A massive energy shift for a New Beginning - Are you Ready?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2021-11-10 17:36
New Beginning

Thanks for reading my write-up. Whatever I am writing today is my intuitive self conveying me the message and I am just a channel and want to give words to my thoughts. When the Corona Pandemic happened you thought it would have been great if you had received a warning earlier. Then the 2nd wave and lockdowns. As a generation, we never witnessed something like this before. That memory still haunts me when I used to see every person with suspecting eyes that I may catch Corona Virus from him. Vaccinations, immunity-boosting drugs, booster doses, and everything which enhances our immune system has come to our rescue. Be prepared for a massive shift. A shift that has not been witnessed by humanity for a very long time because we have caused so much damage that it cannot be reverted back without divine intervention. People who are doing wrong acts and are doing illegal stuff in the background thinking no one will catch them because they can bribe top officials and escape the eyes of the government will be the ones who will be handled first. It is not just the divine being who will make things happen but the entire planetary system is aligning to make things happen.

It is as if the entire universe or the divine energies have joined hands to put things back in order because they created everything with love and we human beings ruined everything. People are running after short-term success, pleasures, instant gratification, doing wrong acts just to satisfy their instant needs without giving a thought to the long-term impact or the future. The negative karma which you are creating will bring you back on this earth again and again. Now the biggest problem is mother earth is crying for clearing. How can the gods keep quiet and close their eyes or avoid screams and pains from their own creation? The biggest problem is comparison and dissatisfaction. Very few people have maintained the balance. Now it is a call for action. If you are planning for the next 5 - 10 years then “All the Best” from my side because you never know how much the old system will crumble for the establishment of the “New Divine Era”. Yes, it is great news that you and I will be a part of it and will play an active role in making things happen. It is a time for the divine to be born on this earth but be prepared for a God who is very different from the image you hold in your mind. The modern era needs a modern God.

A lot will change because suffering and pain cannot be removed just by food, clothing, and shelter but the mindset of people needs to be altered. The energy of the earth needs to be changed. The process has already started and it will continue for a long time. There is so much discrimination and internal warfare just because of self created human boundaries that humans are ready to kill each other in the name of caste and religion. Everything is man-made. God never segregated anything. It is we humans that need an upper hand in everything hence divide and rule. Anger, hatred, and jealousy have taken away the peace of mind of people. There is a lack of peace because satisfaction is not found in simple things. Just dig deep and ask yourself Are you happy? If not then why. I can’t find an absolutely happy person because the entire humanity is chasing one or another goal. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big but you have to check at what cost? If you are just working all the time then you are creating an imbalance. You are here on this earth to clear your karma and achieve your purpose.

There is nothing wrong with chasing your dreams if it satisfies you completely. Sit down with your own self and ask the question what do I actually want in life then go ahead and get it but have a sense of peace and pleasure in your heart. Don’t feel guilty for anything because that guilt will take away the peace of your mind. I admire all Gods especially “Lord Krishna” because he knew the future and he could have changed the future because he was a god. But he never interfered in the working of the universe and just played his best role as a God, husband, and lover when he was with Radha. No one can complain about him but there are few people who will find fault even in God. He was so committed to his purpose that he gave himself entirely for the wellbeing of the world without thinking about him. He played his best role and helped Pandavas in winning the war because no one could defeat him. He had already set the fate in favor of Pandavas but he never let anyone know about it. He was happy being himself. If you have that much dedication and you are duty-bound to that extent then go ahead and just create your new destiny because the new world needs more people in leadership positions who are dedicated to their purpose.

I just believe in one thing that if you have responsibilities at your disposal then go ahead and fulfill them because if your mom is crying at home and you are busy with your work then you are creating negative karmas. You help her yourself or ask for help. Solve the problem. Don’t run away from your responsibilities saying it is not mine. Face everything which comes your way so that you don’t have to face the same situation again in a different form. How much mercy will be bestowed on people who are involved in wrong acts is something only time can tell. People just clean their hands saying this child is not mine so let me take advantage of this individual who cannot be claimed by anyone and use it to earn money. I think people nowadays have fallen to the extent that when God literally comes down on earth they will shed a few tears before bringing divine order. A lot of natural resources will get depleted and an alternative solution will be needed. The biggest problem is that the divine world is very merciful it is still thinking about the betterment of humanity and hence they will be available for help.

I don’t agree with so many things which exist on this earth. The court created by human beings needs lawyers, jails, trials, and then punishment but in divine court, the verdict is given in minutes, and the punishment is much severe than the death penalty. People are suffering because of their own self-created miseries and then asking God for help. The data system of God is overloaded with prayers. Now the problem is that it has become too time taking and the computer is hanging much more than usual. A new computer needs to be installed with a new database, a new server, and a new code for a new website so that things get easy and the workload of gods is lessened. They are spending sleepless nights calling an emergency meeting and now they are done with everything. It is time for them to take everything into their own hands. The planets have been ordered for divine alignment and the process of change has to start. There are few souls who have the soul contract of being a part of the divine system to bring everything back on order so they will play key roles in the working of the invisible realm.

If you are unhappy with something which is existing in the world then play some role in changing it. Evolve yourself because the earth has divine air flowing in its atmosphere. Feel it, open your eyes and play your role in making change happen. I personally believe in creating a new system of change and making things happen because you never know how the other person to whom you are giving your resources will be utilizing it. Form a centralized system to bring change and the universe will help you with everything. People who are still in the sleeping state thinking that it will take more years for the divine to descend on earth to make change happen have to be awakened because now things will actually happen. There are multiple videos available on Youtube regarding how things should have happened much before but what these people are forgetting is everything happens in divine time. There are certain processes that need completion before the actual act can happen because when you hit the red hot iron nail at the right time it gets proper shape. If you hit it sooner it will require lots of energy and if you are late you will over bend the nail.

The wait is over. Have love in your heart not only for your own family but for other people too. There are many dissatisfied souls walking on the planet who love complaining about God. They will know the power of God and divine order.

I trust my intuition because I have worked very hard on my spirituality. I have not earned a bank balance but what I have earned makes me much richer than any human being. Let’s see the bank balance I will own because my out-of-the-world dreams want to capture the whole universe and place it inside of me so that everything gets possible. I don’t want anything to be impossible because this is my last birth. I have struggled a lot with inflammation and that’s the reason I take rest and I am not too hard on myself or else I am a complete workaholic. “Desh Duniya se door”. Let us all be the part of a big massive divine change and put in our best effort.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m