One Soul lived many Lifetimes, Who am I?

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Past Life

Staying at home and having nothing specific to do I started searching for my own existence. I am a spiritual person. I do meditation and yoga to connect with the source of the creation. One day a thought came in my mind about who am I? And why I experience certain situations or meet certain people. I could not find my answers so I started researching it because I observed certain patterns in my life. There are so many questions that keep hitting my mind again and again as to why I attract certain people in my life or why I feel so deeply for some people, though I never met them in person but I share a bonding with them. I am a person who lives her life from the heart. We all have a soul that keeps us going and when it leaves the body a person is declared dead. This soul which is inside our body has lived many lifetimes and keeps reincarnating here on this earth till it learns all its lessons and merges with the supreme i.e the creator himself.

The body dies and the soul never dies. The body is the outer clothing that is changed by the soul. When the soul enters a certain body it chooses the lessons which it will learn in the present life. This soul has got certain karmas attached to it from the past life with certain people so when it is reborn the whole set of people with whom karma clearing is needed is also born so that this particular soul can do karma clearing. Those people with whom you have got karmas attached will come in your life so that you can clear your debts and move ahead in life. Now there are two possibilities here that you clear the karmic debt and move on or you create more karmas and come again on this earth since the karmas of previous births have not been cleared. Your soul attracts certain people in your life and you may remain clueless as to why you met someone or why a certain person misbehaved with you.

The best thing to set yourself free is by clearing your past karmic debts with a loving heart. Forgive if someone wronged you and not keep whining over that same incidence. It is easier said than done but I tell you your life will get easier when you start forgiving people. You will get peace of mind and you will start connecting more with the creator who will show you the right path so that you clear all your karmic debts in this lifetime. This will lead to Mukti of your soul and the repetitive cycle of birth and death will stop.

My soul must have lived many lifetimes that is something which I am quite sure of since my soul attracts certain people in my life and I keep wondering why someone is in my life. I don’t get easily attached to someone but if I am then I cannot take that person out of my mind. Yes, that is a very big drawback for a person who lives her life from the heart. I started researching past lives since last week and the deeper I dig the more mysterious it gets. I see certain places in my dreams where I never went and I see people whom I never met at least not in this lifetime. Then the biggest question is why they come in my dreams and what message they want to deliver to me or are they with me in my present life in the form of my friends who have a changed body but the same soul.

I could not get my answers but the dreams don’t stop. I wanted my answers so I started searching for various videos on Youtube. I got clarity on a few topics but other questions still remain unanswered. I saw a quotation day before yesterday which said “What you seek is seeking you”, which means I will get my answers in this lifetime. There are very few people who enter my life for a season because I connect strongly from the heart and that is the main reason I can’t forget someone and the same applies to the other person. Two people who connect with each other share the same frequency and you can cut all cords but how do you cut the frequency or vibration which connects two individuals.

I have gone through lots in my life and in spite of all odds I made things happen and never gave up. That is the only reason I survived and got closer to my God, that invisible energy which I can feel but I cannot touch or see it. Now the biggest question, Who am I? My soul lived many lifetimes before it chose me as its host to learn its lessons. I don’t remember my past but I feel many people from my past life are already present in my present life and those souls who are meant to be in my life will enter my life in the coming years. So many questions are coming in my mind as I am progressing in my article writing and if I write all of them you all will get confused as I am. For your sanity, I am keeping those confusions to my own self and writing something which made sense to me so that you all can dig deep and get your answers as to why you feel connected with certain people and they too may feel the same but you don’t know because you both are separated by distance.

A thought came in my mind how can someone fall in love with people who are placed very far from them, I would say placed in two ends on the globe. Like did they not get anyone in their own country or their own place that they fell in love with someone on the other end of the globe. The best part is the other person also feels the same. The question is how did that love happen? The energies connect because your energies are not bound by boundaries or people and it connects with the same frequency. You do not do friendship with anyone or everyone and do not fall in love with everyone. You choose, you select and then you make your decisions. I too don’t know how this happens but it does happen. You call it destiny, past life karma or God’s will because two people who are in each other’s lives are there for a reason so that you two face the world together and learn your lessons.

When you meet someone and feel a connection at first sight that simply means you two have faced each other in previous lifetimes and are meant to be in each other’s lives in this lifetime. Make friends, fall in love, clear your past life karmas, forgive people and live a great life. The past is not yet gone and it will meet you in the present so start living and be happy. Past life regression specialists can help you recall your past life so that you can get answers to your questions because your subconscious mind remembers everything. Give it a try so that you can connect the dots and get your answers.

Too many queries clog the brain so start looking for answers because if you are a restless soul like me then you need to get your answers for a good night’s sleep or else the same thoughts will take away your nights sleep and you will keep looking for your answers on your mobile in the middle of the night. I know I may sound crazy but these things happen with people who are interested in the working of the universe and can feel energies.

I really request you, people, to write your thoughts in the comments section. I would love to hear about your experiences. There is something more I want to write about. Oh please don’t laugh at me. There is a spiritual Facebook where you are friends with certain people and you share your strong bond there and start meeting them in person one by one.

Lots of love to you all. Stay at Home. Stay safe. See You All Soon.

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