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Making a comeback in Life to harvest the Fruits of your Labour

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2022-11-09 17:00
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Few people have more ups and downs in life when compared to other people. Time tests them much more than usual because they agreed to it before their birth. When I look back at my 42 years of life I realize there were many battles that I fought and won without anyone’s knowledge. Then there were those life lessons that I learned the hard way because I took decisions that made me suffer much more than usual. There were times I used to complain too much about everything I went through in life but now I have made peace with it. I have full faith that I will get justice from God because I don’t expect it from any living being. When the judiciary gives punishment to a person they suffer just for one lifetime. Still, when the cosmos declares its verdict the entire universe stands as a witness to check that the person is convicted properly not just for one lifetime but for more. The mental depression which came after my relationship broke shattered me to pieces. I took a career break and developed physical ailments due to mental depression. The pain in my heart transformed into physical pain. I am still healing and completing the leftover spiritual work. Though I don’t understand much of my journey I trust the process and have faith that it will reap good fruits in the coming future.

Taking almost 6 years of break from a career does cost you many things and you have to start your life from scratch. Be it building a new family after getting married for the 2nd time or starting a new business or work which will take care of your expenses. When the journey seems uncertain then it is better that you maintain your focus and keep walking or keep doing what you have been doing if those activities are yielding you desired results. My mom has got a hot head. Some days are tough because listening nonstop to a person’s words kills your peace of mind. I never demanded much from life and was always a happy individual but my torn life made me think now what. It's not easy to say a warm hello to life when life has tested you to the core and the people around you added fuel to the fire. There are people who talk behind your back and they will try to predict your life depending on your past and even speak openly about it. The best part is when you restart your life or make a comeback that all their predictions fail. There are many people sitting idle just to make fun of you and you have to shut your ears so that you don't fall prey to their little minds. When the universe gives you a winner label it is better you trust your intuition and take inspired actions rather than listen to small-minded people who talk headless stuff because they can’t contain their frustration to themselves. Keep making progress in life and do what you want to do behind closed doors so that when you open your door and make a bold declaration people around you are shocked to see your transformation.

When you get immune to nonsense talks and stop shedding tears then it gets difficult for the opposition party to manipulate you. What people forget is that every person has got his own journey and life is not measured by the amount of success you make but by how much progress you make when you fall down multiple times because you get that much stronger. Many people try to manipulate me but what they forget to understand is that I may look underage but I can read intentions from miles and can’t be fooled easily until and unless I give in to a situation. I believe in forgiveness and having a broad mind because remembering everything robs you of your peace. To sleep better you need to have a clear mind. I know there are many people who check my Facebook profile almost every day and even check my relationship status. When I posted photographs of my niece many people thought it was my daughter. Many people changed my relationship status in their heads and the news circulated like wildfire. My parents fear that I may be left all alone after they are gone so they asked me to think of marriage and get back to work. Today my mom pelted all her anger on me. Yesterday my dad’s friend died and that agitated him. There are times when I keep thinking why me? I am a satisfied kind of person and never demanded much from life but I have suffered much more than usual. Neighbors in Nagpur keep enquiring my aunty to check if I have moved ahead in life or what future plans are in my mind. I was thinking what will these people do when I succeed in all my endeavors and stand before them?

When the universe has promised you something it will be delivered to you. You are not a failure until and unless you give up. Till you keep fighting you are a winner because time will turn in your favor and remain there so that you can achieve your goals. Life will not keep on testing you till eternity because when you have exhausted all your bad karmas then you have decided to rewrite your destiny on a new notebook that was not available previously. It was your spiritual work that handed you the keys of the store which carried a new life book. When you have safely opened the locker then it is your duty to rewrite a good fortune for yourself. The one which no one including you can imagine. Write something which is impossible so that the creator hands you a pen which makes everything possible when you write with it. This pen is a divine gift to you because you have passed all your exams with flying colors. When all your tears get dried in your eyes and no more pain can hurt you it simply means you have overpowered pain. When your physical ailments have tested your core and you know that now it has to surrender to you then you know that victory is yours and only yours. I think my capacity to endure pain was challenged by the universe and the vessel was purposely increased so that I became stronger to do my work.

When the Wheel of Fortune is turned by God 360 degrees in your favor to reward you for your hard work then you know you have touched the heart of the creator. When you see all the odd things happening in your life be prepared for a life that is unpredictable because when you are not certain about what is next then anything can happen. When nothing is guaranteed in life you are successful in everything because then failure will bury itself in the sand and transform into success which will rise from a tree that will grow only good fortune. These kinds of trees require lots of effort to grow and not everyone is handed seeds of such trees because you need to grow them with the light of your good soul.

Be Happy. The planetary alignments predict a change in the lives of people who have suffered and waited long for their good days. Now they are the ones who will be served with success and great wealth. Good Night.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m