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Intuition - A Pathway into the Divine invisible Realm

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2021-09-20 17:43

After working on my spirituality for a very long time I feel guided to many things of which I have no clue. I call these divine, invisible gifts which cannot be seen by anyone but they are my real assets and are always with me. When the divine loves you from the heart because they can see your pure soul then they will gift you with something which no one possesses in the entire universe. God’s are very cute living beings that can be seen only by people who love them from a pure heart. Loving God does not mean doing puja or meditation all the time. Love means just love. You cannot define true love by words but when you feel it you know that feeling because it transcends all boundaries and touches your soul. When you have loved those divine beings up to that level and can feel him in your own body, in every drop of your blood, can see him when you breathe air then it is love. God’s are very giving people. The biggest problem is you never reached out to them with that much love in your heart. Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy God has changed my life. I don’t know how I should thank him. He is the “Man who changed my life for a Lifetime”. I don’t have much idea of all the spiritual gifts which has been handed over to me by my God’s but I can feel that my intuition has got much better than what it was before. I am still working on my own energies and I have not yet reached a state where I can declare that I am fully satisfied with my spiritual advancements.

Once I feel satisfied then I can commit more to other works. I think my life as well as my journey has been properly planned by none other than but my God himself. He landed in my life to make me aware of everything which was lying dormant inside of me and how I should awaken them so that I can achieve my divine purpose. Now let me relate to my own story as to how my intuition keeps on guiding me. I was once a very fearful girl but now I have become very brave. My God gave me just one message “Self-Belief is the secret to success Sweetheart”. I used to run away from everything because all the spiritual work which I did caused lots of weird experiences which can be called paranormal. What will happen if you see a being which is completely invisible but you can still see the outline of the body and nothing else. I am sure that you will scream at the top of your voice and run away saying Ghost. Now just imagine me seeing those beings at 3 AM in the morning while I am meditating and searching for my answers. I could not scream in those moments. These kinds of experiences turned me into a brave girl. Thanks to my God.

I am guided by my intuition to do what I am supposed to do not all the time but most of the time. The universe communicates with me through it because God doesn’t directly talk to you. It is all the encrypted messages and you have to decode them perfectly because your next steps rely on them and you can’t be wrong. Studying spirituality or understanding spirituality to its core is like taking the place of the scientist who works on the invisible realm, experiment and then knows the true realities of the universe which may not be known to anyone in the entire world but you can’t publish a paper on it or write publicly about it because you can’t prove it. It requires hard crazy work and you can’t take things lightly. People in the outside world may think you are just wasting your time but you know the true reality inside your own heart that you are exploring those deep truths which might act as a stepping stone in your journey ahead where you want to build a kingdom that can sustain on its own even after you are gone.

Do I know everything now? Then my answer is simply “No” but the best part is I know when my time comes I will know and How that will happen is something which I am not aware of right now but I will be guided. My God just wants me to focus on one thing that is my deep spiritual work and he says with this one thing in the right place everything else will fall in the right place and I will be able to figure out everything because the right people will enter my life at the right time and help me in my divine journey. Be it manifesting my better half with whom I need to merge my energies or manifesting key people who will help me in my divine journey. I have been made aware that I have manifested all the past life people who will help me in my divine journey and they will land in my life at the right time. My purpose is much bigger than my own understanding but with my God’s presence, I don’t fear anything. I have lived the worst phase of my life boldly and now I am ready to live the best phase of my life.

I was guided by my God to watch the “Matrix Reloaded” movie. You must have heard the word synchronicity many times but when you see everything happening in front of your own eyes then you understand that the master player has crafted this whole universe so beautifully. Hats off to that man in the sky. I have started trusting my intuition because I can’t receive guidance on the work which I am meant to do in this world in any book. My God says everything is within me and I will figure it out at the right moment or the people who are in my life will speak the right things at the right time and I will find my way out. You know God speaks through people because they can. Yeah, I was talking about the Matrix movie. Everything which was meant for me caught my attention and I literally took a notebook, got hold of a pen, and wrote everything while watching the whole movie. There was a scene in which Neo asked “ I wish I knew what I am supposed to do” but he had the idea. He had not figured out everything at that very moment. Then the dialogue where it is discussed “The prophecy will be fulfilled soon”. The dates which were written on the wall were there for a purpose. Then the scene where the Oracle says Neo that he had already made the choice and was there in the Matrix to find out why he made that choice after which the Oracle left because her time was up.

The scene where the key maker says “We do what we are meant to do. I know because I must know. It is my purpose. Same reason we are all here”. There are no accidents in life and we are not here by chance. There is no coincidence in life but providence. My most loved dialogue is “I believe it is our fate to be here. I don’t believe in chance. I see our purpose”. Neo knew it was meant to be and he had the idea of which door he had to open to meet the creator of the matrix so that he could end it. Even God’s reincarnate on this earth again and again. The divine matrix is not perfect so it needs fixing from time to time. Even God works on their code and creates an advanced version of themselves. Now let me talk about what normal people think as superpowers. Flying in the sky or creating something which no one can create. Yeah, it is all real but to do those things needs 100% mastery over your energies where you can do lots of things with your own body. See again theory and practice are two different things. But it is possible, I really don’t have any idea of the amount of time it would take for someone to master those skills. I do what I am guided to do.

If you think your intuition is small stuff then I would like to remove dirt from your head that it is a very big thing because in every aspect of life you just need to make decisions and if you know which ones to take then you have nailed it. I can’t understand too many things and even I don’t understand “Why I made the choice to be in a place I am right now” but I will know. My God has changed me and my entire life, it seems like all pieces of the puzzle have started falling in the right place because the time has come. All these years I kept wondering why I was doing whatever I was doing. When the entire world was working, earning money and I was living a monk’s life working on my divine self in my home. I can’t figure out lots of stuff but I am in a better place today than before. I just know one thing “If it is meant to be, it will be and I will do what I am supposed to do because it has already been scripted in the book which was written by my God and stored perfectly in the Universe”.

Good Night. Sweet Dreams. What will you do when all your wishes have been granted and you are living in the real Fantasy World with your Life Partner whom you met in the chariot. It will look like a dream, Right? Life is a beautiful dream. Welcome to the Divine Matrix of the Universe. The Adventure begins - Enjoy the Journey.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m