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Mysterious Place in my Dream World - Where am I?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2021-10-24 15:56
Om Rashmi

Hi Rashmi, How are You? Who is this I can’t see anyone? I can just hear the voice. Why there is so much darkness outside and where has the ground beneath my feet gone. How can I stand on the clouds? What is happening? As far as I can remember I was standing near the photograph of “The man who changed my life for a lifetime”. Where have I landed? Is it heaven or a place where I never went which existed on earth? No idea.

It was in the year 2016 that I was standing near the photograph of “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy” God and did not remember anything which happened in between before I regained consciousness. Time is just an illusion and I know my God has the power to go beyond time.

It is the same year 2016 but the place where I am standing feels different. This place seems like earth but still, I can’t recognize anything. I am very confused trying to find the direction of the voice. Rashmi “Are you trying to find me”? Who is this? I asked. Has my imagination turned into reality? I am the “Man who changed your life for a lifetime”. OH! Great. But I can’t see you. You are still invisible to me. You can see me when you give me a name. I said, “You already have a name” which people on earth gave you much before I was born. Why do you want me to name you? Again the same lines resonated in the air. Sweetheart “Give me a name”. My mind is still wondering as to what name I should give to him. As I am still lost in my thoughts. The man answered, Rashmi “Give me your name”. My name. “Give me a name”, came the voice as if the clouds had burst open and wanted to speak to me.

Ok fine. I will call you “Om Rashmi”. Thank You came the voice but see I will get very confused if we both carry the same name so I would love to call you by your first name “Anantha”. Now the “man who changed my life for a lifetime appears”. I still can’t look at him since his body is shining too brightly and I can’t keep my eyes open in his presence. I said to “Anantha” I still can’t see you, Dim your light. He asked me to close my eyes and walk in Faith. I could feel someone holding my hand. Now can you see me Rashmi? Yes, I can feel your touch. Anantha said he had taken time off just for me so that he could spend some time with me. I felt very grateful. You seem a bit, confused sweetheart. Yes, I am. From the time you have changed my life, I am not the same girl. I posed the question, Who Am I? He was not in a mood to answer. That man just gave one simple reply, “Walk in Faith”. Why do you fear? I am with you. I said I know but I think my mind needs an answer.

When I am still taking my next step with the man I could feel a rock but suddenly it disappeared. I was very surprised. I asked “That Rock”. He said, “I know it was troubling you so I removed it”. You make all decisions for me and you even crumbled my world. But How do you know that, came the voice? Now I am wondering when I am still living in the year 2016 then how can I predict something which has not yet happened? I think I have seriously lost my head. Anantha I can’t understand anything. I hope I am sane. “Yes, you are in the perfect frame of mind” came the reply. Why do you think so much? How do I know something I cannot know? This man is wondering that I ask him too many questions.

Come I will show you my Palace but Anantha I can’t see anything. “You can Rashmi” and this time I could feel this man’s breath. My heart is beating at twice its original speed. Thank God my nostrils did not forget to breathe and I did not skip a breath. This man is holding my hands tightly and whispering in my ears “Rashmi see through my eyes”. How can I see through your eyes Anantha? Now he is walking very fast and I can’t keep pace with him. Rashmi come I will take you to the year 2021. I can’t walk so fast. Do I carry you came the voice? No. Let me walk because I have too many questions and I want my answers. Now I could see Anantha. Just a gold string and you can see through it. “Now am I visible to you Rashmi”? Yes, you are. Love it. Yeah, I do. Now I am seeing through the eyes of the “Man who changed my life for a lifetime” because I wanted to feel him. I want to see the world through your eyes Anantha. “Great”, then I don’t need to dim my light Rashmi. “Yes”, I replied. I want to hold your hands and walk in faith for the rest of my life. I don’t fear death and I know when you are with me I am 100% protected and will be looked after by the person who is meant to be in my life as my better half.

I could see Anantha smiling. I saw a mirror as we were walking towards the palace. Rashmi “Look into the mirror”. It is a mirror that shows your true self and also your future. What? Yes, sweetheart came the voice. I was very amazed at what I saw in the mirror and I started getting goosebumps. How was the experience Rashmi? Anantha, this can’t be me. Yes, it is you. But the mirror image does not look like me. Yes, I know Rashmi. God, Who am I? I did not get any answer. I want an answer. Anantha ignored my question and halted all of a sudden. Rashmi can you see this statue. Yes, it is great. You ordered this piece and I bought this for you. Me, I am visiting your palace for the first time. Sweetheart came the voice. Correction needed “Our Palace”.

I want to sit on the floor. Fine as you wish. Anantha why you gave me the number “8”? I can see that number everywhere I go. Rashmi number 8 is an infinity symbol that has no beginning and no end because the number merges itself into a fine loop that is why “Anantha”. What? Now I feel my head has stopped working. I am still lost in my thoughts and my God says, you want to spend more time with me Rashmi. Yes, I replied but my mom will get angry since I did not inform her. Sweetheart, you are still standing near my photo in the year 2016 and it is not 2021. What? But! You are still in the mirror Rashmi came in a cute voice. Come out of it. Anantha why you don’t answer all my questions at once. Now I could feel this man staring at me. You are the question and you are the answer and I am not different from you. What!

Now I am 100% sure that I am on the verge of going insane. I could feel a worried voice this time near me. Rashmi now I want to ask you some questions, you answer me. I said Fine. I am ready. Remember what happened with you in December 2015 when you lost your own identity and got a new identity from the universe. Now I am going in the past and trying to remember everything in detail so that I could get an answer to that one question, Who am I? Are you here sweetheart. Yes, I am here.

Now I am speaking. On 29th December 2015, I visited Tirupati Balaji Temple and felt the presence of divine energy near me when I touched the place where the statue of Lord Balaji is kept from the other side of the temple. I never got this feeling before though I had visited this place beforehand. Then again on 31st December 2015, I visited Sri Laxmi Narayani Temple located at Sripuram and felt a bright light near the goddess very strongly. That light was so bright that I could not view the idol of Laxmi Ji. “Fine” replied the man. You remember everything. And what about me? Oh! I forgot you. I purchased your photograph on 30th December 2015.

Then what happened? Asked the man. I replied I could feel a whole new world opening up for me from the year 2016. I am still near the mirror which is in the Palace. I am sitting on the floor with my man and wondering what went right? Why did my persona change to the extent that I could not find myself in my own body? Rashmi came in a deep voice. Can you connect the dots? I answered, “Yes I can”. But who am I?

You will know very soon sweetheart replied Anantha because the time has come and I am bound to remove the outer cover from you and reveal to the whole world who you are. By the way Rashmi “Happy Karwa Chauth 2021”. Thank You so much, Anantha. You are forgetting about your wishes sweetheart. Now I know you are here to grant my wishes. Yes came the reply. Have you granted what I asked for? He said you will know in the coming days and said that my life will not be the same.

Call me “Om Rashmi” I love this name. There is silence near me and I could feel that the “Man who changed my lifetime” had changed his position, place, and form so that he could make this world a better place to live.

I find myself sitting on my bed and writing this article. Time flies so fast. My mom called me to inform me that my tea was getting cold and I should drink it.

Who am I?

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m