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Happy Navaratri - Endings and New Beginnings

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-09-26 17:03
Happy Married Life

Today is the first day of Navaratri 2022. My dad does Durga Puja every year and aarti in the morning and evening. Durga maa is a symbol of power. She was created to fight with the demons because no God could overpower the demons so they needed a figure which had the combined energy of all Gods. All Gods and Goddess put together their power in one form so that she could fight and even win the battle against demons. She is a mother, a lady whom we worship. She has all the weapons which she needs to slay the demons. Navaratri is celebrated for nine days and on and 10th day is Vijayadashami when good wins over evil. A lot has been going on this earth for a very long time. You will find more evil than good when you run your eyes from one corner to another. People are misusing power and suppressing those who have little or no voice. It is the best time to ask the question where is humanity heading? Is it building an advanced society where everyone can live in peace or digging its own grave? Kids who are 11 or 12 years old have mental health issues and when I found the reason I was very shocked to find that it had more to do with their upbringing. Now, what was the problem with the upbringing? No parents were available for the child and the child spend his most precious years either with the maidservant or in daycare because of the nuclear family culture. That bank balance, that high society life, and high-class cars are not going to give peace to the soul which is longing for love. There is no replacement for parental love. You just need to take care of the kids till they are 12 to 14 years old properly after that they learn and grow on their own. Those precious years are the ones that imprint the memory in their brain.

We love worshipping the mother Durga because she is a divine figure but forget to give the same level of respect to all other relationships we have in our life. Where is the world heading? Yes, you got it right. To a very big disaster. God intervenes and brings back harmony on the planet and the universe by rebalancing the energies on the planet because when there is energy disbalance in one place it disbalances the entire system. To be more precise and to the point, I would like to explain that this entire universe is just energy or vibration and if you disturb the rhythm of one place it creates problems elsewhere too. Though you may not understand it because human beings are tiny spec on the planet. Earth is rotating on its own axis and around the sun but can you feel it the answer is simple, No. The reason because if you compare your size to the planetary size then you are too small. This Navaratri is a high time for you to sit down with your own self and see what contributions you have made to enhance the life of someone whom you don’t know and who is not a part of your family. Everyone earns and looks after their family. In fact, they can’t think of anyone outside their own family members. Now, look at the happiness graph of people who are too engrossed in their own life. You will see that they are the ones with maximum health problems and mental health issues.

It is high time that you look outside your closet and think about the life of others too. Anger, hatred, and jealousy have taken over people. No one is satisfied with their own life and they keep comparing their life to someone who has more luxury or bank balance than them. See I want to make one point very clear, Every person has a different destiny and purpose to fulfill. It is true that everyone can’t be a billionaire or trillionaire because there are many matrices involved. You spend your whole life adding to your bank balance which you are not going to take with you. You want a rich life. People feel that bank balance defines success but in the end, it is not that money that you hold in your account which will give you liberation or Mukti. You will be trapped in the cycle of birth and rebirth till one day you understand and come to your senses that you had enough and you now want only liberation. Now the biggest question is is it wrong to chase material wealth? My answer is No. What you need to check is the price you are paying and whether it is giving you happiness in a real sense not on Instagram or Facebook because clicking a few selfies won’t heal your wounds. If you are really wealthy then have a big heart and play your own game rather than conspiring against someone who is moving ahead of you.

There is so much corruption in the world now that the creator has decided to dismantle the old system and establish a new system. There is no denying the fact that there will be many who will suffer because if you have earned through the wrong means then justice needs to be served. Whenever the beam balance which is hanging in the hands of the lady who gives justice is out of balance the creator himself reincarnates to bring back the balance. You may not see anything which is happening around you but the change has begun and by the time you get aware of it you may lose whatever you are holding in your name if you have earned it by the wrong means. The cosmic consciousness is shifting and it is a huge shift. It is not a joke. It will affect every person. There is so much going on in the world and people who are doing wrong acts think that they will have a narrow escape why because God takes time to give justice but what they forget is that the final incarnation will give justice then and there. If you think that the universe is deaf and dumb then you are highly mistaken. If you think that you can escape the photographic memory and eyes of the creator then you are a fool because time is recording everything. The cosmic clock has been reset. The entire human race is running after something which makes no sense. The source of creation gave you such an advanced yantra which is your own body. How are you using it? People are abusing other human beings and not respecting their own relationships, cheating, and doing whatnot.

