How to train your mind to achieve the Impossible?

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You are gifted with a genius mind. It is only when you realize that you can harness its full energy that you understand how powerful you are. The Mind consists of two parts i.e conscious and sub-conscious mind. The Conscious mind is accessible to you all the time while the subconscious mind is not accessible to you. Now there is a very big treasure which is hidden inside your own subconscious mind. People call it the law of attraction where you attract something into your life by thinking about it and then matching your frequency with the things you want in your life. Some people use the way of gratitude to manifest what they want in their life by saying “Thank You” and having the feelings that you have already received it. I would like to say that you yourself have the power to create the reality which you want to live by not wanting something but by choosing the thing which you want. Your subconscious mind is a part of your brain which remembers everything about your past lives and past deeds so it is much more powerful than you can ever imagine. Now today I am talking about the subconscious mind because I want everyone to access their own power and manifest whatever they want in their life. It is not easy but then it is neither too difficult. Just give it a try and then you will be able to understand what ways of manifestation works for you. See there are so many things which have been written in books and various videos have been posted online about it but still, lots of people find it difficult to get what they want and cannot use either Law of Attraction or law of Gratitude for themselves.

Did you ever think that this mind which you carry in your head has got the capacity to hold memories which even a supercomputer cannot handle? When your mind has the capacity to remember every thought of your previous life with detailed precision then think how powerful it is. When people go for past life regression they remember everything in deep sleep where they work closely with the therapist. If I say that your subconscious mind has got God-like powers then will you believe me? Yes, that is the only reality. Your subconscious mind has the power to converse with God’s, attain God’s power and achieve even the impossible things in life. Did you ever think that when you are conceived in your mother’s womb you are born from scratch? There is nothing called getting something transferred from somewhere else. When you start your entire journey from scratch that means you should have no past memories but then that is not the case, you remember your previous births. Did you ever think how is this possible? I hope all of you are aware of the fact that Atma never dies. It leaves one body and then enters another body to give birth to a new being. It means that your subconscious mind is Atma or else you cannot remember your past lives. Atma is 100% pure and has got full divinity and it has the power to merge with God because it is very pure. God will accept something which resonates with it just like you attract what resonates with you.

If I tell you that your subconscious mind is God and has God-like powers, will you believe me? Now that is the reality. People who know how to harness their own body energies in the right way are the ones who achieve the impossible. You cannot create energy or destroy energy. The energy of the universe flows through your own body so you have the capacity to converse with the cosmos directly through your body. Use your own body as a tool to manifest whatever you want in your life but yes the only criteria is 100% concentration, focus, and belief that you will get what you want. You should not think that whatever you want is unreal and you will not get it. Then you will yourself negate your own thinking then how will you manifest whatever you want in your life. You need to have total belief that whatever you are thinking is the only reality which you want to create and then manifest the impossible. If you are looking for a perfect match and want the most beautiful girl to be your wife then you should believe that she is yours. It doesn’t matter how you look but you need to have full confidence that you will get what you want. When you put your focus with full self-belief and confidence then you plant a thought which is a seed into the universe because you are communicating with the universe. When you keep repeating the same thoughts again and again in your conscious mind, it will reach your subconscious mind then the whole universe will work in synchronicity to give you whatever you desire. The subconscious mind has the power to communicate directly with the universe and that is how you manifest whatever you choose to get for yourself.

Your own faith in yourself is very important and you should feel that you deserve it. If you feel you are not worth getting whatever you want in your life then I would like to say that nothing will work for you. You need to have full faith that you will get what you want and nothing can come in between you and your dreams which you want to live as your reality, it is then miracles happen and you manifest whatever you want. You create your own miracles through your midbrain. How God grants your wishes? Ever thought about that? When you believe that your God will give you whatever you have prayed for with full faith then he will give you whatever you want. Your desire to get what you want should be so powerful that your desires should become your frequency then whatever you want will be attracted to you because you and the thing which you desire resonate at the same frequency. I hope you have heard of the proverb “Birds of the same feather flock together”. I think it perfectly matches here.

See if you consider the working of the universe there are many forces involved. The part which is seen is something which you know but the part which is unseen is something which you are not aware of and this is the most powerful one. There are lots of things which exist in this universe which no one is aware of and no scientists can discover it because it is difficult to study the unseen unless you are a fully enlightened soul who has realized God. It is as simple as that. I want to see every individual on this planet happy and fulfilled. Achieve your dreams and get whatever you want. I bet you if you follow what I have discussed with full faith you will get whatever you desire. The parts of the universe which have not yet been discovered will never be discovered because that is something which is a tough task. Our ancestors could do that since they were very powerful divine souls who could do time travel. It is not possible for normal people. I don’t have an idea whether the people who claim themselves to be enlightened can understand that or not. I just want to let you people know that the unseen part of the universe can catch your frequency, your thoughts, your desires, your spoken words, and your feelings and has the power to create those into a living reality. You see everything in this universe is made up of Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons. It is just a difference in arrangements that makes a difference. You are electrons, protons, and neutrons and the thing which you want in your life is also the same so when you can easily match your frequency with whatever you want by having a strong desire for it, then the frequencies will match and you will get what you want from the universe.

You have the power to create your own reality and live it. Very few people use this energy with 100% efficiency and they are the ones who create history with their work so what are you waiting for, give it a try.

At least try once and write your experiences in the comments section. I would love to hear from you all my lovely readers.

I have shared everything. Though you will find out many writeups on this but it will work for you only when you sit down and apply. Come on fasten your seat belts and give it a try. God gave one life so have 100% faith that you will live a life of your dreams and create the reality which you want.

All the best.

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