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An Invisible divine energy web surrounds you - Can you see it?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2021-09-29 15:58

A big Thank You to my God - The man who changed my life for a lifetime. His grace and his divine presence make my life beautiful. I have discussed this concept of the energy web again and again. This entire universe is made up of just energy and it responds to all your energies when you are properly aligned with it. Alignment means aligning your internal energies to cosmic energy. A lot of concepts have got clear now. Your body is not just physical but it has multiple layers of invisible energy sheaths. This physical body which is called the food body is susceptible to all the energies which exist near it. To unlock your full potential you need to connect with your divine self which is lying blocked. When you remove these energy blockages you get into a state of flow. Once you connect with your flow state which is your natural divine state you start connecting with everything in the universe and start understanding life better. Clear all your mind’s chatter and focus your energy because a distracted mind cannot create great things but a focused person can achieve the unachievable even the impossible even if he is not that technically advanced.

I know what I am meant to do in this world but since I am reborn in my body in the form of a mortal human being I do have to abide by certain laws because that is the decision of the invisible realm for me. Only that part of my energies will be awakened which helps me in completing all my work effortlessly. I was never aware of my true self until two divine encounters changed the entire journey of my life. But when I look back there were certain clues about my divine life in my past which I always ignored. My constant encounter with snakes that never bit me and never tried to harm me but was happy in my presence. Was it all normal? No, it wasn’t. Once a big king-size cobra was sitting on top of a trunk that was kept in my study room. I saw it very closely and when I shouted it just left without harming me. I have become aware of the invisible energy thread which spreads in the entire universe and connects us to everything. The concept of “We are all connected”, is correct because when you change your energy entire universe sends you messages that you are progressing. Now the biggest question is how is this possible? I am doing my energy work, so I know it but how the invisible realm knows about it. Energies are the purest form of God and when you create a change it changes everything in time and space and hence a response in the form of synchronicities comes to you.

Let’s dig deeper and understand what this spiritual world is capable of doing. To everyone out there who thinks spirituality is a normal concept. Just fold hands, pray, place some wishes in front of the divine, do yoga, meditation and you are done. Then my answer is “No”. This world of energy will challenge all your thinking, your preconceived notions, and your entire belief system. You will never ever make the mistake of labeling energy as small stuff. It is real and it occupies everything in the universe. Every person who says they are too busy in their lives to chase spirituality then I would like to tell you that you are missing a very big part of your existence which needs to be explored. You will be born, reborn and just leave this earth. Whether you are a millionaire, billionaire, or a multi trillionaire you want happiness and satisfaction in life because if that is missing then your empty life will not be counted as a successful one by the universe though you may be very successful in this world.

I am seeing everything in front of my eyes. My Jijaji is a millionaire, owns 3 cars and a big house but he is not satisfied and happy. I really can’t understand what he wants in life. He is just chasing money and works really hard. According to my dad, he is very successful but according to me, he is not. Do you all want that kind of life? Connect with the source and chase your dreams and see what unfolds in front of you. There is a famous saying which says that when you dream for the stars, you may not get it but you will get somewhere closer. My point is when you dream for the stars you should just plan to be there and take help from the invisible energy realm so that they help you reach there. When you have options you will always get hold of that option but when you focus single-mindedly on what you want, you have instructed the universe that this has to be in my life the way I want it. Now the universe is assigned the task to do its job with 100% precision. Never get jealous of anyone’s achievement because you never know what the universe has in store for you. It may so happen that you are crying for a position or small stuff while the universe has bigger plans for you. You may block your own energy by interfering in the work of the invisible realm.

I am understanding this divine energy realm as to what it is and how it will help me achieve my divine purpose. I have dreamt and I can’t take a step back. I am preparing myself energetically. I can work on other stuff later but this one thing needs to be mastered by me. When you need to work in sync with the universe you should understand the messages of the cosmos. Until and unless you are finetuned with it the universe cannot help you with its energies. As you need to tune with the right radio station to listen to a particular radio station, in the same way, the universe is a giant radio station with different frequencies. You just connect with the right vibration and download the message. Yes, it is true it requires lots of hard work but it is worth it. I want to pursue the path of energy healing or energy work because it will help other people in lots of ways. My work is absolutely different and that is the only reason it required too much hard work but everyone does not need to do that much Tapasya. I want to give an example of synchronicity here. I had cut my nails the day before yesterday. My younger sister has a 3-year-old son. He was applying nail polish on his nails. It is synchronicity. There is a commonality in these two incidences. When you raise your vibration you will see that these syncs happen much faster than usual to the point that it delivers you the message that whatever is going on in your head will be converted into a living reality. Though you may not see anything but your intuition will deliver all the message to you.

This energy world is much more real than your imagination. When Sadhguru Ji teaches you something he tells the true concept. It is only when you follow it that you come to know that it is all real. Other than a few people no one follows those concepts with full belief because if that would have been the case this world would have been a much better place to live than what it is now. People who are very advanced in reading energy patterns can read the energies much before it will happen. People cannot lie because the other person knows the truth even though it has not been disclosed. Just understand one thing everything which you can touch and feel is energy. Your thoughts are energy. Even the gods and goddesses are just energies. If you activate your chakras then they will help you in the invisible form in reaching your goals because it is their commitment.

Spirituality is not a small concept. It is much bigger than the perception of any living being. Hatha yoga is very powerful and if you master just one yoga pose in totality it will open up an entirely new door in front of you. Are you Ready?

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m