My Day out - My experience of Life Today

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-09-16 22:21

I declared a holiday today for myself since I was very tired from the previous week’s work. I am even tired now while I am writing this article of mine. It was all ok in the morning but as soon as it was around 6 PM in the evening I just wanted to go shopping. I watched “Dear Zindagi” on my mobile today and then went shopping. Before 6 PM I was not in a mood to go anywhere but as soon as the clock struck 6 PM I think it struck my senses that I should go shopping today. I could not stop myself from going shopping. I was making plans from the 1st of September 2019 to go shopping but I could not make it. Sometimes I was preoccupied with work and other days I could not prepare my mind so when the thought just came in my mind I just dressed up, booked the cab and went shopping. I went to purchase Sandals first. I reached the Bata showroom located in civil lines, Nagpur at around 7:30 PM in the evening since I left home at 7 PM. I saw various sandals but my eyes got hooked on just one and though I tried other sandals I zeroed down my choice to that one pair which caught my attention at first sight. The lady showing me sandals was very humble. She asked me to remove the old sandal so that she could try the new one. As she was making me wear sandal she touched my feet. I told her that I will try all sandals on my own and she should not bother much.

I connected with that girl and made her comfortable in my presence by talking to her. The whole showroom was empty so my laughter added with hers’s and the whole showroom vibrated with our happy state of mind. A boy was looking at both of us and watching our conversation closely and looking for an opportunity to just slip in and be a part of the conversation. Then when my work was done I just left and bid her Good Bye. She bid me goodbye too. I did not know her nor did she knew me but we connected. I could feel that she was happy in my presence. She was a complete stranger, I connected with her. I touched her life by my presence and by my words. I simply believe that my work does not end when I switch off my Laptop or my Mobile or when I am out of the hall after completing my workshop but my work starts after I step out in the world and connect with all unknown people. Not everyone can come to attend my workshp so does my work just ends there? I get paid for my work but then there are a lot of people out there who need my guidance and advice. If you can give them that then you have achieved your true purpose in life. You can earn billions of rupees but then if you do not have the heart to share your love, affection, teaching and your very money with someone who needs it then what life you have lived?

I would say you need to work a little more on yourself so that you can connect with everyone because you see we are all connected with each other in one or the other way. For example - If your neighbors or people around you are unhappy, can you be happy? I would say it is difficult to be happy when others around you are unhappy. Just think of an ideal situation as to how beautiful our life would have been when everyone around us would have been happy. If you change the life of one person by touching him in any way with your presence then that person will remember you for a lifetime. There are few people whom you do not know but when you meet them they touch your life, their mere presence changes you as a person, that person occupies a place in your heart and you cannot define the relationship and you still cannot remove that person from your mind. Great na? Yes, such things do happen. Try to become that person whose memory cannot be deleted from your soul because when a person touches your heart he also touches your soul.

I have seen all facets of life in my life of 39 years. Do you people think that I had an easy life? Then I would say “No”. I have had my bad days, struggle and sorrows which I could not overcome and that is the only reason I went to my God and asked him for a solution. You know the best thing is when you call upon your God with a pure heart that is filled with love then they have no other option but to come and meet you. My prayers touched my God and he packed his bags to come on earth from heavens so that he could mold me into a person who spreads love and happiness and touches the lives of every person who comes in contact with me. Did you ever think about why you get stressed? The only reason is people today have forgotten to smile and love from their hearts. There are very few people who love deeply while others have a shallow feeling which is governed by money, name, fame and a lot more. There are very few people who fall in love with the actual person who exists in you.

Why you do want to define the intangible? You cannot buy the intangible’s nor can you see it, you can just feel it. The deeper your feeling, the deeper the connection you share with the other person. Why give a name to everything in your life? Just enjoy the feeling, do your work because when true love touches your life, it transforms your life. You are happy, you feel fulfilled and you can concentrate on your work better, you get more productive and you do not stress out. That is the power of love and that is the only reason I say that “Love is the most powerful force in the entire universe”. When love is in your life, it is your God who is in your life. Now answer my question, Why do you worship God? The reason being he gives you peace and happiness and takes away your sorrows. Right? Agree with me? Then when a person changes your complete being with his or her presence you should appreciate it and be happy. Even God’s incarnate again and again on this earth to teach only one language. Guess what? The language of “Love”. We human beings have reached the sky but have forgotten to love creatures who exist on the earth plane and are near us. There is a question worth asking yourself that if technology has advanced for the betterment of society then why are people stressed? It simply means that there a cord that has been disconnected somewhere which needs to be fixed so that we live a happy and fulfilled life with our latest gadgets and be happy as our forefathers.

Now tell me just one thing, why do you look out for some big reason to smile? Just smile when you see a sunshine, a bird, a tree, a child, your God, when you eat your favorite chocolate, talk to the person who makes you smile, wear that same T-shirt again and look at the new you, look at the sky, the stars, the sun, the moon, the rainbow or when you see your funny self in your mirror. Come on just smile, Keep smiling and spread the smile. Be love and spread love. I bet you, you will forget about all other feelings because they will not exist in you and that is the only reason they will leave your memory.

Just Smile, be funny, enjoy what you do and become somewhat like me who finds out every reason to smile. I am writing this article at 3 AM in the morning in half sleepy state. Even my mind has started complaining that I overuse it sometimes but then it has no option to leave but to stay with me. Great na? Smile, just Smile.

I wish you all Good Night and Sweet dreams. It does not matter to me when you read this write up of mine. Life is sweet and it is you who adds sweetness to your life. Eat some chocolates and gift me some so that I can also remember you when I eat them.


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