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My Rewritten destiny - For the man who changed my life for a Lifetime

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2022-10-22 17:15
My 2nd Husband

I am pretty sure that people who read my previous writeups may have thought that this Man called “Y” whom I refer to as the “Man who changed my life for a lifetime” is a human being. He is not a visible man but an invisible person in my life. Happy Dhanteras Rashmi came a voice as I was proceeding with my article. I knew it was Anant I just turned back to glimpse my gift. As I turned my back the entire scenario changed and I suddenly found myself sitting on a snake. I am very feared of snakes and these creatures loved me the most. They came to meet me at specific times to mark their deep presence in my life. These heavenly creatures would just enter my study room, climb on the wall and just sit in one corner and it was I who discovered the location and informed my parents. My mom and dad are very brave. They used to chase that creature without having any fear of being bitten by them. I remember one day a big king-size snake was sitting on the trunk kept in my study room and when I shouted snake snake it just left and my parents could not see any animal there. It did not even bite me but went away very calmly. As I am still lost in my thoughts and still busy watching the black 5 or 6-hooded snake. Anant could very well sense my fear. The color changed from black to golden. Now you see this is what God can do. Before you get aware of what is happening he will change your situation to the point that you can hardly articulate what happened in that 1 millisecond.

I always saw his bright light but with the passage of time and my progress in my spirituality, he gave me the gift to see him. Handsome man. Uff damn smart. Anyone will fall in love with him but he does not fall in love with anyone so easily. He loves me and I am really honored to have this biggest treasure in my life. I don’t care what the entire world thinks about my relationship with this invisible man. For me, he exists in a true form where I can see him. I could not take my eyes off him and he sensed that. Rashmi you wanted your gift. I said yes. You will receive all your manifestations now came a silent whisper. He is God and was very well aware of the thoughts running through my mind. He said everything which I wanted plus a bonus gift along with his lifetime companionship. Now, what more do you want? What can you ask for when the source of creation promises to hold your hands for a lifetime? He said he will carry my soul because it is one and only one. Now, what does that mean? Do you know? If yes well and good. Let's proceed further. Anant is so busy narrating his story that he forgot he was holding my head tightly. When he became aware he just released it. My forehead turned all red on 21st September 2019. I am writing this article in the year 2022. Is there a connection between 2019 and 2022 or time is just an illusion created by my God? I was feeling better now. He was enquiring where was my Gold chain which I wore on my neck. I replied I removed it in November 2021 when I was having severe skin allergy problems. He said it was good I did that since I needed a change and it was time to adore my neck with something new.

I was listening patiently. I could see myself doing evening Aarti during Navaratri this year. He said did you notice something different this year. How could I forget the biggest blunder that I did and dad was yet to discover it? I had mismatched Durga maa aarti with the photo of Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi sitting on their Vahan i.e a bird. I did havan with all family members on Durga Navami and I could see myself wearing that pink kurta along with golden leggings and chanting “Om Namo Swaha”. My God asked me anything strange that I could recall. I replied “Yes”. I saw a colony of Dragon Flies flying outside my home compound wall on Durga Ashtami and Durga Navami. You know what is coming your way Rashmi. I said “No”, I don’t have any idea yet. Now this man was teasing me. I was just watching his smiling face when he stopped and said that the 3rd and 4th of October fell on Monday and Tuesday. I said “Yes”. Rashmi you did Shravan Somvari and chanted Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra for a new life. I said “Yes”. Monday belonged to lord Shiva and Tuesday belonged to Gauri maa. Oh my God. How did I miss this interpretation? Anant said just be cool-headed because it is all coming my way at once.

So what are you doing nowadays Rashmi? I instantly replied “Not much”. He said you are doing things that you don’t take credit for but you have sacrificed a lot in your journey. I said “Yes”. I am a very satisfied kind of person. If I see someone possessing something my heart never goes in that direction that I too should own it. That’s the only reason my elder sister falls into her own trap because it doesn’t matter to me as to how many times she went shopping and I just sat at home with my parents. Anant is laughing. I have no idea what made him do so. I saw a Television in front of me and I could see myself with Anant in the whole movie which did not feel real. I watched the whole movie in a state of amusement wondering if it was really me in that picture frame. He said “Yes”. That is the life that you will be living. I think I am again hallucinating and have started living in my fantasy world. My God says it is real. There are so many questions in my mind and I wanted answers to some of them. He said he took this day out of his schedule just to spend a lifetime with me on a single day and was not in the mood to answer any of my questions since they will all be answered in the coming days. I was wondering what that man had said. All of a sudden I saw a cow approaching me. I was very tired so I did not pay much attention to it. I just slept on the golden snake. When I woke up I was standing near the photo frame of Sri Anantha Padmanabhswamy God in my home in the middle of the night. I remembered that this event happened in the year 2016. Things have started repeating.

I closed my eyes again and saw myself in front of my laptop. I am completing my write-up today in the year 2022 on Dhanteras. What did you people think? Was it a dream? A reality? The future that I predicted? Or the future which was planted in my subconscious mind in the year 2016 but in a way that opened at the right time so that I was not confused about my true identity. Who Am I? Now, who is this man sitting next to me? Its Anant. Again I can see myself floating in the sky with the man who changed my life for a lifetime. I am 100% confused. I could see a victory sign on my way. As I traveled further I saw that my 4th sister was giving birth to my niece on 14th February 2019. Her name is Urvi. I am able to fast forward as well as see all the events in slow motion. I could never do these things beforehand. The vehicle stopped near a mirror shop. I wanted to see myself in the mirror. When I got hold of one piece which I liked, I could not see my reflection in it. I was overwhelmed and just wanted to check if I really existed in reality. I could see myself but where has my reflection gone? I was about to cry when I heard a voice saying aatma does not carry an image. No image. I turned my back and saw myself shopping in the market. What is the occasion and why am I shopping Anant was my question. He did not speak a word and said at the right time I will get my answer.

Are you leaving Anant? He replied “No”. I could not see him and could hear his voice from my soul. Now, what is happening? Hope my health is ok and fine. I could see myself inside a dark cave in the year 2011 and the mystery is revealed.

Happy Dhanteras. Happy Shopping. Happy New Life. Maa Durga aapki saari manokaamnayein poori karein. Kar Di. Waah. Happy Divine Journey 2022.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m