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Next stair in the staircase of time - Which way to go?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-11-14 17:33
36963 Durga Maa

When you don’t know what is next in life or which way to go then you need to calm down. Being in constant agitation will not help you deal with the stress but aggravate your problem. There are some problems that are timeless and they will arise again and again after some time but you have to deal differently with them depending on the situation. Fair or unfair life, it's useless complaining. It's you who has to deal with whatever life presents to you. You can discuss your problems with family and friends but in the end, it's your decision. Have the courage to make decisions even if you have made many mistakes in the past because you can’t hand over the keys to your happiness in someone else’s hand. I know how difficult life can get at times including decision making but I rely on my own intuition and myself because my parents say you are big enough to make decisions for your own life. In the end, it's you who has to suffer the brunt of all the wrong decisions which you made. When you stand on a road you have the option to choose any of the four paths. Once you choose you should have faith and the needed courage to complete the journey and reach your destination.

I never knew that I will have to go through so much in my life just because I asked for something which felt right to me at that moment in 2015. The amount of physical pain I have borne is something that is beyond my own imagination as well as beyond the thinking of a common man. It is like doing an operation on a person without injecting anesthesia. When you have gone through so much pain in your life then you can handle anything or everything in life. No living being in the entire universe can cause you any kind of mental pain because they don’t have an idea of your tolerance. The universe has weird ways of achieving its goal so it is better to be mentally and physically prepared when you have asked for the impossible which is possible only for God. Yeah, you guessed it right they will transform you into one and then make you do the work which you wish to do in the world. Don’t underestimate the power of prayers because your prayers can touch the divine and he has no other option but to show his physical presence and give you what you have asked for. The only criterion is a strong intention and unwavering faith rest will be done by the invisible realm.

I have covered so much distance in the journey of 6 years. My parents always protected me and kept me safe till I was with them but my Ex taught me all the harsh life lessons which I needed to learn for my future journey. I gave that man my precious 22 years of my life and understood just one thing If you are meant to suffer you will suffer even if you have known the person since your school days. If something is meant to last it will even if you don’t know the person you are marrying especially in an arranged marriage. One broken relationship changed me as a person and the entire course of my life to the point of no return. When you don’t know which way to go then it is better you focus your entire energy on yourself so that you attract the right things in your life. Work on your inner self through Yoga and meditation so that you are directed toward the right things and attract the right relationship in your life. I learned many lessons which will stay in my memory for a lifetime. I would request every person to forgive but not reconsider the same person. This helps you in releasing them from your memory. Be emotionally tough. Don’t compare your life’s journey with someone else because two people can never be on the same timeline in their journey of life. Two souls have different purposes and absolutely different reasons for their existence. One can suffer too much while the other person can have an absolutely smooth life. You can’t get jealous and curse the other person time and again because it brings endless suffering.

When the room is not lit and there is total darkness you fear falling down but even when the whole room is well lit you still fear climbing the first stair because you don’t know what next or where that journey will take you. In those moments of despair if you leave all those past mental programmings of fear behind and take that first bold step then there is no looking back. I would urge each one of you to first complete your inner journey or complete your inner work so that you are fully armed when walking alone. It is your journey, someone can walk with you but no one can walk for you. Someone else cannot live your life, someone else can’t be you. I am also waiting to complete the last phase of my work and see where my journey takes me because sitting in a place with retired people who are relaxing and waiting for me to move ahead in life can be very challenging at times. You can’t open your heart or speak your mind with them because their skyrocketed expectation is not ready to take in your words. After seeing the true face of people with the changing circumstances I feel bad and I know that this is something that can’t carry on for long. When your intentions are clear the universe itself will hold your hands and show you the right path. When you have asked for a short path because you have less time on this planet then the cosmic realm has to make all those last-time adjustments and carve a new layout for you. It will make you wait for that time and that waiting period feels like hell. There are days in your life when it feels that no motivation is working. It is ok because life can be very tough at times.

You can never see the full road map of your life by standing at a point because God has planned your entire journey and destination. You take that first step and then as you move ahead in life you will see that you climbed a long way without realizing that you feared so much to take that first step. Always remember it is between you and the cosmos. It is the universe serving you in the form of a person and fulfilling your dreams. When you don’t understand your journey then it is better to trust the cosmos and have faith that it will move all the strings to fulfill your wishes and remove all roadblocks from your life. There comes a point in your life when you feel you have waited longer than usual for your manifestation to happen. Chill. It simply means that it is time for the wheel of time to turn in your favor so that you can get what you want. Just keep walking and don’t stop because that way you will not stagnate and grow in your journey. Your path will prepare you for all the next steps you need to climb. Don’t fear how you will handle those next steps in your life. Have faith that only those problems will be presented to you which can be handled easily by you. You will be fully equipped and prepared for your journey.

When you know that you have passed all your exams with flying colors than be prepared for a Grand Prize which will be presented by the cosmos by none other than the creator himself. Happy Children’s Day.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m