It is between You and Me - Are you There?

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You and Me

The wait is over and the time has come. Now, what next is my question to the universe? I want to talk to you, Are you there? It is my question to the man whom I want to communicate. I have worked on myself for a long time and after doing Yoga and meditation from the past 3 years I think I can feel a lot which others can’t. You call it divine guidance, your Guardian Angels speaking to you or the heavenly creatures coming down on earth to give you the message because you have not left them with any option but to leave their seats in heaven and walk down on earth and communicate with you. Are you listening? Listen carefully someone is speaking. Whose voice is it? It is either the voice of the divine whom you have called upon on this earth to pass you the message or it is the voice of the man whom you have loved beyond limits and you can hear him. The entire universe is made out of waves. What are the waves? Waves are nothing but energies with frequency. Every human being has a frequency. When you are in a state of bliss you vibrate at a very high frequency while when you are sad your frequencies are very low which leads to sickness. When your frequencies are very high, you have the power to touch a different realm and come back to this earth plane and be an altogether different person. You have the power to touch any dimension you want with the power of Yoga in which you bend your body in different ways to communicate with the universe. When you touch the right angle which is synchronized with the universe, the whole cosmos downloads in your body and gives you infinite knowledge and wisdom.

When you download the whole cosmos in your body you can never be the same person. Your frequency will match with the divine so you become one among the heavenly people who made the decision to reside on the earth plane so that you can change the world and make this whole world a better place to live. You are reborn in the same body but now you have a different purpose to live your life for which you were never aware of before. This spiritual awakening can happen at any time in your life. If you are meant to do big things in your life which are deemed as impossible by normal human beings then it will happen. You will not age because the divine never ages. The glow on your face will be like that of a 16-year-old teenage person who is about to reach her twenties. Yes, you call it a miracle, you call it divinity, you call it God’s grace but that is how it is. The glow on God’s face and the glow on your face will be the same. People will look at you and will not be able to take their eyes off you. They will be touched by your energy and your presence. They will want to be near you since your vibrations are different from the ones you possessed before. Your eyes will shine and will touch the other person to the core of his heart with one look. You will have a killing smile and when you will open your mouth the whole world will want to listen to your talk. The aura surrounding your body will change and you will get that Halo effect around your face which will add to your brightness. The universe will tell you, it is you and me, Are you there?

And when you say “Yes” the communication will move further. When the universe says it is between you and me and poses the question - Are you there? Are you there listening to me, I want to talk to you. Now you have two options left before you, you either respond to the message or just switch it off thinking you are going nuts due to overwork. Whatever it is when you feel that your spirit guides want to communicate with you, start the conversation. Let them speak their heart out. Now I would like to tell you the universe will not talk to your directly like human beings but will talk to you through numbers, sign languages, a message from other people, messages on your phone, through other “N” different ways and you can only process that information through spirituality and meditation. Be God-loving they will love you in return. Meditation is a great thing. Why not give it a try? Why do you think that it is only the spiritual people who need to give big “Geeta” Gyan should meditate, why not you? Meditation is a way of connecting to the source of your power which is hidden inside of you. Now I know there may be so many of you scratching your head and thinking I want to give some Gyan. Let me simplify things for you. God’s wanted to hide the infinite power which is available to human beings at someplace. They thought of hiding that deep inside the oceans, but some God’s said that humans will find it there. Then they thought of hiding the infinite knowledge on the mountain top but then again few God’s resisted and said that humans will find it there also. Now the biggest problem, where to hide the infinite knowledge which should be accessible to only those people who will use it properly and not misuse it. Then they all came to the conclusion that the infinite knowledge and all superpowers should be hidden inside the body of human beings.

Only those people who can awaken all the chakras of the body and get rid of their earthbound fears that they will be able to access this knowledge. It is true because every person does not have access to that infinite knowledge but only a few and those few are either on mountain tops or are busy bringing a change in the world through their work. And you know who they are. You pick up any person who is able to to move the masses has got that power but yes in the right way, there are some who have brought a bad name to everything, let’s not concentrate on them. You need a high level of concentration to connect with the source of your power. If it would have been that easy then no human beings would have resided on this earth, everybody would have transformed into divine beings. It is a tough task but not impossible. When the universe wants to converse with you and says it is between you and me, Are you there? Talk with it, give it a try. What they want to tell you? Is there a message which is worth listening to? If “Yes” then listen, and I bet you there is always something which is worth listening. The divine has got too many works to do and if they took some time off from their work just for you then you have a very big purpose to fulfill. Just open your ears and listen.

My lovely readers, I want you people to come to terms with the fact that God will never ever come and speak with you directly, if some people claim that online or offline then it is not true. God’s are nothing but energy. You can feel the energy or vibration but they will not speak with words to you. When you change as a person the other person will feel it, the whole world will feel it. You will not have to speak but your presence will communicate to everyone who you are. It is that easy. Why complicate things. When I have discussed so far let me touch something which has been resonating in my mind for a long time. Kalki avatar of Narayana will be born. The time has come. He is already born or is yet to be born is still a mystery. There are many people out there claiming they are the one. Now there are fa ew facts which you should know about the avatar. Kalki avatar of Narayana will be born in the south at a place that is surrounded by 3 oceans on a Thursday and the best thing is that this is a God who will be born in the form of a human being in this Kalyug in the form of a lady. It is absolutely a modern God. Hard to recognize by the looks but when the real God is born you will know. She will not have to make tall claims of who she is but you will know when you are near her or in her presence.

The energy speaks. You can surpass a person but you cannot surpass a person’s energies. You are nothing but a bundle of energies flowing through you which is communicating with the entire universe. You will feel the Kalki avatar when she will open her mouth to speak, when you are in her presence and when you have a look at the face. Just learn to understand the other person’s energies. It will get easy for you to understand the other person. When your energies are very high you will communicate with only those people who match your energies or are somewhat near to it. The universe is telling it is between you and me. Come on be there. If you shut yourself down from the communication you will miss the experience of the lifetime. I remember the incidence which happened yesterday and the day before yesterday. I am a Motivational Speaker so I just wanted to get a T-Shirt printed for me which would help me in promoting myself. Since I don’t know designing I could not do that. I called vista print. Now the best thing is, I connected with the person who made the whole design for me, the way I wanted it. He chose the color of fonts and also the font design. We talked with each other for a full 45 minutes since designing does takes time. He saved those designs then asked me to check if they were fine and then we both finalized on one. He helped me 100% and even dropped the T-shirt in the cart for me but then I did not talk about the size of the T-shirt so I did not purchase it that day.

The next day I called Vista print again and today a different person helped me with size and other details. I would say I connected with the right people or my frequencies matched with the right people. That is how I take it. Both individuals helped me a lot. I thanked them. I thanked the previous person for spending 45 minutes on the phone with me. He had patience with me. He listened to what I wanted and worked accordingly and never ever complained. Then he asked me if I wanted something at the back of the T-shirt, I said yes I wanted my website URL. He told me that I could have some pictures there. I chose one picture printed at the back of one T-shirt and told him that I wanted that one. He made his effort and worked at the back design after completing the front design. I thanked him and closed our conversation. See this is what happens when you work on yourself and your energies.

It is between you and me, Are you there? Is the call from the universe. Explore a different dimension. God gave one life, live it in totality. Explore as much as you can so that when you reach your death bed you are happy to leave this world with a big lineage of the great work which you have done.

All the Best. I love you all.

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