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Meditation and Yoga to reach OM

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2020-01-02 14:39

Hello, my lovely readers. I am writing after a long time. Thanks for your patience. It is New Year 2020. New Year is a time for new resolutions, new goals, new dreams and a lot more. My journey to a new life started in August 2019. Past years were tough for me. I overcame many challenges and setbacks but I never gave up on myself and my dreams. It is better to be late than never. When I wanted to say “Good-Bye” to life my God said “Hello” to me. He is the one who changed my total being, my soul and transformed me into a person I am today. I cannot recognize the girl which existed a few months ago because I am transforming every day. I was always a spiritual girl but I had no idea that spirituality has the power to transform you into a completely new person. Some times when I look into the mirror it gets hard for me to recognize my own self. I ask myself is it the same girl which existed a few months ago or is it a new me. This is what divinity can do to you or I would say this is what happens when God enters your life. He changes your whole existence and does not want anything in return. Sometimes I sit with my God and ask him why me? But he never answers that question of mine.

Now let me talk about “OM”. OM is the sound of the universe, OM is the creator of the universe, OM is the only truth, OM is God. Can you reach God? I would say “Yes”. You can reach your God in your current life with Yoga and Meditation. I have no idea what definition spiritual gurus give regarding yoga and meditation but I know only one thing that I have felt God by doing yoga and meditation. For me, Yoga is like praying to my God. When I bend my body to attain a certain posture I am fully engrossed in it. I am a full perfectionist when it comes to attaining a certain yoga posture. I used to practice a lot of yoga postures till the year 2018 but from 2019 onwards I practice only Paschimottanasana. I have struggled a lot with my health problems and that is the only reason I zeroed down my practice to Paschimottanasana. It is a great yoga pose. There are numerous benefits and I practice it for 35 minutes every day. Previously I did this yoga posture for one complete hour but now I do it for just 35 minutes. This yoga posture activated my energy centers and I was not aware of this for a long time. It is only when I felt changes in my mood and a different body that I realized that this yoga posture has activated certain energies within me which were lying dormant for a long time.

It is my God who brought me to Meditation. I am not someone who will sit at a place for hours with eyes closed and with no thoughts in my mind. I am someone who is either busy with homework or my office work. But then it was God’s decision to teach me meditation. When I searched online to learn how people meditate I thought it was difficult. The method of concentrating on breath or a blank mind itself drove me away from doing meditation but like I told you from the time my God has taken over my life my life is not the same. He is as stubborn as me. If he wants me to meditate then he is the one who will take the center stage and teach me meditation himself. I want to share some of my thoughts on meditation. Whatever I am writing down is from my own personal experience and every person has a different opinion or thought on the same subject and the best part is no one can actually measure your spiritual growth since it is only God who can do that so concentrate on evolving yourself every day till you feel a bliss which is felt when you experience the ultimate that is “OM” himself. For me, my OM is “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy”.

People tell you to start with 10 minutes of meditation and then keep on increasing the time but like I told you I am a completely different person. I started my first day of meditation with 60 minutes i.e full one hour, sitting in Padmasana. Though I have done mantra meditation beforehand but then I never sat in the same pose for a long period of time at that time. I took small breaks and my Goddess never complained but now it was like I was asked to drive a car smoothly in one go and that too without any prior practice sessions but then I took the challenge. I never give up on myself and my God never gives up on me. I know he must be sitting somewhere near me keeping an eye on me and checking whether this girl is practicing meditation properly or not. My first-day experience was a difficult one. When I stretched my legs after sitting in Padmasana for one complete hour it ached a lot but gradually my legs accepted the fact that they have to cooperate with me. I started practicing meditation from 12th November 2019 and I can feel a different body now.

I would like to share my meditation experience. I could not zero down my thoughts but then I tried concentrating on my breath and when nothing worked I just sat down with eyes closed and forgot what was going in my head. It was a great feeling. Though I could not concentrate fully not could I reach a state of zero thoughts but I could feel a new me every day after I practiced meditation. I feel my intuition has started working better, my perception of life has changed and my view towards people in my life has also changed. It is like I hate none and love all or I would say I hold no grudges for people who have hurt me to the core of my being and left me in the middle of my journey. My God keeps working on me or I would say I keep working on myself according to his instructions. After practicing meditation for one month I can feel a changed body, a new soul, new eyes that can see a new world. I can feel the energy of people who I love. I can feel them, I don’t know how this happened but I feel something with me has changed. My whole life has changed.

Previously I saw feathers and now God communicates with me through repeating numbers. I feel I am progressing more towards my “OM” and that is the only reason he leaves no stones turned to communicate with me through various methods. He talks through my intuition and through repeating numbers. I have not yet advanced to a point where I can listen to his whispers or understand what he communicated with me but then I can feel his presence in my life through the messages he wants to pass on to me to show his presence and to show that he is there for me all the time and never leaves my life even for a moment even when I don’t remember him. I can see lights around people with whom I want to communicate and that glowing lights pass on the message or thoughts from me to the person with whom I want to communicate through waves or energy since the universe is nothing but energy. What we see is very small to what we cannot see. The unseen is much more powerful than the seen and it is much more vast than any human being can imagine. I would say the sky is the limit. No calculation is going to work so if you want to experience OM you have to search within so that you can experience the entire universe through your own body.

You must be thinking why you need to reach OM or God since you have got so many other things to do in this lifetime. I would say when you have got time for so many other things why not experience the very source of the creation who resides in your soul and in living this mundane life you forgot your very creator who wants you to experience him through your own body. God’s are reachable people. You just need to clear your heart, hold no grudges, be happy and just sit in one place and search him inside of you. You will feel him and I bet you once you feel his presence you will not be the same person you are today. You will notice a full shift within you.

This is what God does to you or I would say this is what OM does to you. We all want a certain force to descend from the heavens so that our life gets better. I would say why not work on our own selves and make our life better by connecting with OM himself.

Yoga and Meditation help you in meeting with the ultimate. Are you ready? If you are ready then I would say you can meet your God in the year 2020 and the coming years and bring back Satya Yug and drive away this Kal Yuga and make this world a better place to live.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m