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My Fantasy World - Is it Real or Just my Imagination?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-09-11 20:05
Fantasy World

God is great. He is the one who makes things happen. The other day I was talking to one of my friends about the fanstasy world and like he had no idea of what it is so I was left with no other option but to explain to him what it is like to stay in a fantasy world. I tried to explain all the theory but still, he could not understand so I decided to take him for a ride in my chariot because he left me with no other option but to do that. How can someone have no idea of the fantasy world? You have not yet seen one in movies was the only question I kept asking and he told me that he did not see movies. I was so amazed at his answer that I thought he must be joking or he may also be suffering from overwork and losing sleep like me. Now, this is the biggest problem which happens when I sleep less and work more, the whole world around me changes and I don’t have any idea of what happened. I thought he maybe someone like me who must have overslept or overworked and that is the only reason he could not connect with his right senses to understand what a fantasy world is. I knew he was joking. I asked him in a funny voice “Did you see Bahubali movie”? The first part and he said “No”. I thought this man is really very crazy “He did not see Bahubali 1”. I am a big fan of that movie and especially the special effects that take you to the fantasy world.

He again told me the same story that he does not watch movies. I told him “Ok Come, ride my chariot” and I will take you to the Fantasy world which I have built in the heavens. He was so startled by my answer that he posed me a question “Do you stay in the Heavens?” I simply replied, “No I don’t stay there”. It is only sometimes I visit my Palace and the inhabitants there look after the kingdom. He again looked with a surprised face towards me and asked me “How come you maintain such a huge Palace, you must be earning a lot of money Right?” I replied yes the work which I did a few days back has made me a Multi-Trillionaire. He wanted to know about my work and everything I did. I stopped my chariot and asked him, “Are you interested in seeing the Fantasy world or knowing about my work?” His answer was both. I understood this man is interested in me. I replied “See I do a variety of work, some are visible to the public eye and the rest is not known to anyone, It is more like a mystic doing her work and you keep wondering the source of my creation. I do write books and work on a variety of issues related to public welfare and wealthy people donate me for the cause, it is like I am rotating their money in the right direction”. He was impressed “Wow you are doing great work”. I replied, “Yes I know”. The biggest problem is the media attention which does not leave my home and that is the only reason I have to build my Palace in the heavens so that they cannot trouble me and I can catch some sleep here.

He asked me “By the way your chariot looks very beautiful”. I replied, “Yes indeed it is since this is the latest model which was gifted to me by an unknown person who claimed to know me for a long time like millions of years ago”. I could feel his emotions. I replied, “You don’t bother much, that man gifted the chariot and left since he has got other works to do”. I again asked him “Are you interested in seeing the Fantasy world or I should make my way back home on earth since I have some work to complete”. This man replied with complete modesty “No No, let’s proceed to the heavens”. I knew “he wanted to spend some time with me”. The eyes cannot lie. Well since it was a Sunday and I did not have much work to do I thought let me give company to this soul. At least we can be friends and sometimes I can chat with him on WhatsApp when I am free. I jokingly asked this man “What’s your age?” and instead of giving a reply to my answer he asked me my age “I replied I am 39 years young”. Oh Wow! No one can guess your right age, “How do you maintain that was his question?” I replied I don’t do much “Just Yoga, good food and good thoughts”. He was impressed and I could not understand why? I again asked him his age and this man was not replying to me.

Though he looked very young but then I wanted to know the right age from his own mouth. He could understand my discomfort and replied: “There is an age gap of 14-15 years between us”. “It is ok” I replied. What is the big deal? You do not look at the age of the person when you do friendship right? I could sense a question mark on his face. I asked him “Do you look at the age of a friend when you want to do friendship?” He was still staring at me. I asked him what happened? He was still not ready to disclose anything. Now this man is testing my patience. I told him “Reply yaar, get comfortable, I don’t eat humans”. That’s it, we both laughed out loud and I knew he was better than before. Now I could understand that this man was not here to do friendship with me. I am a straight forward kind of person and this is something which even my dad acknowledges. My dad used to tell me that I was a bold girl but then I don’t go against my dad’s wishes. I asked him for his real reasons to come and meet me. He was shy. Oh my God “I have never ever handled a shy man in my lifetime”. Now, what do I do? I asked him again “Do I leave you home?” He simply replied “No”. Now I was 100% rest assured that this man means serious business and will not leave until he gets answers to his questions from me. I was impressed by his Guts. No man ever had the guts to talk to me like that and this man who was younger to me had it. I became his fan.

I just wanted to know “what was going on in his head?” and so I asked him directly the real reason for his arrival since I had booked my tickets for “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” Movie which I was not ready to miss, not for anyone. I have loved hearing that song “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” and I have loved it so much that I had booked my tickets weeks in advance. He said he will also watch the movie with me. I told him “You wanted to see the fantasy world in the heavens” and now you say you are interested in the movie. I asked him “What he was up to?” He told me to change the direction of my chariot towards earth since he had booked two tickets for the same movie. I was amazed and asked “What?” Yes, he replied shyly. I asked him “Who is accompanying you for the movie”. He did not answer. Oh God, this man is difficult for me to handle. He looked at me and handed me one of the movie tickets he had booked. I was exclaimed at his gesture and asked him, “Do you want me to accompany you to the movie?” He replied a big “Yes”. He is a romantic guy I thought. Well okay then let’s proceed towards the earth. He had other plans too and enquired as to what I was going to do after the movie. I told him that I had lots of work to do, there is not one thing which I can specify. His whole face had a big question mark, I knew this man was not convinced.

I asked him “What are your plans?” I will adhere to them. He said we can have dinner and then he will leave me home in his own car which is quite expensive. I did not pay much attention to what he told since I thought the movie might begin and I may miss the first part. My chariot landed near the gates of the movie theatre with a big jolt.

I woke up my alarm was ringing at a high pitch, I switched it off and looked at the watch. It was at 12 noon. Now, this is what happens when I overwork I oversleep and daydream, have night dreams and all the characters of medieval times occupy my senses. My doorbell was ringing so I leaped out of bed to open the door and guess what I saw?

No, I will not answer. You all make your guesses and let me know.

Bye, Good Night my lovely readers. Tomorrow is Anant Chaturdashi. Our God Ganesh Ji has showered peace and prosperity in our life. Now let us prepare to welcome our new guest “Durga Maa”.

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