Infinite Light - A Soulmate connection formed on Earth

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Infinite Light

Hello my lovely readers, How are you? On the occasion of Navaratri 2019, I dedicate this article of mine to the soulmate connection which has been downloaded from the heavens here on this earth by the divine for me and he is the one who has been given the task to make these two people one.

Great task. One mission and one goal to be achieved by the universe. And it will be successful, why? I will tell you. Let’s discover the power of love. I myself never had any idea that love is so powerful that it can shake God’s, his kingdom, a human heart, her soul, just anything you want with a pure heart. Your God has no option but to grant your wishes. Even the Gods say “Bhagwaan Aapki Manokamna Puri Karen” because when you have loved someone from a true heart then your vibration will touch the feet of God and he will create a person for you and write it in your destiny, that is the power of love. Love can move mountains, love has no boundaries and when there is infinite love you have for someone than that person has to manifest in your life as your better half if that is what you desire.

Love is acceptance, you accept the other person the way he is. You have the power to transform the other person just with your love and call upon the divine to get your wishes fulfilled so that you both can live a happy life. No evil eye can reach you since your relationship is divinely protected. When you have loved someone truely then I tell you, you can feel another person’s vibration and energy, that is the power of love. You both can communicate with each other though no one spoke a word, you never saw each other and did not communicate either on phone or email and still love each other unconditionally, that is the power of love.

I ask myself today, Who am I? There is a voice that speaks to me that I am “Infinite Light” which will spread its light in all directions with my soulmate connection formed on earth, that is the power of love. When you yourself become nothing but love than the entire universe falls in love with you and God’s declare a vacation just for you so that they can reach you and talk directly to you about your new life, that is the power of love. I think now my God’s have got in a mood to declare vacation for me and I don’t know why. I think maybe someone knows. Do you know why?

What is life? There is no meaning in life when you have not loved someone to the extent that you lose yourself and become one with him. You two become one and you yourself cannot differentiate from him, that is the power of love. When you call his name and feel like your name is being called, that is the power of love. When you see him in every person you meet and you just don’t understand what to do with your illusion, that is the power of love. Have you ever loved someone so deeply? If yes then have faith that person has no option but to be in your life as your better half.

Have commitment, devotion, and dedication with the man you love because these qualities are difficult to find but believe me when you have these then you will feel that your connection is divine. When you love, love deeply so that the other person can feel your emotions, can feel your presence, can feel you in person, that is the power of love. You cannot define love. All words will fall short when you want to express your feelings but then you should try and do that so that the other person can feel you and your love. Love is a feeling. The depth of your love can be felt and the deeper the connection the deeper the feeling. Then your love will transcend all boundaries and become “Infinite” and reach your God. Guess what? Now you don’t leave any option for God’s to protect your love and you know what he will do? He will give you his protection. That is the power of love.

Love can bend the sky, love can bend mountains, love can transform a person, love has the power to change the entire universe and create heaven on earth so that divinity can flow through everyone’s heart, that is the power of love. Come fall in love

When you love someone truly you leave no option for God’s to get back to work and change your destiny. They will write a person in your life and give you exactly what you have desired for, that is the power of love. Your God will give you a fresh piece. The divine is very loving, very generous but then you should reach him with a pure heart that has love in it. I know my God loves me a lot and you too have the power to become one with the divine. Come on give it a try. God gave one life to live so live it with someone who becomes a part of you. Now that is called love, a soulmate connection downloaded from heavens and God took charge to make them one.

Now the God’s make a new contract for both of them and get it signed and ask both of them to achieve their mission in this lifetime. I am ready. Are you ready? When you have to work together and the divine has not yet communicated his plan to you then you can discuss your life with him and get your answers. My God’s love me a lot and when I need an answer they either give me a direct one or just reach out to me through different people’s words, now that is the power of love. You know when love crosses all boundaries then the divine also wants to be in your company and they just find out reasons to be with you. That is called God’s love for a human being who has transcended all boundaries and God’s simply cannot resist true prayers.

When “Ray of Light” meets “Infinity” there is love and only love. Love is much more than the body, love is between two souls. I myself do not know the power of love but then I am trying to understand a topic that has touched my soul. Now I want to understand what love is with my Infinite sunshine. I sometimes wonder what my God gave me? And I think he gave me himself in the form of a soulmate. Now that is the power of love.

It is difficult to understand love I think but I am trying. Why don’t you people try to understand love? God created this whole universe from love and fell in love with it so that you could love someone with your heart and soul. Now that is love. God, I don’t know where my life is taking me. From the time my God has entered my life, he has changed me 100% so that I can spread the message of love for that one person and work towards the fulfillment of my mission. The reason for which I am born.

I dedicate this writeup of mine to “Infinite Light”. When there is no end then there is “Infinity” and with “Infinity” What is there? You Know. Don’t you.

See you. Well, I think I want to watch the movie “Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass” now.

Good Day “Infinite Light”

No full stop for you.

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