Let life unfold its deep secrets - Keep Watching

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Deep Secrets

We as human beings are very powerful and the life which is presented to us acts as a torchbearer so that we can unfold the deep secrets of our life. You see your life is very secretive, you do not know the future and even if you visit your fortune teller, he will tell you the probability of events which can happen in your life. Even the fortune teller or pandit cannot exactly predict your coming future which you want to explore out of your eagerness to know the future. You have no option but to wait for life to unfold its deep secrets at the right time in the coming future. I know sometimes it is very difficult to have patience especially when it comes to matters of the heart. You want to know what the other person feels for you or how he will react to your love in the coming future but then you have no other option but to wait and watch. You have to trust the time, will of God, universe and your destiny because you can place your right intentions into the universe and let the universe grant what you want in your life.

The universe will answer all your questions at the right time. I am a go-getter if I want something I will get it no matter what but for the first time in my life I have left the biggest decision of my life into the hands of cosmos and I want to know whether they are granting my wishes or not for the person I want in my life as my better half. I want to check the working of the universe and see how it draws a full circle without my involvement in it. I do believe in karma and destiny, I do believe if something has to happen it will happen no matter what. I am holding the storm within me which only I can understand and no one else can, I am patiently waiting for life to unfold its deep secrets which are hidden in the future for me so that I can plan my personal life. I am giving my own example so that you people can understand when it is the toughest job to hold your emotions you still have to so that you let life unfold before you.

Trust the process of life. You will see that nature has its own way of working, when you least expect something to happen it will happen and when you are waiting eagerly nothing happens. When the larvae of a butterfly cocoon itself, it knows that it does not has to stay there for a long time because nature has decided its sleeping period after which it has to emerge into a beautiful butterfly and start its own journey till then the larvae have no other option but to trust in the process. I would say the cosmos has its own perfect timings in which a ripe time comes and events start happening in your life one after another. You cannot force or bribe the creator to make things happen fast, it has its own mysterious ways of working and it will unfold its hidden secrets before you at the right time, till then the best thing which you can do is hold on and have the faith. You start your journey with faith and when you have taken your first step then there is no looking back because now you have embarked on your life’s journey and the whole path will unfold one after another in front of you. You cannot look till the end standing today but you have to keep walking, keep exploring, keep creating and keep going so that you enjoy your journey of life. Life is a wonderful adventure and you have no options but to walk because if you don’t do so you will be born again on this earth to complete your journey from the time you left walking on it.

Sometimes life seems easy while at other times it feels difficult and the more you try to add logic to whatever is happening in your life the more you get confused. Confusion and life go hand in hand. There is nothing called perfect life, a perfect marriage, a perfect friend, a perfect lover but it is you who understand your role and start living your reality so that the journey of life unfolds in steps. You can see the next step only when you have climbed the first one, you will explore your own path of life one by one by keeping a watchful eye on the events happening in your life, the events which you have attracted in your life. You will get your answers when you are least expecting it in your journey of life. Sometimes you need to have faith in the process so that you get less impatient and trust the universe that your wishes will be granted. There are very few things which God denied me because I have seen almost 90% of the time all my wishes have been granted by the universe, I trust the process and have faith that life will unfold its best secrets to me at the right time so that I can take that big plunge with a leap of faith to live the life of my dreams. When you let life just be the way it is and let it fructify everything you want in the virtual world so that you can see them as a reality in the real world your life will be different. You will see that when the wheel of fortune has completed its cycle you will start getting your answers one by one or I would say life will start unfolding its deep secrets to you.

Do not complicate life, just try and simplify so that you develop a farsighted vision which can see much beyond the limitations of the present reality. We cannot measure the depth of the ocean but when we try and discover it, that will be the biggest discovery of a lifetime. You can always play your part or karma and leave the rest on the creator, the supreme so that you keep a watchful eye on your wishes which are waiting for approval from the Universe. When your intentions are right and your heart is loving, things do happen. When you keep walking and do not want to press the pause button of life even after too many sufferings you will see that the universe will reward you with surprises and actually give you your heart's desire. I would say the creator planned everything systematically because if the whole life would have been unfolded before us in one go then it would have been quite boring since it is opening one by one its deep secrets get revealed. If you get a printed paper in the morning which clearly states whatever will be happening the whole day, do you think your life would be adventurous? I would say “NO”. It is only when you explore the life that it starts opening up to you in the form of people or objects of your desire. You have to understand that even a prewritten copy of destiny would have not satisfied you if you knew everything from start. It is a boon that the future is unfolded to us at the right time because I think there are a lot of processes which needs to be completed before we can get the object of our desire or our future is unfolded to us.

When the entire process which is meant to be completed before the specific result is achieved you will see things happening in your life because everything is connected and one cannot precede or follow the other before the prior completion. It is only when the former process is over that the latter process will start. There are times when you cannot see anything in the forefront but it does not mean that nothing is happening, things are happening at your back and you just need to have faith in the process. It may so happen that the universe wants you to wait for some specific reasons which are good for you. Let life unfold its true self in front of you so that it acts as a mirror which can be seen as a reference check for things, to know what worked and what didn’t. Let life unfold itself one by one in front of you till then keep working and try to contain the storm in your heart, have faith and trust the process. The more you get into an adventurous mode and remain blissful you will see that you will attract good things into your life and you will be able to mold destiny in your favor. Everything takes its own time to fructify from virtual to real-world, till then tighten your seatbelts and prepare your self for the best ride of a lifetime.

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