Over Work Damages

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2007-03-13 12:55

Over work can cause a lot of damages so please take requisite amount of rest before it starts troubling you. In this fast moving scenario when everyone wants to be ahead of others, people work harder to earn extra. This adds to their salary and the spending power increases. But at the end it takes the toll on your health, your memory and your reasoning power. You get irritated at small things, you over react to certain things.

Now the question arises why does this happen ?

The answer to this is very simple- long hours of work, less rest, less sleep. Our body has a kind of clock called Body clock which is adapted for working during day hours and sleeping during night. But when we start playing with this clock it proves fatal for our health. In earlier times when electricity was not discovered, people used to work during day and sleep during night as they had no other option. But nowadays we have so many options. We have artificial light for working. Thats why our schedule has got disturbed and we are facing so many problems.

I am HR of my firm. I have to work during long hours and it sometimes happen that i sleep at 3 am or 4 am in the morning and wake up at 10am or 11am. The result is that i dont feel fresh. I faced a few problems which i would like to share with you all so that you all dont land up in trouble some situation.

I received a call from one of my clients, he wanted to discuss something with me. I replied i am busy he never turned up again. One person came to give payment to me i gave the invoice and forgot to receive the payments.

The above mentioned example proves how i dissatisfied the client and how absent minded i became when i had to collect the payments.

My only suggestion is mend yourself before its too late and you become slave to the situation.

Work is necessary but not overwork.

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