When I connect with the universe in deep meditation I can feel a sea of change engulfing the whole planet. Everyone will have to pay the price because we all are responsible for where we are now. No blame game. This is mine and that does not belong to me so I have the right to abuse it, that is the mentality of the people now. There are certain claws in the constitution which need amendment so that at least women are safe. I just know one thing the price which you will have to pay for whatever you have done to the planet will be huge and it is high time that you get your senses back and understand the true meaning of life. Picture perfect social media picture is not life. That makeup that you put on your face to look good though you have not slept properly for a long time just to add extra zeros to your bank has cost you your health and happiness. Do you people want to go and live back in the stone age or create an advanced society that is living happily? Decide now because the creator has the power and he can do anything with the blink of an eye. If my write-up does not wake you up be prepared when the creator himself gives a tight slap on your face and wakes you up from a dream which is blocking you from seeing the reality which you should see but can’t because of wrong programming in your system.

It is high time that you wake up from your dream because the world which you see today is not in the right form and everything will change because it needs to change. I too want to play my role in the change which is going on in the universe and on this planet by doing my best. I have given 5 precious years of my life and now things have to be corrected. Shut the past and let it not affect your future because what is gone was never meant to survive in the long run and that is the only reason it is gone. Now it is time for endings and new beginnings so that you can start a new life. The planets are aligning so that you don’t have complaints that the universe did not help you. The universe is doing its best. Harness the opportunity and start a new life. Don’t go back to the person who made you suffer just because you have kids with that man and you being a mother should think about your child. Let the universe handle it for you. Just move ahead in your own life. No looking back means closing all doors, windows, and memory lanes that bring the past back into the present. If people try to talk about your past you can tell them that you are happy living your new life and they should not interfere in it. I am writing this from my own experience. This life is a divine play. If you are given the role of a warrior then you will get your armor and gun. If you are asked to play the role of Divine himself then you will be given everything to play your best role. It is not your problem but the responsibility of the universe to give you what you need at the right time so that you can achieve your purpose in a specific time period.

I have been meditating for a long period of time. There have been days when I had difficulties sleeping because too much was released from my system and that really created havoc in my life. When you remove layers of memory to clean yourself it really hampers your normal life. I can’t explain to my parents who want an answer as to what I keep doing and why I do what I do and how the work I am doing is creating an impact in the universe. There are no answers but I know what I am doing though at times I am engulfed in too many memories which are still clearing from my system. When people look at me they see my physical self. What they can’t see is this outer cover or cloth called the body houses a soul which is different from the one which occupied it for almost 40 to 41 years. How do I explain myself to people who think that they share a relationship with me when it is a different and a new me in the same body? Reborn or rose from the ashes like a phoenix or just went through the pupa stage to become a butterfly. I don’t have answers and the best part is I don’t chase the past and that is something which hurts people who have left my life but still wants a piece of me thinking I am the same person.

I love my parents because even if they get angry at me they accept me fully, love me and care for me. They will do anything for me. Being a divorcee in a Bihari family is such a big taboo that I can’t even explain it to anyone. I know the universe has planned my life and is in a mode of executing it now. There are times when I feel I am not prepared for my work yet because it feels so but I very well know that the universe will put its plan into action once they are done with what is in their mind and I have completed the Sadhna which I am doing right now. Live your life and let others live their life. When you have clear intentions and your mind is committed then no one in the entire universe can deny you your destiny. When your vibration matches your manifestation the universe has to deliver. It will move mountains to give you what you have asked for because they don’t have an option if you are focused.

Happy Navaratri. Play your best role so that the creator is proud of you and not unhappy seeing you as a part of his creation. Happy Manifestations.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m