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Human or Superhuman - It all starts with the Brain

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2021-12-30 18:28

It is your brain that makes you human, superhuman, Genius, or God. Now, what’s the difference? There is a huge difference between what a normal person perceives and what is perceived by a Genius brain. They are made of the same material but the inner content is different. Say you are a normal human being and you aspire to become a genius one day. A dream is a dream and however insane it may sound to the other person, it doesn’t matter. Just dream it. Set an intention and write before your name the word “Genius”, then see what happens. Set a strong intention and leave it in the universe, let God handle it for you. You will see a slight shift in your personality when you start believing you are a genius without showing off. You will change the way you look at everything. The Law of Attraction works and it is a proven fact so don’t doubt it. I had set an intention when I was a kid that I want to experience the divine and my wish was fulfilled. I never believed that the universe records all your set intentions and fulfills your wishes at a divine time. The universe is a big genie and it will guide you to your manifestation be it anything. How you will get what you want is not your problem but the problem of the universe. Let them handle it for you. Please do not get in your own way by doubting everything. Just be rest assured that your wishes will be fulfilled at the right moment when you are fully prepared to receive what you desire.

There was a point in my life when I did not believe in miracles or the law of attraction but two divine encounters in the year 2015 changed my entire perception towards it. I never had any idea that your strong intentions fructify when you are fully prepared to walk on the unknown journey towards your truth which was lying dormant inside of you. Just remember the fact that everyone cannot desire everything. There are only a few people who can have insane dreams and it is none other than the universe who plants those dreams in their head so that they themselves can achieve their own goals through them. Sounds weird right? I know but that’s the truth. Do you think that Newton was inspired by just the falling of an apple? The answer is “No”. The universe wanted him to write those laws and make humankind aware of the laws which govern the matter. You take the example of any great human being. They will give the credit to the involvement of extraterrestrial beings or the universe in making their dreams a living reality. The code to becoming a superhuman exists in your brain. To unlock that potential you need to connect with it by doing yoga and meditation. To understand the real meaning of life and know your truth so that you move in the right direction it is very important to focus on the right things. Why run after wrong things when you know that it is just a waste of time and will bring no pleasure in your life even after you own them. There is nothing wrong with living a KIng’s life and owning a big kingdom. You will feel great when you establish that kingdom after knowing the real hardcore truths of life.

When you are rich you will be surrounded by people who will distract you. Then there will be glamour, money, fame, sex and every material pleasure which you can buy with money. But when you are aware of the real truths you don’t get distracted and achieve your purpose with singe-minded focus. Nothing will give you peace of mind other than your God, true love from people who deeply love you in spite of your social status. Love cannot be bought with money. Understanding the mind of the creator who created everything and even owns everything which exists in the universe is a difficult task. When gods are born on this planet earth even after thousands of years they are still that humble person who is approachable.

Your brain is like a satellite that receives and transmits signals. It is true that the universe exists inside of you. Your subconscious brain is the universe that is not easily accessible to you. It is difficult for any living being in the universe to understand the brain or its capability. Whatever seed you plant inside it grows into a big plant so you need to check the quality of the planted seed. Leave the structure of the brain because what is invisible cannot be studied by any human being and is not even recorded. People are declared brain dead when no signals are generated by the brain when they are in deep meditation but it is not so. Many yogis in the past had the power to move out of their bodies and get back to it after doing astral travel so everything is possible. If you aspire to become something but don’t possess those capabilities now but have a strong faith that you can become what you want to be then you will be guided. You will receive divine guidance from none other than the creator himself because you had set very strong intentions which could not skip the eyes of the creator. I have seen normal people doing extraordinary things. How could they do that was a single question which struck my head? There are many forces that are at play near you but you cannot feel it since you have not set intentions to capture them. If you set an intention in that direction you will see amazing things happening in your life.

The person who wrote the Law of Attraction book was not an alien but a normal human being who understood the laws of nature and later compiled a book based on her research. When you play with your thoughts and keep doing the work which you are doing then you will see yourself being guided in the direction you are meant to be by invisible forces. It is your own subconscious mind which has God-like capabilities guiding you to your destination. I have worked on my spirituality for 6 long years and I have seen that the universe works in strange ways. There are times when I do what I am guided to do strongly by my intuition without understanding anything. I don’t know how the work which I am doing now will impact the future in which I will be living. I was just having a random thought in my mind while I was bathing that I should trust my intuition. All of a sudden a cat started making sounds and stopped. I got the message that I should put whatever I am experiencing or my knowledge in words on videos so that it benefits other people. You need to work on your spirituality to connect with your inner divine self so that it starts guiding you. You are a giant magnet. Place yourself properly into the universe so that you align with everything that is meant to be in your life. You will see that you will start attracting events and people who will help you achieve your goals. It is just a matter of divine time because until and unless the gestation period of the universe is over it won’t deliver you your manifestation.

Sadhguru Ji always says that God handed you a sharp intellect with capabilities that are available to him but you have turned it into a blunt knife that can only cut loaves of bread. The universe is a genie and that genie will guide you in achieving your dreams. What do you want? If you think you can have someone or something in your life you will, but if you think something is not achievable then it is not because you have programmed your mind in that direction. It is your life try everything out. If you are not satisfied with where you are now just start dreaming and put it into words and keep doing what you are doing. You will feel guided in strange ways. I have seen weird things happening with me when I was working on my spirituality. It was my intuition or the inner divine self-guiding me in everything which I did. I had no clue of anything because I am not someone who has read books on how to work on your spirituality and manifest out of the world’s dreams. Everything is new even to me. I too keep experimenting and implementing various things which cross my mind.

I trust my intuition much more than often nowadays because I know my God speaks through my subconscious mind. When you get in the flow state you experience that everything which you are doing just comes out of you effortlessly without too much effort on your part. That is the state when your inner divine genius gets into play and expresses the best. Do what you love doing and you will see that you will become the best in whatever you do. I want to get into energy healing and teach how to use the laws of the universe to everyone. Though I faced lots of self-doubts previously now I feel confident because my God says that I should trust my intuition and my inner being. I need to manifest the wealth which is in my mind because to change people’s lives I need to impart knowledge and even help them with my money. I have planned many things and even put into action invisible plans. Let’s see where I am guided and how the universe helps me in manifesting or executing my dream plan. I don’t know what is divine touch but if you have that you can make many things happen. I have not experimented with many things. I am still manifesting just three things. After I am done with those manifestations I will focus further. If you go by the biology book and think that a certain part of the brain can do only one function then there is something more beyond that concept which has not been written in any textbook but can be known when you do meditation and connect with the universe.

God handed you a super brain so make the most use of it. All the best for your Divine Journey with the creator.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m