extra edge and achieved something which was labeled “Impossible”, they broke stereotypes and achieved the “Impossible” and taught everyone that this “Impossible” is “I M Possible”, please try me. If you are one among the masses and want to create a destiny of your own then you have to rise above your present circumstances and figure out the best which you can do so that you can start your journey. The voyage of life is never easy and was never easy for anyone but those who dared to take a path which had less or no walkers were the ones who gained recognition for their work. They made a significant contribution to the world by their work and also lost their old self in the journey of life to emerge as a new person. Your journey will be different from others so don’t compare, just start off because it is today or never. Do not wait for some fine day when everything will be perfect in your world so that you can start off. There will always be some or the other thing which will be out of track so just move on. Start today so that you can take one step after another. You will encounter setbacks because you don’t have the experience, it is good for you because you will learn from your problems and emerge as a new human being when you start solving them one after another. Your brain will work fast and guide you better than before because it knows that now it cannot be lazy, it has to be alert. When you rise above your own thinking which you carried you will grow.

The school of life teaches you much more than your actual school or colleges which you attend to get your education. This learning which you get from life is what you need the most to become into a better version of yourself. A person who does not stops and keeps moving in spite of everything and gets better than the best every day. You will notice that when you change your mindset the whole world around you change because the biggest problem which most people face today is their small thinking. They are so much entangled in themselves and everything around them that they cannot see anything beyond that. This limits their growth and their own well being. When you carry a broader vision towards life and think that whatever is happening in your life is happening for the greater good than you will be at peace. When you will look at the smaller picture everything will seem messy and you will be unhappy with everything so it is important to keep in mind the bigger perspective. When you look at the bigger picture than you will stress less and work more. Sometimes your life will seem to a complete mess and you will not be able to figure out any good in the circumstances happening around you, in those moments just do your part and leave the rest on God. With the passing time, you will be able to connect the dots backward and see the beautiful embroidery which you have made out of your life which seemed to be a complete mess from the other side.

The twists and turns of life will mold you into an evolved soul, you can never be the same person again, you will lose your old self in the journey of life to emerge into a new you, you will then become a person you lost in your journey only to discover yourself again into a new being.

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