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Manifestations of Dreams - The real energy World

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2022-08-12 16:29
I am Narayana

There are a few notes from me which I want my readers to keep in mind that this world which seems real is an energy world. Whatever you are thinking or doing in your inner world will manifest in the outer world. You accept it or reject it but it is absolutely your choice. I am someone who attached to the past much more than usual and that is the only reason it affected my body to the extent that it took so long for recovery. The man who left my life was alive in my memory for a very long time before I released him and everything which left my life after I got into doing energy work for the manifestation of new life and new dreams in the real world. I have got four sisters including me but it is my life that seems 100% out of track because all my sisters are happily married and living a great family life and even working. My dad says that it was in my destiny to suffer so much and everything which I have gone through was my fault since I did not listen to him. I trust my intuition and gut and I go by it. You have to make decisions in life every moment. Some are right and others are wrong. You have to take full responsibility for every wrong decision which you make. Even if it's a heartbreak it was you who chose it. Release your past as soon as possible so that you start living your new reality and create a new future for yourself. It may sometimes happen that past people may expect something from you. Close that door. Burn all the bridges and say goodbye to past hurt because it will never serve you. Trust your God and the universe that they made the right decision on your behalf while you were still thinking about what to do.

The only reality is you and after that, it is everything that you can see. You have the option to choose where you want to live and the people who will be forming your close circle. Let the whole world consider you a failure but you should always feel that you are the most successful person in the entire world. Your self-talk makes a huge difference. Even when nothing is going your way try to calm down because the universe is planning something better for you. When I stopped looking at the past, people around me commented that it will be very difficult for me to get married for the 2nd time at the age of 42 years. I listened to everything and stopped concentrating and focusing too much on the outside world and started working on my inner energy world which needed healing and transformation for the manifestation of my new life. People did show interest in me but I wanted the choice of the universe. I promised myself that this time it is God himself who has to manifest my 2nd husband and send him into my life and I will not run after anyone. My intuition will speak and I will know the one who is meant to be my better half. When you work on your energies you start aligning yourself with your true source of power which is much more powerful beyond your imagination. The people who make fun of me are my elder sister and society but I don’t bother much because I know till I have command of over 100% of my energy I can’t become a master manifester so that is what I am focusing on which no one is aware of. My dad thinks it's high time for me to build my career or all opportunities will be lost. I told my dad there are many examples of people who made it big in their 40s, the 50s, and 60s. My dad says there are exceptions to the rule. I told him then I am a part of that league because every person has a different timeline for serving his purpose and you cannot compare your life with anyone on this planet because no two people can live similar lives.

When you want to manifest your dreams into living reality just follow your own path. Do not blindly follow someone and get jealous of their achievements. Every person has done his part of hard work and gone through the struggle. What people look at is the fruit and not the hard struggle that a person has gone through for the manifestation of this new life. When you are manifesting your new life always look at how much you have traveled ahead from the place you occupied a few months or years ago. If you are working on your healing then it is better that you focus on it 100% because if you get back to race with half-healed wounds it will hurt you every day so it is better that you let your wounds dry and then get back to claim your position in the world. Just remember no one in this entire universe is like you. You are unique so the work which you are meant to do will be done only by you. The success and all the laurels which are attached to that position will be yours and only yours. Focus on you. I see people focusing their energy too much on others. When they try and focus on themselves their energies are totally drained because they are unhappy with everything in their life. The only word which I get to read a lot is being grateful, having gratitude, having the thought of being and having enough. I have a completely different take on this subject. I feel I have the right to choose when I want to be grateful and when I can’t be thankful to the universe for everything it puts in my path. I know there are many people out there who are not grateful for little things and that's the only reason they find it difficult to stay happy in life because they set benchmarks to define their happiness. These are the ones who have a hell lot of mental health problems.

Your body and this entire universe are just energy so when the thought or desire to have something in your life arises it is your energy at play. Keep yourself away from people who say that you can’t have something in your life because you are too young or too old to have it. Keep aside all limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind. I know it is difficult and that's the time that meditation and yoga offer you the needed help. With yoga, you align your energies and meditation helps you in keeping your focus. Once your energies are aligned and you have full faith and belief in your prayers the universe has to give you what you have asked for. It has no other option because when you raise your vibration and your frequency matches with your manifestation the universe has to deliver because it can no more hold you on to the place you used to be. It has to balance everything because that's the only truth. This body is just energy. Have you seen yogis who do meditation for several years? Just notice the glow on their face you can feel their bright face even though they have not eaten for years and are just doing their sadhana. That is the power of this universe. When you accept the fact that this body is much more than flesh and bones then you start understanding the real power which lies inside you. I never realized this power and that is the only reason I spend such a long time living my life in depression. Had I focused my energy on my inner world my life would have been much better now. I have learned all my lessons the hard way and that is the only reason I tell people to concentrate more on their inner world.

When you place your requirement to the universe you need to have unwavering faith that whatever you have asked for will be delivered to you then you need to work on your energy so that you are aligned with your desires. Once the vibrations match, your manifestation will enter your life. Let the whole world doubt you but your should not doubt your abilities to manifest an amazing life for yourself. I am working on my spirituality because I choose to serve a purpose which is very different from what anyone can think of. People around me think I am mad to practice so much spirituality because it is for old people. They tried to convince me then gave up because when I make up my mind and am determined then I am ready to face the consequences of my decision because too much safe play does not make tough souls. It is the hard grind that creates tough nuts which can’t be cracked. Make decisions for yourself even when you think you can get wrong because you have to stay with yourself for your whole life. No one can be trusted with your decisions making process. You can take help but in the end, you should decide. People who create business empires trust themselves even when they have a big committee to serve that purpose. Everything which you cannot see exists there near you in energy form. To make your dreams real you have to convert that unmanifested energy into real energy which takes a physical form. The reality which you see is just a small percentage of what exists in the universe. There is plenty and no scarcity for anything so when someone achieves his goal clap down for him because that does not lessen your chances of success. Your success depends on your ability to convert your dreams into a living reality. Trust your journey and trust yourself because your self-doubt will just waste your years. I have learned everything the hard way. I can’t get back the years that I have wasted in depression but I have learned a lot from all my bad days. They are my real assets because those learnings will stay with me till my death bed and I will avoid committing the same mistakes again.

If you are someone who is working on manifesting something which you never had before there will be days of self-doubt so just live those days and get back to your original manifesting frequency where you trust yourself and feel you are worthy of having whatever you desire in your life. You are much more than your body and mind. This energy body has got great powers and if you remove all self-limiting beliefs you will one day live the life which is only in your dreams and mind in reality.

Start manifesting the life of your Dreams.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m