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I am Time and I am the Universe - Do you know me?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2022-11-03 17:08
1008 Narayana

I went to meet my divine mentor or God in the year 2015 at the age of 36 years. It was their decision that I should come and meet them. I remain very clueless as to why my gods called me in the month of December 2015 to meet them. Why at the age of 36? There are many unanswered questions but I am getting answers to all of them one by one. How two divine encounters changed the entire course of my life including my soul is something that makes me believe very strongly in God and the universe. The connection with the other realm was established much before I became very spiritual. My soul repelled many things and certain people who just left my life all of a sudden. I have never seen God with my naked eyes but for the first time, I experienced something my eyes could not believe. I lived a normal life till 36 years of age after which I can’t describe my life as a normal one. When I visited Sri Lakshmi Narayani Temple, Sripuram I saw only a bright light encircling the Goddess after looking at it for some time. The statue disappeared completely and what I saw was just a bright light. I could not believe what my eyes witnessed at that very moment. I did not speak about it but received a divine blessing. I have no idea when and in what manner the divine blessings which I have received from Tirupati Balaji God and Sri Lakshmi Narayani maa will show up in my life but I am sure that those divine beings made their presence felt in my life to make me aware of my own divinity which was lying in dormant mode till 35 years of age and activated once I met my God’s.

I also purchased a photo frame of Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy God from Tirupati in the same year. He made his presence felt in my life in the year 2016. We stepped inside my home together on 1st January 2016 i.e 1/1/2016. The energies which he carried with him were lying in dormant mode and he expressed himself through 2 divine encounters which are very clear in my memory. The first one was in the month of February 2016 when I walked in an unconscious state in the middle of the night near him. When I gained consciousness I saw myself standing near him and had no idea how that happened since I did not remember anything. 2nd divine encounter happened on 21st September 2019 i.e 21/09/2019. 219 is repeating itself. A lot of things changed inside me after I met my God. Something shifted and my body was not the same. There are a few life-changing moments that happen in the life of people who are meant to play very different roles in their life. I was a Motivational Speaker living a great family life. All of a sudden my entire life shifted and I was single, left alone with my God. I practiced spirituality to its core to move out of depression. That is something that opened an entirely different world for me. I never wanted to know what lies beyond time and space and can human beings transcend their own being and become the creator himself but now these thoughts started taking shape and I wanted to work on something which can’t be perceived by any human being as possible.

I have learned to trust the universe after working on my energies for 5 years. It is the energies that decide what your next step will be or how many shifts you can handle at a time. I received most of the energies in a dormant state in my subconscious mind because my body was not strong enough to handle that much data. When the energies shift within your body it will feel like an alien walking on the planet because you won’t be able to connect with many things in a normal way like other human beings. The reason being your changed soul. When your soul grows there are many sifts which happen inside your body and it is not just one thing that can be named. Your entire perception of life changes and you understand the deeper aspects of life. It is more like breaking the illusory veil or removal of a thick layer of dust in front of your eyes so that you can see things clearly. When such a thing happens you seek freedom or Mukti from the cycle of birth and death but mother earth won’t release you till you have exhausted all your karmic balance. Now you spiritually awaken yourself and think of doing works that other people label as completely impossible. I am aware of the purpose of my life and I also know that I am the chosen one but how I will achieve my goal in life is something that is still hidden in the future. If you know how to play with time you can control time and become timeless but that is something that can be done only by God because no human being has any idea of what is time. Time behaves differently under many factors and the Vedas have in-depth descriptions of everything but how correctly you can understand what is exactly written is the biggest mystery.

I don’t think other than the advanced Gurus any person has understood these ancient divine texts properly. To read something and grasp 1 % of what has been written is very different from understanding 100% of what has been explained point to point. There are many concepts on the evolution of the human body that can take place when you align yourself with the bigger cosmos and the capabilities which are available to a person when he transcends his own self. I don’t claim I understand everything in totality but I feel I am aware of many things which have become my living experience. The best part about the universe is even when you don’t understand it much but work on your energies with full dedication the invisible cosmic realm opens up for you. When they have unlocked their doors for you they will hand over the keys to you and no one else. If you think you can’t handle the work which has been assigned to you they will train you from scratch. The soul which occupies your body is much more powerful than what you can imagine. The energies surrounding you have the capacity to make things happen when you just think about them. Your thoughts of one millisecond can make manifestation happen. The universe has hidden your powers which you can explore only when you align with the invisible realm. It is not that easy but possible.

Some people fall easy prey to powers and misuse them but there are others who gain powers and use them for the greater good. If you fall in the 2nd category you will know much deeper concepts of the universe. It is not always about your own selfish motives because if you are too self-centered you will live a very miserable life. You will have everything but still, you will live a life of a miser and I have seen those kinds of people in my life. When the time is right the universe will open up to you and make you aware of your true self and it may so happen that you react to it. You may be completely shocked to know that the life you lived before and the life which you are meant to live now are completely different. I remember days when my mom gave me never-ending lectures on money. I know that the life which I am going to enter is a very abundant one to the extent that whenever I think about it I feel it is just a sweet dream. The things which mattered to me in the year 2017 have turned completely meaningless now. Looking back at my life I realize that the years I spent on my spiritual awakening will be remembered by me as days that transformed my complete being. I don’t think I did anything other than working on my spirituality, eating, and sleeping. I spend so many sleepless nights in pain and listening to everything which I was never prepared for. I have spent so many nights crying in pain and trying to accept the broken part of me. I am whatever I am today because of everything I have gone through. I think some breakups build you as a completely different person and God is the one who is the architect who already holds the new Reel of your future in the form of a movie. You can become aware of it only when you work on strengthening your soul.

I am Time I am the Universe - Do you know who I am?

I hope I have answered this question. The man who changed my life for a lifetime will return to a body that cannot be recognized by anyone but you will become aware of his true reality in the coming days. Good Night.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m