How to work with energies and get answers to your questions?

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Plant Spirits

Nowadays I write about everything other than motivation. Actually my life has shifted 360 degrees. I am yet to make peace with my new self and that is the only reason I keep writing about things that brought me to a place where I am today. You all learn from me and explore that unexplored part of the universe which exists and has all your answers. I have done lots of inner work and I am still working a lot on my own self so that I can unlock those energies which I need in the future for my divine work. When you open a door to the realm which cannot be seen by other people it will change your life and that is something which you can be sure of. When the entire world is running in one direction and you take a path which has been trodden by very few people because they had the guts to explore that part of the universe where there are hidden mysteries and the price you have to pay in return is very high then your sanity needs to be questioned. But you still take a decision to carry on then it is called a choice.

From the time I worked on my inner self, my intuition got better which guided me to get answers to my questions. I want you all to try it out and check if it works for you all too. How to place your intentions so that you can get your answers? I have planted lots of Tulsi plants on my terrace. The pot which I use for worship is the one I selected for divine work. See the plants carry spirits since they are alive and these plant spirits have the capacity to answer your questions which are lying unspoken inside your head. Now the biggest question is how to transfer your intentions into the plant and get your answers? The first and foremost thing is you should have a pure heart. The divine energies love a true, genuine person because you see your energies cannot lie. When you touch an object or come in contact with other people they can read your energy. You need to fill your heart just with love so that you can experience the unknown world. God loves purity of heart. When you have selected your plant then you put some turmeric powder and kumkum powder in the mud of the tulsi plant you use for worship. Just dig the mud and sprinkle in one corner, then add some rice. Now cover everything with mud.

You pour water into the plant every day. Then keep an eye on the growth of your tulsi plant. If the tulsi plant has good growth it means your energies are pure. After some time the rice in the mud with rot and worms will be seen. It is a good sign. Now you can proceed with your work. You need to be sure of one thing and that is when your energies are pure everything around you will flourish and will vibrate at a high frequency. I did my intention work in the year 2019. I have realized now that the plant spirits do give you your answers. It all happened when I wished for a few things from the universe. I did get signs that my wishes had been granted but could not see anything in the actual world that I thought of working with the plant spirits. I am a spiritual girl and I have a heightened intuition. I could see synchronicities and repeating angel numbers but nothing tangible to hold on to. I did ask the universe for my answers and I bumped upon a documentary where a man talked about how he worked with plant spirits, Ayahuasca, and the entire DMT experience. It is all plant-based experience but when a person progresses on a spiritual path they have real experiences and no hallucinating materials are needed. Yes, this is something that I can tell from my own experience.

After getting my concept clear on what I needed to do next. The first thing I did was I plucked few tulsi leaves from the plant which I worshipped and made tulsi tea from it. Then I placed that tea in my puja room so that my God could work on the tea and give me my answers. Then I drank the tea after some time. The second thing which I did was I plucked the tulsi leaves and placed it in a diya which I used for worship. I put the wick and then poured the oil in it and lighted it during puja time at 12:30 AM midnight and then slept. When you sleep it is your subconscious mind that works and that is the part which is connected directly to the universe. Anyone who knows how to unlock the potential of the subconscious mind is a real master of his destiny but it is hard. Very few people can open some parts of it and they are all geniuses. As the diya burns the plant spirits answer your questions but you should know how to decode your answers. The universe will answer your questions in various forms. Once you understand the patterns you will know what it wants to convey to you.

I could see words and letters which I could not read written on my mat. It felt as if some alien wrote something there. Though the entire text disappeared after some time but it did convey a message to me. I always describe myself as a learner and I know I will be a learner till death because there will always be something which will be new in my life and I will have to completely surrender to understand the concept. My walk into the unknown world started in the year 2017 but the energies started communicating with me from August 2019. I am sure you all will get your answers just try it out. Connect with the divine through Yoga and Meditation and he will connect you with the right people who will change your life. Someone’s presence added colors to my life and I know he is in my life because of my divine because the timing of his entry in my life and my divine work match. Now the biggest question is why he is in my life? I really don’t know much but I have got some of my answers. Fall in love without thinking about what will happen next because the future is in the hands of divine, what we have is today so live your life in the present. When God has sent someone in my life he must have properly planned and carved a journey for both of us. The only thing which I can say is when I love I love deeply.

When you know how to work with plant spirits and get your answers the best thing which can happen is that you lose your night’s sleep because you can see something which has not yet happened. The energies don’t lie. I am yet to live the part which I have seen but the higher powers are sending me signs from all corners. The energies of the universe exist within you and are there to support you and take you in the right direction. God is great. I can hear songs or I can say my intuition just speaks so much to me that I just sit calmly.

Harness your untapped potential. Be Happy. Lots of Love to all my lovely readers. When someone’s cute smile adds value to your life, understand that you are in Love. See You All.

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