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My Life and Signs of Law of Attraction Success from the Universe

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2020-09-20 17:51

It feels I took a long break from writing. I was working on my energies and completing a few spiritual works which needed my attention. I was focusing my energies more on myself rather than anything else and that is the only reason there was a discontinuity in my writing. I took a break, even from social media for some time. You need to put single-minded attention and conserve your energies when you are working on something where minimum distraction is needed. I am back to writing again. Hope you all are doing well. Be Happy. I am working on my energies so that it can benefit every person on this planet. If you all can feel the shift in my energy it is great, if not it means I have a long way to go.

The only thing which you need the most when you are working on something is your focus, commitment, and dedication with 100% faith that things have to happen because you leave no room for the universe to say “No”. If you are someone like me who cannot take "No" for an answer than it is great. Both I and my God cannot take “No” for an answer. It is Yes and only Yes. I don’t have Plan B if Plan A does not work. I know when I have put forth my energies and have worked on something with full commitment and zero distraction things have to work. The entire universe has to make it happen. It is a giving universe and it just wants your focus and attention but if you are someone who shifts his focus every other day then you are not only confusing yourself but also the universe. Your commitment towards something should be such that when you want it you want only that particular thing and nothing else.

Learn the art of focusing and kill all your distractions. A distracted mind cannot achieve great results. Every person who did something big did it with a single-minded vision. That is the only reason I always recommend everyone to do Yoga and Meditation. I only know the amount of pain I have gone through. My divorce, health problems, career break, emotional problems, and on top of that people wanting to take a bite of my life. I have survived everything and that is the only reason I label myself as a fighter because I don’t give up easily. I have persevered and have learned all my lessons the hard way. Life was tough on me and has molded me into a new being. It is difficult for me to recognize myself. What I was and what I have become. One single incident changed me and the entire course of my life. Why everything happened with me was a question that haunted me the most and now I have my answer. At the age of 40 when most people are settled and planning for the next phase of their life, I am just going to start my new life. I got my answer that the work which I am meant to do required my spiritual growth and the universe had no other option but to give me the biggest pain of my life so that I changed my entire journey.

I did everything to get my peace. I don’t label the incidence as positive or negative because now my whole perspective of life has changed. I have got more humble. I am not a very serious kind of person, nor too disciplined. Though the worst happened with me I did not lose my smile. If you are in my company you will forget everything because that is the amount of comfort level I establish with everyone. Today the date is 20th September 2020. 3 “20’s”. Numbers speak to me like crazy.

Accompany me to the mysterious world where the entire universe acts as one to deliver one single message that your wishes have been granted. I already wrote about the amount of work that you need to do to manifest your desires into a living reality using the Law of Attraction. Trust the divine (or Universe) he loves you much more than you think. I am a spiritual girl but I don’t follow the orthodox method of spirituality. I always ask my God if it is ok with him and when the reply is yes then I know that he is ready to adjust. The only thing which I know is when you do something do it whole-heartedly. Don’t put 50% effort and expect 100% results. It never happens that way. Finish what you start. Even when you see no signs of success from the universe, keep doing what you are doing because you will not get results even if you leave something at 99%. It’s life, persevere. When you were born on this earth you tried and learned to breathe. There are few things which you get easily in life and that is the grace of God. Thank him for that and there are few things for which you need to put forth your consistent effort. Just do your part and have faith that God is more than willing to add his part and make your work successful.

I have done my work with full sincerity. The universe knows what I want and I don’t distract myself. I have received messages of my success from the universe through signs and symbols though nothing is yet visible on the physical plane. I am working on the Law of Attraction for the first time. Whatever experiences I had was only theoretical but now it is all practical. I am done with the bookish knowledge, now I want to experiment and check how everything works. How the energy world works and makes things happen? What are energy, frequency, and vibration? Everything. I want the universe to open up for me and impart the mystical knowledge. I remember the proverb which says "What you seek is seeking you". The signs which I see that I have manifested my desires are lots of synchronicities. Whatever is going on in my head is around me. Either I see them on television, Youtube videos, Facebook or people just pass on the message to me. The message is so profound and clear that I simply can’t miss it. I have created a Playlist on Amazon music and I listen to it most of the time when I am not doing any work. My list comprises of all romantic songs and only one devotional song of Lord Balaji. I purposely added it to my playlist because I love listening to that song. Many times when I went to light the lamp that particular song just started playing. I don’t know how my timing and the timing of that song matched but it gave me a crystal clear message.

It is a very mystical universe. You just put your dedicated effort with a pure heart and it will open up to you in ways you can never imagine. I wished “Happy Teacher’s Day” only to two people. One of them is my dad and the other is the man whom I love the most. The universe wished me by gifting me with 4 beautiful feathers. I see a repeated number sequence. I see the number 69, 96, 696, 1221, 1111, 8888, 3, 7, and many more. I am also working on myself and some number sequence signifies success in my spiritual work. I see dragonflies more often than usual. I wished for a great husband, a successful career, and spiritual growth so that I can fulfill my purpose with ease. I am going to give you live examples. I went to the Samsung service center to get my phone mended and there two guys were talking about love or arranged marriage. I was attending a Facebook live event and there the lady was sharing how she changed her career and went for wedding photography.

I can’t skip the message. I have received a message of “New Beginnings” from the universe. My intuition is giving me messages of success. I can feel the energy, the changed vibe, my new frequency. My mom called me yesterday and said that it is high time for me to settle down in life. It is not just me but even my mom who can feel the energy. She keeps asking me if I have someone in my life. I don’t know what to answer. I have 100% proof of success in my energy field but there is no proof of it in the physical work. God, what do I tell my Mom? Friends one thing is for sure even if you read thousands of books and accumulate tons of knowledge it is only theory. It is only when you experience whatever you have read that you understand that this giant universe is alive. It speaks, it listens, it feels, and is there for you. God is great. The creator is mystical and so is his universe which he created with great precision. Don’t try to apply too much logic to anything. The place where your logic ends is the place where you start your journey into the invisible world of energy which can be traveled with closed eyes because you cannot carry any artificial light there. You have to trust the divine and walk the path. He will guide you. Have faith.

My journey into the mystical invisible world started in the year 2015 after I visited the Tirupati Balaji temple and Sri Laminarayani temple located at Sripuram. I felt it was all my fantasy but my experiences completely changed my belief and I know my God is in my life for a reason. I am living a single life and am not doing any other work so I am exploring the unexplored world which is inhabited by my God. I meditate for a longer time. Yeah, I forgot to mention something if you meditate folding your right leg on top of your left leg then try the other way round too so that it helps in balancing energies of both halves of the body. Now I see a blue light near my God. I have no idea what this blue light means but I know my life and my dreams are in the safe hands of my God (The man who changed my life by his presence).

Be focused whether it is your career or your love because the universe opens up for those who have passed the eligibility criteria. Every person gets distracted and it is only human but when you learn how to concentrate your mind on one thing you will master the skill over a period of time. Thank the universe for showing its grace in the form of synchronicities. Thank God for showering his grace and love on you.

I am planning for my new journey, my new life where I see a married status for me. Be happy, be blessed. Spread your smile because the world needs it the most right now.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m